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Resolve Windows Update Error Code 80070103

Windows update process provides users to enjoy the latest features of Windows. However, it is challenging for you to see an unexpected message saying Windows update error code 80070103. while you won’t be able to run the Windows update. This annoying issue happens due to driver update problem or its incomplete installation.

Fix Windows Update Error Code 80070103

Multiple steps are there to fix the Windows update error technically. First, identify the faulty driver issue and corrupted system files. Therefore resolve those bad sectors accordingly.

Identify Faulty Driver

Identify Faulty DriverPress “Windows + R” from the keyboard and open the Run dialog box. Type, “Windows update” and hit the “Enter” key to open the Update window. In this window, you will find multiple apps to open the “Application” section.

In this window, click on “View Installed update history” to view the update history. Here, you can see a list of the successful and failed apps which will help to identify the problematic driver section.

Update Device Driver

Update Device DriverSometimes, an outdated driver or a faulty driver creates a problem at the time of updating the Windows. Therefore, while you try to update the drier, you may stick with a severe update issue every time.

First, tap on the Start” button and open the Start menu. After that, type the command “devicemngr” in the search box and hit the Enter button to open the Device Manager window. In this window, you need to choose the device options, “Network Adapters” and expand it. Now, select your device and right-click on it. Finally, choose the option, “Update Driver” from the pop-up menu. Then, click on “OK” to complete the upgrade process. Now, reboot your system and check whether the Windows error is resolved.

Remove Problematic Driver

Remove Problematic DriverMany times, an incorrect installation creates a barrier in Windows update service. Therefore, your system doesn’t support the update process without uninstalling them.

Press Windows +R from the keyboard and open the Run dialog box. Then, type the command “devmgmt” and stroke the “Enter” button to open the Device Manager window. Now, select the “Adapter” from the list of the devices and expand it.

Here, you will find the option, “Realtek PCIe FE Family Controllerand right-click on it. Choose the option, “Uninstall” to remove the problematic device driver. In the resultant window, click on “Delete the driver softwareto confirm delete process and hit the “OK” button to close the window. Finally, restart your system and verify if the update error persists.

Upgrade Windows

Upgrade WindowsMany times, an incompatibility of the driver or an incomplete driver installation cause the update error 80070103. So, you have to upgrade the Windows to the latest version and install the apps which are compatible with Windows OS.

Press “Windows” key and open the “Start” menu. Click on “Settings” (Gear icon). In the Settings window, go to the “Update Security” section. In this section, you need to tap on “Windows Update” and select the option, “Check for updates”. If an update is available, then Windows will help you to update it immediately. After completing the update process, your system will reboot automatically.

Rename Distribution Folder

Rename Distribution FolderFirst, press “Windows” key from the keyboard and choose the option, “Command Prompt”. Now, right-click on this app and choose the option, “Run as administrator”.

After that, you need to run some of the commands in the Command Prompt window. The commands are “net stop wuauserv”,  “net stop cryptSvc “, “net stop bits”, “net stop msiserver” and run them respectively by pressing Enter each time. It will cancel the Windows auto-update service. Next, you need to run the command, “ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old” and

“ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 catroot2.old” to rename those files respectively.

Now, run some of the commands to start the Windows update service again. These are “net start wuauserv”, “net start cryptSvc”, “net start bits”,”net start msiserver”. Once you run them successfully, you have to reboot the system to save the changes. Finally, check whether the update error 80070103 is resolved.

In the above section, we have briefly discussed the process of how to remove the Windows update error 80070103. However, this article will assist the non-tech savvy person to handle the problematic driver issue effectively. Moreover, it makes it easy to overcome the driver installation difficulties with ease. Additionally, you can quickly identify the corrupted files or apps with the help of this article. Therefore, resolving the driver installation error will be quite easy.