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Windows Error Code 43: Smart Hacks To Eliminate

Windows Operating System is the popular and most reliable Operating Systems among others. Microsoft added many new features and facilities in the latest update. The launched OS has assistants like Cortana to help users perform their tasks smoothly. Many users prefer this Windows Operating System for its reliability and user-friendly interface. Despite all these facilities and features, there are many technical glitches which may irritate you more often. While you are accessing the Windows 10 Operating System, sometimes you may come across Windows error code 43 to identify some problems in the device manager.

This kind of error message generally occurs due to the problem in the device manager. Moreover, you may face the problem if any malware and virus have affected your system. Sometimes your system may not recognize the USB device, graphics card, video card, and other external devices. Otherwise, you may also face the problem if the system files get corrupted or any hardware malfunction occurs.

This Windows error code 43 is one the most common problems for the Windows 10 users. A tech-savvy person can fix the issue with ease. If you are not a technically sound person, then you may face some difficulties while doing the same.  Hence if don’t have any idea how to fix Windows error code 43, then follow the article to know the correct way to accomplish the task. Also, we are going to discuss some methods to fix those issues.

Easy Hacks To Fix Windows Error Code 43

There are a lot of ways by which you can resolve the Windows error code 43 problem from your system. Here we have gathered some important and effective ways to do the same. Follow the article and execute them correctly.

Solution 1: Restart Your System

Restarting your system is the easiest way to solve any minor problem related to Windows Operating System. Error code 43 is a direct problem, so we can fix it by just restarting the system. So, press and hold the Power button for some time. After that, it will turn off completely. Now wait for some time and it will turn on automatically. Now, check all the connection with the external devices. After implementing the process, surely you will not face any problem.

Solution 2: Reinstall Hardware Driver

Sometimes you may face the problem due to some problem in the hardware drivers. These corrupted hardware drivers may create problems and error code 43 is one of them. To fix the problem, you have to uninstall the hardware driver. So, press the Windows key and R button to open the Run dialogue box. Then type devmgmt.msc in the search box and hit the Enter button. After that, navigate through the corrupted hardware drivers and right-click on them. A new tab will open and from there select the Uninstall option.

After the uninstall procedures finishes, download those hardware drivers from the internet. Then install them in your system. Now, you will not face any problem.

Solution 3: Update Windows Driver

Many times it has been seen that if you use an outdated Windows driver in your system, you may face certain critical error codes. That’s why it is most important to update the Windows driver regularly. To update the driver, first press the Windows key and R button together to open the Run dialogue box. After that, type devmgmt.msc in the search box and press the Enter key. Then a new tab will open and navigate to the Scan for Hardware Changes and right-click on the option. After that, click on the Update Driver Software. Now, it will automatically update the Windows Operating System to the latest version.

Solution 4: Remove Malware And Virus From Your System

Sometimes you may face the problem because of the malware and virus infection in your system. The Windows error code 43 may be caused due to malicious software. You can remove this problem by any premium antivirus application. So, at first, install any premium antivirus application in your system. After that, open the application and click on the “Scan” option to scan the whole system. Now it will list all the malware and virus present in your system. After that, click on the “Fix” option and now it will delete all the malware and virus from your system. Now, restart the system and after that, you will not face further complications.

Solution 5: Fix Defected System Files

If you are using a defected Windows Operating System in your device,  you may face critical problems. This windows error code 43 may occur due to the corrupted system files. So, go to the Start menu and navigate to the ‘Device and Drivers’ option. Now, from there find the Windows Operating System and right-click on it. After that, click on the Uninstall option. Now download the latest Windows OS and install it in your system.


We hope that after going through the procedures you may able to solve the Windows error code 43 problem.  the future, if you face the problem again, do not forget to post your queries.