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Windows Update Error Code 643 [SOLVED] – Quick And Brilliant Hacks

Windows update error code 643 usually happens with Windows 7 users. It is very annoying for users when they are trying to update something but get pop up notifications instead. As a result, it exposes your system too risky situations and eventually, it appears as useless.

This message arises when Microsoft fails to upload a security update for the .NET Framework version with Windows Update or manual download attempts. There is neither any problem with the user’s computer or the software nor change in the computer. The problem is with the Microsoft server or the Internet connection that is not working properly or that the unexpected bandwidth can reduce traffic. Apart from this, there are also many probable reasons. Confliction between software, viruses or malware attacks, registry issues, and incompatible or corrupted files are also responsible for this error code.

If you are encountering the same issue then solve it as soon as you can. To solve the glitch you need to follow the steps as discussed below.

Incredible Hacks To Resolve Windows Update Error Code 643

There are various fixes to resolve the glitch immediately. So, go through with the steps in detail and give a try!.

Solution One: Update the Driver and Reset your Internet Connection

As soon as you update, the best thing is to wait for a day and try again. Hopefully, the server will fix the problem and download it. However, if the problem is not resolved or you do not want to wait, do the following:

Reset your internet connection speed at 9 0000 Bps and try to download again. If this is not successful and other sites and downloads are working perfectly, the problem is with Microsoft. In that case, follow the method as mentioned below.

Visit the website http://support.microsoft.com/kb/902992/en-us and download the Microsoft knowledge base. It deals with the same issues and follows the instructions given on the uninstalled updates. This will usually solve the problem.

However, if the issues continue, the problem may be with your Windows Update settings, which may be corrupted or altered in some way.

Solution Two: Scan Your PC For Malware And Viruses

Seldom, some antivirus software and malware create troubles and you will face the error code 643 in your Windows version. In that case, you must reset your device or disable third-party apps.

First of all, choose the Desktop logo and tap on the Task Manager. After that, choose File and open Powershell and tap on the small box below it. Soon, enter a command prompt and wait for a few minutes.

You can deactivate the internet security software by tapping on the shortcut on your screen. Remember, Windows 10 has its own antivirus application, Windows Defender which cannot be removed from the system. It always stays active in the background.

Solution Three: Troubleshoot Your Network

In case if the problem persists, you need to troubleshoot them. Follow the steps to do so. First of all, launch the Start menu by clicking on it. After that, navigate to the “Control Panel.” Next, select the option “Network and Internet” by clicking on it. Choose your “Network and Sharing Center” and then choose “Fix a Network Problem.” From the section select “Troubleshooting” by tapping on it. Use its features to fix your network. By this process, you will definitely solve the issue as well.

Solution Four: Perform A Clean Boot

Booting can resolve the Windows update error code 643. Hence, you need to perform a clean boot for your device. To do so, first of all, tap and hold down the Windows and R keys simultaneously. It will help you to load the Run dialog bar. In the dialog box, type “msconfig” and you will find that the System Configuration utility will open. Now, hit the Enter key. Then, in the Services tab review the “Hide all Microsoft services check box.” After that, choose the “Disable All” option to disable Microsoft’s services. Next, tap on OK and apply the changes. Now finally, restart your device and check if the solution runs. If it does not work, then follow the next fix.

Solution Five: Update Your Network Adapter Driver

This is one of the best solutions you can choose to eliminate error code 643. To do so, at first you need to launch the Start menu. Then, right-click on anywhere on the computer and choose the Manage icon from the available list. By choosing the option you can see the Computer Management screen will open. Now, open Device Manager by clicking on it. After that, find your network adapter and then select it by right-clicking on it. Lastly, update the driver software. Now, restart your device for one more time.

Network adapter drivers are crucial when it comes to proper functioning. Lack of which can cause errors of this sort, as for example the Windows Update Error Code 80080005. And if you want, you can get solutions for that as well.

Solution Six: Repair The Corrupt Or Missing Registry Key

Seldom, a wrong or corrupt registry key is responsible for this particular error. But there are certain ways to resolve it. To do so, at first, go to the Home screen. Then tap on the “Start” option and type “Advanced Startup Options.” Choose the “Advanced Startup Options” that appears in the search box. You can see a general settings screen will open. You have to spot “Advanced Startup” on the right side of your screen. Tap on the option “Restart now.” The computer starts to restart in the advanced startup mode. Choose the Troubleshoot icon and tap on the “Advanced Options”. Next click on the option “Automatic Repair.” The computer starts to Reboot. Choose the administrative account. Automatic repair tool will now detect and adjust any malicious approaches in the registry. If the process completes successfully, then the error may be resolved.