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How To Operate Windows 10 Bluetooth With Easy Hacks

Bluetooth is an extensive wireless technology that transmits data between multiple devices over a short distance. Moreover, you can add more accessories, such as speakers, headphones, wireless mouse, keyboard, etc. with your system via the Bluetooth device. So, it is one of the essential devices to transfer the data without using a cable. Therefore, you need to install it properly to get rid of the wired connection while you are transferring the data. However, like other electronic devices, you may encounter problems due to its technical glitches. So, this article will be beneficial for you to get the best result.


How To Establish A Bluetooth Connection-With Easy Techniques


For your system to recognize the Bluetooth peripheral, turn it on first and then set it in pairing mode. It can be done through several steps, but here we are going to discuss two easier steps for you.


Process 1: Turn On Bluetooth Device

If you find the Bluetooth device in the system tray, then you may tap in the notification area in the taskbar. Click on the Action Center button and open the Quick Action area. You can use the shortcut key Windows + A to go to the Quick Action directly. Finally, enable the Bluetooth device by clicking on the “Connect” button. Here, you need to choose the option “Device” to pair and create a smooth connection. Otherwise, you can use the process below if you come across any issue with your bluetooth device.


Process 2: Enable Bluetooth


First, open Settings by tapping the Start button and select gear icon from the left side. In the Settings window, you need to click on “Devices.” Here, you will get a list of installed items in your system. Choose “Bluetooth” from it and turn it on by sliding the bar in the On position. You can see that your PC is searching the devices. Then, select the device which you want to connect to transfer files.

Once you click on “Pair” it will generate a verification code for both of the devices; You need to put that code in both of the devices to create a connection with your device and the other device. Then, you can see the message “Connected” under the device name. So, both of the devices are capable of transferring data to each other. Then, choose the files or images to send from your system or vice versa is also applicable.


Get Stuck in Transferring Data – Troubleshoot It Quickly


Many times, we get stuck at the time of sending the files because of the bluetooth disappearing issue. You might try to enable it multiple time, but it fails to scan in every time. In addition to that, you may turn on your bluetooth device, but it is not working due to the bluetooth unavailability problem.

Turn Off Airplane Mode


Press Windows key to open the Start menu and then open Settings from it. In the Settings window, click on “Network & Internet” menu. After that, choose Airplane Mode from the left side of the pane and again turn it off by sliding the bar to the right. Finally, switch on the Bluetooth and check whether it is working or not.

Update Driver

An outdated driver is unable to provide the best result in transferring the data via Bluetooth. Thus, you might get stuck with the error while you are sending a large sized content to another device. To update the bluetooth driver, you can overcome this annoying issue permanently.

First, tap the Start button and open the Start menu. Type “devicemngr” in the search box and stroke the Enter key to open the Device Manager window. In this window, you need to choose the device “Bluetooth” from a list of items. Right-click on it and choose the option “Properties.” Click on “Advanced” tab from the Bluetooth Properties window. Now, type the number in the Manufacturer ID field and verify twice before updating the driver. It will help to identify the Bluetooth manufacturer, and directly go to the page where you will get a genuine link to download an updated bluetooth driver.

Verify Bluetooth Status


Check whether the Bluetooth device is running or not. Many times, we forget to enable it and try to connect. So, make sure that your Bluetooth device is turned on.

First, type “services.msc” in the search box and press Enter key to open the Windows services page. Now, find the “Bluetooth” device and click on it. Then, right-click on it and select “Start.” If it is disabled, then tap on “Restart.” It will take a few times to finish the process. So, don’t turn off your system during the installation process. Finally, reboot the PC and make sure that the device is enabled.

Re-install Driver


An improper installation creates problems in working with the Bluetooth device. As a result, you might not be able to send or receive any important files through it. So, you need to re-install it to avoid the Bluetooth issue

Open the Device Manager window first, and click on the “Device” tab. Choose the Bluetooth device and right-click on it. Then, click on “Uninstall” and tap on “OK” to remove the Bluetooth driver from your system. After that, re-install from a genuine link by entering the Manufacturer’s ID.

Run Troubleshooter


Windows troubleshooter can resolve the Windows failure issue, driver installation problem, and so on. So, it also can handle the Bluetooth device issue by running the troubleshooting program. To perform this task, try out the following steps.

Open the Settings window and go to the “Update 7 Security” section. After that, click on “Troubleshoot” to open the Troubleshooting window. Select “Bluetooth” from this window. And click on “Run the Troubleshooter.” It will identify the affected area of your devices and troubleshoot them accordingly. Finally, follow the online instructions to finish the process.


Modify Power Saving Options


First, open Device Manager window and locate the option “Bluetooth Keyboard.” Double-click on it and choose the option “Power Management” from the Properties window. Finally, remove the tick from the checkbox “Allow the computer to turn off this device.” It will save the power and click on OK to save changes. It will fix the Bluetooth error quickly.


Remove Device Detect Problem


Sometimes, your system drivers might not respond after connecting another device through Bluetooth. Therefore, you need to be confirmed about the failure. So, you can join another peripheral with your USB port and check whether your device can recognize it. If your system is still unresponsive, then fix the internal conflicts of your system such as system file issue, windows registry failure problem, etc.

In this context, we have given the details about how to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10. Moreover, we are discussed some of the possible solutions. We hope it will be beneficial for the non-tech savvy persons to handle any Bluetooth issues quickly by updating the latest version of this device driver.

Additionally, you can re-install it if you encounter with this Bluetooth with the help of the above effective solutions and transfer images with a new Bluetooth installer.