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Windows 10 Settings Won’t Open? Here Are 5 Effective Ways To Fix It

The new Windows 10 arrives with plenty of exclusive features. But, this does not indicate that it is error-proof. Similar to all other Operating Systems, Windows too is susceptible to numerous errors and issues. One such problem is that the Windows 10 Settings won’t open. Now, this troubles the users a lot.


Furthermore, if the system manifests any problem, it is the Settings application which most people turn to. But, here the problem is itself that. Also, with Windows 10, the Settings application has developed into a key feature. So, if the program tends to malfunction and refuse to respond to inputs, it leaves the users perplexed. The entire system turns dysfunctional if there is any problem in the integrated Settings program.


However, before trying out the procedures to fix it, make sure to have a quick read and get a vivid insight into the error itself.

More About the Malfunction of the Settings Application in Windows 10

When there arises an issue with the Settings app, the program tends to fail in launching. It crashes continuously each time you make an attempt to open its window. Its perpetual dysfunctional behavior stirs a confusion in the user’s mind. And eventually, they seek a solution in order to fix the Windows 10 Settings won’t open issue.


Moreover, the Settings program triggers the Windows Store to launch instead of the Settings itself. Now, Microsoft is totally aware of the problem and releases significant updates for you to install. Therefore, you must be active in checking for possible updates for your computer system. New updates, at times, are effective enough to treat any critical issue. With new patches and fresh updates, you can troubleshoot the problem with convenience.


However, this article aims to present simple solutions in order to fix the Settings won’t open Windows 10 complication. Therefore, stick through and know them all.

5 Quick Ways to Solve the Issue with the Settings Application

There are certain alternatives implementing which can yield you favorable results. All of them are extremely simple and don’t require much effort to execute. But, adhere to the steps and procedures carefully so as to make the changes effective. Now, begin with the methods and fix the issue of Windows 10 Settings won’t open 2018.

Procedure 1: A Simple Solution

In order to have any issue fixed, it is essential, to begin with, the basic steps. Therefore, begin with the most simple way in order to solve it. And if that doesn’t yield results, the rest of the procedures are sure to troubleshoot it entirely. So, adhere to the underlying steps carefully.


  • Click on the Start button and then proceed to right-click on the cog icon which would bring you to the Settings application normally.
  • After that, click on More and then head to the App Settings.
  • Then, you must scroll down until you notice a Reset button in the new window. Upon seeing the button, you must click on the Reset button.


Now, this will reset the Settings and put everything back on its default arrangement. After the procedure is complete, make sure to check if the solution was successful in bringing about favorable changes. But, at times, it so happens that this basic solution fails to troubleshoot the Windows 10 Settings won’t open issue. However, during such a time, try out the successive methods with patience.

Procedure 2: Alternative Methods to Launch Settings

There exists yet another way to open the integrated Windows application of Settings. Firstly, press and hold down the Windows key along with the I button in unison. This shortcut input brings about the Settings program. Alternatively, in the taskbar, you can tap on the icon of the Action Center. After that, proceed to click on All Settings.


But, if this procedure, too, refuses to function and result in troubleshooting the constant malfunctioning, the successive methods are potential saviors. Therefore, stick through the entire article and implement all the steps carefully to repair the Windows 10 Settings won’t open issue.

Procedure 3: Reinstall and Re-Register Windows Applications

Like most of the Windows applications, the Settings program, without doubt, is an integrated or built-in program. Therefore, a reinstallation can fix the problem entirely. However, to implement this procedure, you must be careful about not missing out a single step. Also, it requires complete attention since it is a bit critical.


In order to do it, launch the PowerShell. For this, navigate to the Start menu and in the search box, type in the term “Powershell”. This brings out the results and when it does, do a right-click on the Windows Powershell and select the option to Run As Administrator. Then, enter the command:

Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}


Entering this actually tends to re-register, as well as, reinstall all the integrated Windows applications including Settings. Also, this repairs whatever problems you face with any program. And this triggers the Settings program to work in a full-fledged manner as before. In this way, the common complaint that the Windows 10 Settings won’t open can be treated.


But, if this too fails to bring about the normal functioning of the program, the next procedure will act on it. Therefore, have a quick glance at the remaining methods.

Procedure 4: Run an SFC Scan

Prior to moving on and making an attempt to fix the Settings application with an elaborate and complex method. Try this procedure as it is known to be very effective in fixing any problem promptly. Stick through the underlying steps to troubleshoot the Windows 10 Settings won’t open complication.


  • Scan the hard drive and search for errors. To do this, head to the Start menu and in the search box, enter the term “cmd”. This brings up the window of the Command Prompt. Also, you can press and hold down the Windows key along with the R button in unison. In the Run dialogue box, type in the command “cmd”. Then, open the Command Prompt.


  • In the window, type in the command “sfc /scannow”. In this way, one can easily resolve the problem.


This method is very effective in treating any error in any application of Windows. However, due to some reasons, if this fails, there remains yet another effective alternative.

Procedure 5: Create/Form a New Windows User

In case, none of the above-mentioned steps work, move on and make an attempt with this method. But, make sure you begin with this one, only after having tried the rest, with no result.


Now, that you cannot use the Setting program for creating a new account, turn to the Microsoft Common Console Document only if you have Windows 10 Pro. Adhere to the underlying dedicated steps to fix the Windows 10 Settings won’t open error and to know more.


  • Click on the Start menu and then type “lusrmgr.msc”. Then, click on Users, in the Common Console Document and then proceed to “add new user”. After that, type in your information and then sign out of the existing account. And head to a new one via the Start menu or press the Control, Alt, and Del key simultaneously.
  • If your system holds Windows 10 Home Edition, you must form a new user via the Command Prompt. For this, in the search button of the Start menu, type “cmd” which brings forth few results.
  • On the Command Prompt, do a right-click and select the option to Run As Administrator. After that, in the window, type in the command: “net user newusername newpassword /add”. But, with the password and username that you want to set. Doing this yield a message saying that the command completed successfully.

In the Control Panel:

Head to the Control Panel and then over to the User Accounts and select Manage Another Account.


  • After that, select the fresh account that you just formed. Click on “Change the Account type” and then click on Administrator present in the new window. And then again “Change Account Type”. This makes the new user an Administrator.
  • Then, log out of your existing account and head over to the new one. Now, make an attempt in accessing the integrated Settings program. This must be working just as before.
  • Then, proceed to transfer the files from the earlier Windows account to the fresh one. In this manner, the Windows 10 Settings won’t open issue requires thorough attention to fix it.
  • Navigate to the system hard drive in the File Explorer and then, in the tab at the top, click on View and move on to check the “Hidden items” box. Head to the earlier account in the File Explorer and proceed to double-click on it. Then, you’ll observe a prompt message to which you must click on Continue.
  • Fill in your account credentials and then copy and paste all the files to the new location. In case, you notice an alert asking to merge all the folders, hit the YES option.

Wrapping up

The problem that the Windows 10 Settings won’t open is one of the common complaints of the users. However, the solutions to treat this error is easy. Therefore, we encourage users to try their hands to treat any problem since it involves less hassle and requires no payment.


However, only if the procedures fail to bring about favorable results, you consult an expert in the technical field. Such professional assistance must be the last resort as they can troubleshoot problems in a hassle-free manner.