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Resolved Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working – Avail Effective Hacks

It is really very annoying for the users when Windows 10 Start menu stops working and leaves users puzzled. It is possible to solve the issue with some effective and useful tricks. This problem is quite troublesome, and it requires the users to search for significant solutions to get rid of it. However, in case you are unable to find helpful solutions, this article will cover all of the queries as per your requirement to resolve the issue.

There can be many reasons behind this particular issue. If your system contains any virus, then it can lead the Start menu to malfunction. Defective ‘Registry files’ may also cause the same issue. It can happen because of antivirus and firewall programs as well, Windows update error can occur. Apart from that, if there is no proper internet connetion then also the issue may arise. Cache, cookies and junk files take up a lot of space in the RAM and trigger specific errors. In case if you accidentally erase the Windows 10 system’s files, there can be configuration errors causing Cortana to stop working.

By any chance, if you are also facing the same issue then do not ignore it. You need to solve it as soon as possible. Thus go through the simple steps and find the most effective hacks for this particular error.


Probable Solutions To Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working


You will find incredible hacks regarding this issue in this article. At first, you need to log in with the proper username and passcode and then you need to log out from the account currently in use. To do so, press and hold the Ctrl+Alt+Delete key at the same time to log out.


Fix 1: Restart Windows Operating System

Sometimes, a simple restart can solve the Start Menu not working issue. To do so, press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc button simultaneously, to open the Task Manager. Then, left click on the “More Details” option if it is needed. Now, from the Processes tab, scroll through and locate “Windows system” and left click on it. Then, click on “End Task” and Restart the process again.

After completing the restart process check if the problem gets solved or not. If not then follow the next method.

Fix 2: Uninstall The Sound And Audio Card

You can choose this procedure as an alternative, all you need to create a new account as an administrator. To do so, tap on “Task Manager” and search the file option. Now select the first option from the list and click on Powershell and tick the small box under it. Then, tap on “OK” option and search for a command prompt mentioning your username and passcode. Then, restart your device to see the changes.

When done, go ahead clear the cache, cookies and unwanted files from the system and create some space in the RAM. Now, upgrade your Windows 10. Video or sound card driver can develop trouble if they are corrupted.

In case if you find the sound and video card is corrupted then you need to uninstall it as soon as possible.

Press Windows and ‘X’ keys at the same time to call up Device Manager. Now tap on the “Sound Controller” option and choose the third option from the list. You can see a message is displayed asking for confirmation to delete driver software. Tick on the box to continue with the process. After confirming, the device will reboot automatically. Then click on Uninstall option and uninstall the sound and audio card. You can also install them later if its necessary.

Fix 3: Restart Windows 10 Cortana

If you have issues with Cortana then this is the most common solution for you. To do so, first of all, you need to tap on the Ctrl key + Alt key + Del keys simultaneously on the keyboard. After that, you can see the Task Manager page will start on the Windows main screen.

If it is necessary then you need to click on the option “More Details”. Now select the option Cortana from the Processes tab and click on it. In the next step click on the End Task.

Now, tap on the Restart key of the device. This is a quite time-consuming process, hence you need to wait for a few minutes while restarting.

Fix 4: Choose Windows 10 Troubleshoot


At first, navigate to the Start menu and access the Search option. Type in ‘Control Panel’ in the search box and press Enter to open the system tool. Now change the view to see the List of the icons and choose Troubleshooting.

In the Troubleshooting window, select the System and Security option and then go to the “Search and Indexing” icon. After finishing the above steps, click on “Next” from the and check the box that refers to the issue. Then, click on the Next option to progress the Scan. It can fix the difficulty automatically.

Fix 5: Disable Installed Antivirus Software

If your machine gets infected by viruses or malware, then you may get the error also. There are some situations where antivirus conflicts with specific software, it may crash and show this particular error. First, tap on “Settings” that is found under the option “Start” Menu. Select the option “Update & Security.” Then, choose the option “Windows Security” that is in the left side and click on “Open Windows Defender Security Center”. After selecting the option open the Windows Defender’s Settings, and tap on the option “Virus & Threat Protection Settings.” Now, click on the icon “Real-Time Protection”, “Cloud-Delivered Protection” and “Automatic Sample Submission” to switch off the Windows Defender. Then, restart your system and see if this made any difference after disabling the Antivirus.

Always be alert while disabling your antivirus software because sometimes the system gets damaged. Hopefully, you can surely get rid of the error by solving the above procedures.