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Resolve Windows 10 Screen Flashing Problem With Easy Hacks

Nowadays, screen flickering is a common issue in Windows 10. Especially, after updating the Operating System, you may encounter the flashing screen issue in your system. To resolve this annoying issue is difficult for a non-tech-savvy person. If you are facing the same problem, you can take help from this article to fix the Windows flickering issue technically.

Solutions For Windows 10 Flickering Screen Problem

Multiple reasons can be responsible for triggering the Windows flicker problem. Therefore, you need to identify the affected sectors to overcome the problem. Moreover, there are different solutions to different causes.

Run Windows Recovery Program

Recovery is different from installing new updates as it doesn’t affect the installed files. However, to fix the Windows flickering issue, you need to run the Windows Recovery program. To perform this recovery process follow the steps below.


Tap the “Start” menu and click on “PC Settings”. Under this section, tap on “Update & Security”. Here, choose, “Recovery” and follow your on-screen instructions to refresh and finish the Windows Recovery. Finally, restart your system and check whether the problem persists or not.

Update Windows

An outdated Windows Operating System(OS) can create Windows update errors. Therefore, you won’t be able to install or update the software due to the Windows flickering problem. To install the latest updates, you have to maintain the steps below.

First, click on Start and choose “Settings”. In the Settings window, select  “Update & Security.” Under this section, you will find another option, “Check for updates.” If a new update is available, then the updates will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Upgrade GPU Driver

Another reason for the flickering screen problem is an outdated graphics card driver. Therefore, you have to update the GPU driver to remove the screen flashing issue.

Tap the Start button first and type “devicemgr” to open the Device Manager window. Here, you will find a list of the installed hardware in your system. You need to choose the device, “Display Adapters” and expand it. Right-click on the item, “Graphics card” and choose “Update driver software” to update it. If a new update is available, then wait to finish it and install all the updates successfully. When done, reboot the sytem and verify whether the Windows 10 flashing error occurs or not.

Perform Clean Boot in Safe Mode

Some of the Windows features can create problems in Windows. Therefore, you have to check whether Windows in working properly on safe mode or not. So, boot your system in safe mode and perform a clean boot process.

Reboot your system first, and at the time of booting, you have to press the Shift key. Now, hold the Shift key and tap on the restart button simultaneously. Then, click on the “Troubleshoot” and “Advanced Options” icon one after the other. In the resultant window, tap the “Startup options” icon. Choose “Safe Mode With Networking” and click on “Restart”. Then, you need to perform the clean boot process. You may use the steps below.

In the search box, you have to type, “msconfig” and hit enter to open the configuration window. After that, select the “Service” tab and then “System Configuration” dialog box. In this tab, select the checkbox, “Hide all Microsoft Services” and tap the button, “Disable All”.

Now, in that same window, choose “Startup” and tap “Open task manager.” After that, select the items to remove and choose the tab, “Disable.” Finally, close “Task Manager” window and close the System Configuration dialog box. Then, reboot the system and check whether the “Windows 10 screen is flashing” problem still persists or not.

Inactive Windows Services

Some of the in-built services of Windows make a problem in Windows flashing issue. So, without disabling those features, you will be unable to remove the Windows 10 flickering issue.

First, open Services. Type in “services.msc” in the search box and hit the “Enter” button. After that, right-click, “Problem Reports and Solution Control Paneland right-click on it. Here, choose the option, “Stop” to stop the process. Next, you have to do the same thing for “Windows Error Reporting Service” and reboot your system.

Modify Monitor Refresh Rate

A wrong monitor refresh rate is a significant issue for creating the Windows 10 screen flashing problem. Therefore, you have to adjust the Screen refresh rate based on the capabilities of your monitor.

Open the Settings, and you will get a list of the installed devices. Here, you need to choose, “System”  and then select “Display” and expand the option. Click on “Display Adapter Settings” and go to the “Monitor” tab. Now, modify the “Screen refresh rate” as per your system’s capabilities.

We have discussed the Windows 10 flashing issue briefly in this article. Moreover, you will get a full solution to resolve this irritating issue. If you go through this article, then it will be beneficial for you.

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