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Windows PowerShell vs cmd: Know What is Preferable

Being a Windows user, you must be aware that the command line that provides us with great flexibility and control for any Windows Advanced tasks. That’s the only reason why Windows use both command lines – PowerShell/Command Prompt.

At first glance, both of them look similar but there are some important differences between them. Let’s know what is the exact meaning of PowerShell and Command Prompt and how we can differentiate them. Let’s start:

Windows PowerShell vs Command Prompt

Here we will discuss the differences between PowerShell and Command Prompt by using only 3 steps:

  • What is the Command Prompt
  • What is Windows PowerShell
  • significant differences between them

What is The Command Prompt

Windows Command Prompt (also known as the command line, cmd.exe, and cmd) enables a user to interact directly with the Windows Operating System. It is a command line interpreter which is available for all Windows versions. It can operate any win32 objectives by using its win32 application on your PC.

After completing the operations it executes some batch files, troubleshoots Windows problems, performs Advanced tasks etc in a scripting language. Some people call it ’MS-DOS’ for its interface and Command line though it has no relation with ‘the DOS Prompt’.

What Is Windows PowerShell

The Windows PowerShell is much more advanced than Command Prompt built in 2002 by Microsoft. It has many advanced features i.e Task automation, command pipings, Remote execution etc. It directly connects with Windows Operating System with an interactive command line interface.

Windows PowerShell helps you to manage Windows Infrastructure by accessing Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and Windows Registry. This command line is for Professional PC users to perform Task automation and configuration management and more typical works.

What Are The Significant Differences Between Them

As we mentioned earlier the cmd is a very old tool that can’t access Remote System Administration. Now Windows is replacing it with PowerShell.

Command Prompt only works on functions with the help of “call: label‘, search and replacement variables, pseudorandom number generator, Default shell in pre-WIndows 10 Systems.

On the other hand, PowerShell provides many cmdlets to access Remote System Administration. It also supports Wide-range Automation Tasks i.e Active Directory administration, user and permissions management, and extract the data about security configurations. Moreover, PowerShell now also supports Linux.

PowerShell works on each and every Computer operations except Default shell in pre-Windows 10 Systems.

What We Have To Choose

After showing the differences obviously, you have to go with PowerShell. Microsoft also replaced Command Prompt with PowerShell in the Windows 10 versions. If you are a cmd user, don’t change the cmd into PowerShell by harassing the Windows version. It may create a huge problem regarding PC performance, Battery performance, Windows crash or freeze.


Hopefully, this article will help you to understand the differences between Command Prompt and Windows PowerShell. Feel free to comment us with your valuable view on below comment section. Stay with our next tutorials regarding PC issues, info, and amazing Computer hacks.