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Windows Could Not Find A Driver For Your Network Adapter : Get Effective Solution

Microsoft released several versions of the Windows Operating Systems over the years, and every application is a blend of modern technology and interactive features. The prime reason for Windows has so many customers worldwide because it makes user-friendly application-based system. It also incorporates simple yet effective tools for everyday users just like us. But like every software, Windows is also not immune to glitches and makes your work bit difficult. Recently there is a new problem arising that Windows could not detect a driver for the network adapter.

As stated by many users Windows cannot find driver issue, is not a massive problem. A user can easily get away from this by applying some specific solution. Users face this kind of error at the time of browsing and windows couldn’t connect with the network.

Some users also tried to troubleshoot the problems, but the issue still persists. So it is necessary to know the right technique to resolve the driver issue. Hence go through the list of troubleshooting steps to fix the driver problem for your network adapter.

How To Solve Windows Couldn’t Find Driver For the Network

A user can easily fix the network adapter problem by themselves, but before that, they need to know some necessary procedure. If you want to know how to fix the Windows, driver detection problem go through the list as given below. Hence apply these techniques carefully.

Verify The Power Management Of The Network Adapter

Verify The Power Management Of The Network Adapter

To check the power management press Windows key+R to launch the Run Box. After opening Run, window user needs to enter “devmgmt” and click ok to enter the Device Manager. Then search and Network adapters expand it and go to Properties. Select Power management and disable power save mode. Hit OK to apply the changes to the setting.

Now you need to troubleshoot the network again to verify if the error is there or not. Else follow the next step.

Fix the Windows Driver Issue By Re-installing Drivers

Fix the Windows Driver Issue By Re-installing Drivers

If you are still encountering Windows driver error, then solve the issue by re-installing the driver. To apply this hack user need a spare system or laptop and good internet connection. The user can download the driver by going to the official website.

With the help of another computer visit the official website and download appropriate network drivers. Make sure to download the driver that is compatible with your system. After downloading the driver make a copy of the driver and store it in the external USB device.

You can update the drivers in two separate ways. You can either run the file directly or take assistance from Device Manager. Tap Windows+R and enter the same command and press Enter.

Enter the Device Manager to expand the menu of network adapters and track Ethernet hardware. Right click on it and uninstall the device.

A message will appear asking for your permission to complete the task. Select Yes to carry on the task. When the driver is uninstalled, then click on a vacant space and tap Scan for hardware changes. Windows will identify the hardware, and it will install the default drivers. Reboot your PC and verify whether the error got fixed.

You can also troubleshoot the network adapter problem by installing the newest driver. First, open the Device Manager and choose Ethernet hardware and choose Update driver software. Then go to the second options and click Browse computer for driver software. Run the driver you download and install it correctly. Then reboot your system and see the adapter is working or not.

Perform a Full System Restore

Perform a Full System Restore

If you are still suffering from this particular issues then perform a quick system restore. It’s worth a shot since this is the last option for fixing the network adapter issue. Perform a system restore Before installing Windows 10 latest update. Before restoring, backup all your data and files first. You can take the help of several utilities to store all vital info in a single tool.  Also, note that this method is only applicable when networking hardware fails to work.

Hence to perform a system restore, press Windows+S to open the Start menu and type restore in the search box. Click the first icon and find restore settings to do a system restore. Now a window will open notifying all the steps of the restoring process. A user can either opt for the suggested restore point or select another restore points. Hit Next to continue the system restore.

After that, choose the restore points from the available menu. Then the Windows will ask for your confirmation before initiating the system restore process. Save all your relevant data and backup vital files and start the process. As soon as the process is done, log in to your PC and check the status of the error. If the system restore doesn’t work, do a thorough cleaning of Window by using bootable media.

Wrap Up

Windows could not find a driver for your network adapter is a typical problem. Many Windows users get this type of issue due to faulty network adapter or driver. So it can be difficult to resolve the issue without sufficient knowledge. Hence read the instruction carefully as mentioned above and try to fix the issue on your own.