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Windows Resource Protection Could Not Perform The Requested Operation

Windows Resource Protection is that program which protects the replacement of necessary system files and folders. Windows Resource Protection is available for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista. It has protected sources that can only be changed by using the Supported Resource Replacement Mechanisms with the Windows Modules Installer service. This system protects the application and OS failure problems. One of the problems with this program is Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation. So what should one do when facing Windows Resource Protection could not perform error.


Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation Windows 10 is a common problem. It displays error messages while accessing the system. If you are such issues then this article will help you to solve the problem.


Problems And Its Solution With Windows Resource Protection:

Now we are going to discuss the Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation issue. You can resolve the problem by following the steps mentioned in the article.


The Windows Crashing Problem, Run SFC Mode:

The Windows Crashing Problem, Run SFC ModeWhen someone is facing the problem with the Windows got crashing or any other Windows Resources Protection related issues you can follow this steps to fix the issue.


To solve the problem you can Run the SFC mode. To access it first, press the Windows and R keys together to call up Run box. Type in ‘msconfig’ and press Enter. Then mark the Safe Boot option and click on OK. After completing these steps click the Restart option form the System Configuration dialogue box. Then the system will start to reboot. After completing the reboot procedure run the sfc or the scannow option.  Now you can see the results is the problem solved or not.


Run CHKDSK Mode:

Run CHKDSK ModeIf the previous method did not work to resolve your issue then this solution might solve the problem. Here we going to present an alternate way to fix the problem. If your system is affected by any hard drive error then you can run the ‘CHKDSK’ mode.

To run this method at first, you have to type in ‘cmd’ in the search box. After that right-click on Command Prompt and select the Run as the administrator option. Next, click Yes to continue the process. After going through these steps you need to type ‘chkdsk /r’ at the open Command Prompt window. Press Enter and type y.  After that restart the device. By finishing all these steps it will start to check the disk and that will fix the errors normally. Then Run the sfc /scannow to know if the method resolves the problem or not.

Windows Resource Protection Did Not start To Repair Service Failure:

When you are facing the issue with Windows Resource Protection is not starting to repair any kind of service failure then this will guide you to resolve the issue. Follow the steps to solve the problem. At first, go to the Start button and type CMD. Then, right-click on the Command Prompt and pick the Run as administrator option. After that, a dialogue box will appear on your screen asking your username and the password. Enter the proper username and the password in the given dialogue box. Next, type the ‘sc config trustedinstaller start= auto’. After that, press the Enter. After entering the commands you will get a Success message. After going through all these steps enter ‘net start trustedinstaller’  then press Enter. Now you will get a message that the service has been started.

Some Additional Tips To Solve The Problem:

At the time of updating any of the device drivers manually, you should be using Windows Update. It’s necessary that you have the newest accurate device drivers for the operating system. Or you can use any other software.


Some easy steps to resolve the issue:

When you are facing any SFC issues you can go through this steps. First,type the command C:\WINDOWS\LOGS\CBS\CBS.LOG. Now you have to discover the particular SFC entries by finding the SR tags from the record.

But you may question that how to check the SFC scan details in the CBS record. To check it first click open command prompt. Then find the elevated command prompt and type ‘find /c:”[SR]” %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log >%userprofile%\Desktop\sfcdetails.txt’. Then press Enter. Now you have to close the elevated command prompt. After that, select the sfcdetails.txt file to see the SFC scan details in the CBS.LOG. Now you can delete the sfcdetails.txt file. Then reply the details on the log file.


Are You In Trouble While Using The SFC:

The SFC process stopped while it is working. If this problem ever happened to you then this guide will help to overcome the issue. Just follow the steps to solve the issue.



sfc scanThe first, solution which you could be done that, Press the Windows key + X and then select the Command Prompt. Type CHKDSK C: /R. After that, it will ask you to restart the system select Y to restart it. Then restart your device and wait untill the Check Disk Scan did not finish. This could solve the problem.



The other process to fix the issue is, press the Windows key+x. Then select the Command Prompt and type ICACLS C:\Windows\winsxs. After that restart your device. This can solve your problem.


sfc scanPress the Windows key+X and select the command prompt and type the following commands

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
After typing all the commands wait for a moment and then reboot the device.


sfc scanYou can run the startup or the automatic repair option. To run it you have to insert the Windows 10 bootable installation DVD then restart the device. Then press any of the keys to boot it. Then you have to select the language which you prefer. Then select the click repair option. After that select the troubleshoot option and click the Advanced option. Then select to Automatic Repair or Startup Repair options. After completing all these steps wait a few moment to complete the task. After that you have to restart the device the problem will be resolved by using this method.

Hope this article will help you to solve the Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation issue.