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Windows Live Mail Windows 10: Follow These Steps To Install Windows Mail

For users who find the features of Windows Live Mail very convenient but doesn’t have it on their Windows 10 devices, this article should be useful. As the webmail server is compatible with most of the Windows OS, it is very much possible to install it on Windows 10 also. If you use Windows Essentials, you can explore some of its exciting features. It includes features like Movie Maker, OneDrive, Photo Gallery, and Windows Live Writer. So, by installing Windows Live Mail on your PC, you can link your other email accounts and add them here. This includes your Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, and a few more popular email services. So, if you are looking for easy and quick methods to load Windows Live Mail Windows 10, check this article for more info.

Learn How To Download Windows Live Mail Windows 10

Even though there are no serious technical issues with the Windows Live Mail program, but many users are facing issues with the installation. Some of them are quite annoyed with the Windows Live Mail download methods. At times they don’t work for most Windows 10 users. Hence, many have switched to the new Windows 10 Mail app in order to enjoy the features of WLM.

However, most users are not satisfied with the app version and want to install the old version of Live Mail on Windows PCs. So, if you want a proper installation guide to load the Windows Live Mail app for Windows 10.

Instructions To Install Windows Live Mail On Your Windows 10 Based Devices

Users who are struggling to install the files of WLM, can follow this detailed guide. It can help you to download, install and complete the setup for Windows Live Mail Windows 10 successfully. So, let’s check out the following steps for installing WLM on your Windows 10.

Step 1

First,  open a reliable website to download the most recent installation files for Windows Live Essentials. Make sure the program is complete (usually within 2 MB file size) and compatible with both 64-bit as well as 32-bit Windows 10 system. If you are not sure which version to prefer while downloading the setup for WLM, try to install the Windows Live Essentials 2012. It is the most appropriate version to run on your Windows 10 based computers.

Note: If you are not tech-savvy, you can download the software for Windows Live Mail using any third-party website. The reason is due to the discontinuation of the program of Windows Live Essentials by Microsoft. So simply get the download links from a reliable solution page to install WLM on your Windows 10.

Step 2

Next, scan the Windows Live Mail program for any possible virus issues or malware. If it passes the antivirus test, locate and run the executable setup file. Select ‘Yes’ whenever you are prompt to proceed with the Live Mail installation using your User account control. Then view the window of Windows Essentials 2012 (may vary based on the version of Windows Essentials on your PC).

Step 3

So, you can choose the first option to install entire Windows Essentials on your Windows 10. It enables you to explore all features of Windows Essentials including Live Mail. It consists of Outlook connector pack, Microsoft OneDrive, Windows Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, Messenger, and Writer. However, if you don’t have much free storage space on your computer, you can select the second option to install only specific programs.


Hence, choose only Windows Live Mail software when you go to the page with the heading of ‘Select programs to install’ under the Windows Essentials.

Step 4

After selecting ‘Mail’, click ‘Install’ and Windows 10 will initiate the installation of Windows Live Mail. On the next page, you can view the installation progress and it will display ‘Done’.

Finally, hit the ‘Close’ button and hopefully you can launch Live Mail on your Windows 10 without any technical error.

Setup To Configure Windows Live Mail On Windows 10

To begin the WLM setup, go to the ‘Start’ menu and write ‘Live Mail’ in the search box. You can also use the taskbar to access Windows Live Mail and launch the program by clicking on its icon. The page will automatically ask you to add your email profiles. You can view its info in the ‘Quick views’ section under the WLM after adding them. Once you include your email account to the Live Mail server, it will display the list of info. It includes details like unread emails, unread from contacts and unread feeds associated with your email profile. After verifying your account info on the ‘Add your email accounts’ page, click on ‘Next’ to confirm the configuration.

Check whether your account was added to the Windows Live Mail on Windows 10. So, if you see a green tick sign beside your email account you just added to WLM, click on ‘Finish’.

Hopefully, you can now launch Windows Live Mail successfully on your Windows 10 and configure more email accounts with it. However, if none of these above steps helps you to install the Live Mail program on your PC, there are advanced methods to do the setup.