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Windows Defender E rror Code 0x800704ec: Quick And Effective Solutions To Fix it!

The annoying error message pops up in order to notify the users regarding the failure of the program to start. The Windows Defender Error Code 0x800704ec is what takes form due to certain reasons. When one attempts to turn the Windows Defender On, it refuses to cooperate and remains Off. In fact, it exhibits a message stating that the group policy blocked the program. Also, it states that in case the user demands more information regarding this, they can contact the system administrator. This particular error notification bars the users from turning the Windows Defender On. Now, this is not much of a problem since the Operating System, as well as, the software is designed intentionally in such a manner.

Furthermore, the major reason is that the antimalware program is installed into the system currently and functioning actively on the computer system. Along with that, a separate antimalware program tends to disable the Windows Defender which is integrated into the system. And, this brings us to discuss the underlying methods and steps to resolve the Windows Defender Error 0x800704ec comprehensively.

Easy and Effective Methods to Resolve 0x800704ec Error Code

Now, that you are well aware regarding the sudden error message alert, proceed to use the underlying methods in order to troubleshoot the error completely. We suggest you try the detailed assistance of the procedures that we have discussed below.

Method 1: Enable the Windows Defender Services

In order to troubleshoot the Windows Defender Error 0x800704ec problem, make sure to activate the services for the Windows Defender. Then, adhere to the underlying dedicated steps.

  • Press and hold down the Windows button, as well as, the R key. This brings up the Run dialog box.
  • Therein, type the exact words “services.msc”, and then click on OK. After that,  locate the Windows Defender services in the list of the Services in order to check if they are operating properly.
  • In case, the column status is entirely blank, proceed to right-click on the service and select the Start in order to activate it.
  • Finally, navigate to Restart the Computer.

This procedure can resolve the entire issue comprehensively resulting in quick and easy results. But, in case the error code 0x800704ec persists, move forward and try the successive procedure.

Method 2: Uninstall the Third-Party Antivirus Software

If the system holds any third party antivirus programs, it is about time that you eradicate their existence from the device. That is because a third party antivirus software tends to be one of the potential causes for the error code to appear. Hence, make an attempt to remove the third party software, if any. For this, obey the underlying steps.

  • In the search box, type in ‘Control Panel’ which brings forth the results. From there, select the first option. This triggers the Control Panel window to open.
  • There, under the Programs, click on Uninstall a program.
  • Then, try to locate the antivirus program which sits in the system as a third-party application. After that, do a double click in order to Uninstall it or bring changes to it.

In this way, you can resolve the entire issue in quick steps. But, some users may have trouble and yet fail to remove the error code 0x800704ec.

Method 3: Alter the Group Policy Settings

At times, there may not be an issue with the Defender or the system, but the Defender may just be inactive or turned Off from the Local Group Policy. And, one can inspect and easily alter the settings from the Local Group Policy window. For this, stick to the underlying dedicated steps.

  • Press and hold down the Windows key, and then press the R button.
  • Therein, enter “gpedit.msc”.
  • Under the Computer Configuration, do a double click on the Administrative Templates. Then, proceed to double click on the Windows Components present in the left pane.
  • After that, click on the Windows Defender.
  • Do a double click on the Turn Off Windows Defender. Also, make sure that it is not active or enabled. Hit the Not Configured, and then press the Apply option and navigate to select OK.

After that, turn the Windows Defender On and examine if it presents the same annoying error or not. If the problem appears again, then the next procedure is sure to eradicate it entirely.

Method 4: Employ the Registry Editor

In case, the system doesn’t hold a separate antivirus but you still fail to turn the Windows Defender On, then it may have been disabled. However, in order to enable it, adhere to the following steps which are given below.

  • Press and hold the Windows key, as well as, the R button in unison.
  • In the Run dialog box, type in the command “services.msc” and then hit the Enter button.
  • Also, ensure that the Startup type is Automatic and the Defender is active or turned On.

Thus, with these dedicated methods and steps, you have the power to troubleshoot the Windows Defender Error Code 0x800704ec promptly.

In this way, the users can resume and continue with their everyday activities with their computer systems without hassles and with comprehensive protection. After all, security is what matters most. However, try to implement the solution in the first place. And if the problem persists, only then consult a technical expert.