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List Of Top 5 Free YouTube To MP3 Converter

Do You Want To Save Audio From Youtube?

Youtube is nothing less than a treasure trove for a music-lover. However, sometimes you often wish to download the music so that you can listen to it later on. But, the problem is that Youtube neither permits or have the option to let you download music from it.

Thankfully, there are several Youtube MP3 converter tools that can come handy for you in situations like this. These tools will enable you to convert Youtube videos to MP3 files. Also, these tools are free. 

To help you choose the best Youtube MP3 converter we’ve compiled a list of best 5 Youtube converter tools.

Top 5 Youtube To MP3 Converter Tools At a Glance

So, if you’re wondering how to convert a Youtube video to an MP3 file then stop worrying. Check out this list of best-performing Youtube to MP3 converter software tools:

  1. Any Video Converter Free
  2. 4K Youtube to MP3
  3. Free Youtube to MP3 Converter
  4. 4K Video Downloader
  5. Clipgrab

To let you choose the best tool for yourself we have provided a detailed guide about the Youtube MP3 converter. Go through the sections below to get a fair idea about the features, advantages, and disadvantages of these tools. 

Any Video Converter Free

The first
Youtube MP3 converter tool on our list is the Any Video Converter Free. It is designed to operate only on Windows devices. So, if you own a device with any other OS then sadly, you won’t be able to use it. This Youtube converter offers simple, easy, fast and hassle-free service. 


Any Video Converter Free has secured the first spot on our list as it offers a wide range of useful features. These features are listed below:

  • It offers excellent formatting options.
  • Comes with additional filters and effects
  • You can use it on multiple profiles for different devices
  • It also comes with a series of other extra software which is annoying for some.
  • The full version enables you to get rid of the DRM protection and record streaming videos.


Judging by its name you might think this is another tool for converting a video from one format to another. But, in reality, it does much more than that. It also allows you to convert Youtube videos to audio files.  

Since this tool doesn’t only perform Youtube to MP3 conversion so it is a bit larger in size. Therefore, you must remember not to install the optional adware while setting up the application. Converting Youtube videos to MP3 gets very simple with this tool. All you have to do is to paste the URL for the Youtube video and then wait for it to download.

After that, you can select the output format as MP3 and then press the Convert Now button. 

4K Youtube to MP3

The second rank on our list is secured by 4K
Youtube to MP3. 4K Youtube to MP3 tool is designed to make your conversion process quick and easy. Built for Windows OS, this tool is also surprisingly flexible. 


4K Youtube to MP3 comes with a series of unique features such as:

  • It is a tool that is equipped with a simple, effective and straightforward User Interface. As a result, it is extremely easy to use and operate this tool. 
  • You will get to choose from a wide list of audio formats as per your requirements.
  • 4K Youtube to MP3 is devoid of any extra bundled software. This makes the application smooth and seamless in its performance.
  • Most importantly, it supports various video sites. 


4K Youtube to MP3 is very much similar to the 4K Downloader which we will discuss later on. But it is designed exclusively to strip down the audio from video files. Moreover, you can also save the soundtracks from various videos in OGG and M4A formats. Interestingly, you can choose the bitrate at which you wish to download the audio file. 

Another reason to love 4K Youtube to MP3 is that it doesn’t support Youtube only. This means you can also save audio from other sources like Facebook, Vimeo, Soundcloud and more. You simply need to copy the URL from the browser and click the ‘Paste URL’ button. 

If you wish to download entire playlists then you might need to upgrade to a premium version. However, the free version of this tool is more than enough for day-to-day use.

Free Youtube to MP3 Converter

Another brilliant
Youtube MP3 Converter that you can consider downloading is the Free Youtube to MP3 Converter. It is designed not only for Windows but also for Mac Operating System as well. 


Free Youtube to MP3 Converter offers some of the most interesting features that you might not find in any other Youtube to MP3 converter tool. These are:

  • It comes with a simple user interface.
  • You can efficiently merge many videos with the help of this tool.
  • The user interface of the tool is quite well-designed.


Free Youtube to MP3 Converter is designed exclusively to convert Youtube videos to MP3 files. It has a simple and fast User Interface. There is a simple drop-down menu. You can choose the quality and the format of your audio file from here. All you need to do is to copy and paste the URL and then click on the Download option. 

The best thing about Free Youtube to MP3 Converter is that it is neither superfluous not confusing. It is designed solely for one purpose and it fulfills the purpose effectively. 

However, like Any Video Converter Free, this tool comes with many adware. This is probably the only drawback of this Youtube converter tool. So be careful while installing the application. 

4K Video Downloader

The fourth position on our list is secured by 4K Video Downloader. This Y
outube MP3 converter tool is designed only for the Windows Operating System. It comes with the following feature:

  • 4K Video Downloader is free from any annoying adware or additionally bundled software. 
  •  You can convert and download playlists with this converter tool. 
  • It allows you to convert Youtube videos and save them in various kinds of formats. 


4K Video Downloader is almost the same as 4K Youtube to MP3  tool. It also functions in a similar manner. However, there are some extra steps involved since it solely deals with downloading whole videos. You can use this converter tool to convert videos from sources other than Youtube. 

To convert files you need to copy the URL of the video from the web browser and click ‘Paste URL’. Thereby, choose the ‘Extract audio’ option and choose the format in which you wish to save. It can be either MP3, OGG or M4A. Finally, click on ‘Extract’ and the audio will be saved in the chosen location. 

The free version of the tool allows you to convert as many as 24 videos from a single playlist. However, if you wish to convert the whole playlist you may have to upgrade to a premium version. 


ClipGrabThe final entry on our list is another brilliant Youtube converter. Designed solely for Windows devices, ClipGrab is one of the most popular tools on the market. 


ClipGrab offers some of the most interesting features that you might be looking for in a Youtube converter:

  • It has a smooth, simple and accessible user interface.
  • ClipGrab comes with an integrated search function that helps to reduce a lot of your trouble.
  • You can choose from a variety of audio and video formats.
  • It offers you the option to choose the quality of the converted file so as to save space.
  • It is devoid of any additional adware that might potentially interrupt the conversion process.


The simple user interface is the primary reason behind ClipGrab’s popularity. It makes Youtube to MP3 conversion a hassle-free and seamless task. All you need to do is to copy a Youtube URL on the clipboard. ClipGrab will do the rest. It will offer you to download the video. Thereby, simply click on the ‘Grab this clip!’ option. ClipGrab will convert your video in a jiffy.  

If you are looking for a light, easy to use and simple Converter tool then ClipGrab is what you need.

To sum up, converting YouTube videos to audio files isn’t a tough job. But choosing the right tool for this purpose can be quite a challenge. There are numerous free tools out there. You need to choose the one that best suits your needs.

To ease your problem we have provided a list of five most efficient converter. Go through the list and choose a tool to smoothly convert Youtube to MP3 files. We hope our article will prove to be helpful for you.