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Quick Tips To Resolve Windows 10 Calculator Not Working

Windows 10 Operating System is considered to be Microsoft’s greatest creation ever came into existence. Also, it is much familiar from a user experience viewpoint, as well as it includes so much of what the businesses require, including enterprise-grade defense, identification, and information security characteristics. These overcome the complexity and establishes a better experience for the contemporary requirements of a business. But when the Windows 10 calculator not working, it’s very much frustrating for the users.

Hence, in this article, we have come along with some of the most effective fixes that will help you to resolve the issue in no time. However, before moving on to the solution, first make yourself aware of the multiple reasons why the issue occurs on your Windows 10 system.

Major Causes That May Cause This Calculator Related Problem

There are a number of reasons for the Windows 10 calculator not opening issue. But here we have mentioned the most prominent ones below:

  • There can be an issue with your old account.
  • If you don’t install the available updates, this may be the main cause of this problem.
  • The issue can be with your calculator application.
  • Problems with the Calculator not opening can happen due to your Firewall.
  • At times, a third-party application may conflict with your calculator app and as a result, you may face this issue.
  • Several users have complained that the background process can also be the calculator app not working Windows 10.

Effective Solutions For Windows 10 Calculator Not Opening

There are several troubleshooting steps to fix Windows calculator not working but here, we have provided the most accurate ones for you.

Solution 1: Re-register Windows 10 Using PowerShell

Re-register Windows 10 Using PowerShell

In order to re-register Windows 10, you need to follow the given instructions:

Step 1: At first, in the search bar, simply enter PowerShell and then right-click on the result.

Step 2: After that, you can select the Run As Administrator from the menu.

Step 3: Then, you will find the following lines:

{Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml”}

Step 4: Now, hit the Enter and this will re-register all Windows 10 application on your device.

Step 5: Finally, wait for about 30 seconds to finish the process and check, if the problem remains then go through the next step.

Solution 2: Create A New User Account

Create A New User Account

Creating a new account is also a good solution for resolving this Windows 10 calculator related issues. Several users reported that their user’s account can responsible for the problem. So, you need to create a new account in order to resolve it.

Primarily, in the search bar, need to type Add User and then select the Add, edit, or remove other users from the list of results. After that, you need to open the Settings. Then, select the Accounts. Finally, click on the Family & other users. After that, select the Add Someone Else To This PC, in the family & other users section. Then, simply choose the I don’t have this person’s sign-in information. Now, you will see Add a user without a Microsoft account button, simply click on it. After this process, you will be asked to enter your Username & Password. Now, you create a new account, in such a time, you should check the calculator related issue is removed or not. If not go through the next method.

Note– If the calculator related problem removed then you can delete your old account. But before deleting your old account you need to remember that if you do not copy your personal details and important documents, then you may lose those important documents and personal details as well.

Solution 3: Perform An SFC Scan

Perform An SFC Scan

If you face calculator does not work in Windows 10, then you may be able to fix the issue by running an SFC scan. At times, due to the corrupted files, you may encounter this issue. In such issues, you need to press and hold Windows loh=go key + X. After that, from the list of results, simply select the Command Prompt ( Admin). In case, you find that the command prompt is not available then you can use PowerShell instead.

Now, you will find that the Command Prompt opens, then simply enter Scan Now or SFC button. Then, hit the Enter. Now, you will see that the SFC scan will start. Next, you need to wait for about 15 minutes to complete the procedure. Once, the scan is finished, you can check if the problem remains then try the next method.

Solution 4: Install The Missing Updates

Install The Missing Updates

Sometimes, install the missing updates can resolve this kind of Windows 10 calculator related issue. According to several users, they find that, after installing the latest updates, Windows calculator not working issue is resolved. So, you can try to install the latest missing updates. To do that follow the steps:

Step 1: At first, to open the Settings app you need to press and hold the Windows logo key + I at the same time.

Step 2: After that, you will enter the Settings app, simply navigate to Update & security.

Step 3: Then, you will see the Check for updates option, simply click on it. Now, Windows will automatically check for available updates. If there are any available updates, in the background, they will be downloaded automatically.

Solution 5: Disable Your Firewall

Disable Your Firewall

As mentioned earlier, your Firewall can also be responsible for the calculator related issue. In that case, simply disable your Firewall. To do that, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Primarily, press and hold the Windows logo key and S. Then, from the list of results, you need to choose the Windows Firewall.

Step 2: After that, in the menu on the left, you will find Turn On Firewall On Or Off button, simply select that button.

Step 3: Next, you need to choose the Turn Off Firewall button for Private and Public Network Settings.

Step 4: Now, simply choose the Ok button and save the new changes.

After turning off your Firewall, check if the problem remains then try the next method.

Solution 6: Enable The User Account Control

Enable The User Account Control

In Windows 10, User Account Control is a protection feature that will help you to prevent from performing the actions that need the administrative privileges. Therefore, some users prefer to disable it. To do that, firstly, you need to enter User Account Control, press and hold the Windows logo key and S at the same time. Next, you can choose the Change User Account Control Settings. After that, simply move the slider to the default position. Then, to save the new changes, press the Ok button.

Solution 7: Reset Calculator App

Reset Calculator App

In order to reset the calculator app, you need to open the Settings app first. After that, go to the Apps section. Next, you will see a list of all applications. Then, choose the Calculator and then hit the Advanced option. Finally, select the Reset option and then tap the Reset option again in the confirmation window.

Solution 8: End The RuntimeBroker.exe Process

End The RuntimeBroker.exe Process

As mentioned earlier, the calculator not working issue can also occur due to the runtimeBroker.exe. If you find that your calculator app does not open, the RuntimeBroker.exe process might cause this issue. In order to resolve it, follow the given instructions below:

Step 1: At first, you need to open the Task Manager, simply press and hold the CTRL+ SHIFT+ ESC.

Step 2: Then, you will enter to the Task Manager, now, find the Runtime Broker and the just right-click on it.

Step 3: After that, from the drop-down menu, select the End Task button.

Step 4: Now, check the problem is resolved or not.

Hope, this article helped you to fix your Calculator app not working Windows 10 issue. If you have any further queries or questions then comment us below.