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[Fixed] | Windows 10 Bluetooth Missing Problem

Bluetooth is one of the essential application which is mostly used to share data with other devices. Sometimes we need to connect Bluetooth devices with our PC. But the problems arise when we get the Windows 10 Bluetooth Missing problem. This is a common problem with the PC users that the Windows 10 Bluetooth Missing From Device Manager.

If you are facing this Bluetooth issues with your PC then go through this post to resolve the issue. We have brought you some suggestion to fix the problem in a short span of time.

Proven Solutions To Fix Windows 10 Missing Problem:

Here we are going to discuss some ultimate solution to resolve the issue. Keep your eye on the article to resolve the Windows 10 Bluetooth Missing Problem.

Bluetooth Device Section Is Missing From The Device:

If you are facing problems when selecting Bluetooth devices from your device, then, then these solutions can resolve the issue.

To fix the issue at first, right-clicked on the Start button and the move on the Device Manager option to verify if the driver is presented and installed at your device or not. If you notice the Device Manager is configured properly but still you cannot use the PC’s blBluetoothyou’ll have to update the driver. If the problem has happened with a wireless audio driver, first switch it off.

Then wait for a few moments and again turn it back on.

Bluetooth Toggle Switch Missing:

The toggle button to activate and deactivate missing is one of the most common issues with Windows 10. Here is the solution to fix the issue.

Solution 1:

At the beginning select the Start menu and access Device Manager. Then, change to the View option and click on the Show hidden devices. Then, open Bluetooth and right click on the Bluetooth Generic Adapter and update the driver. After the update process completes, restart the system.

Solution 2:

An alternate way to resolve the issue is by removing all the Programs and Features related to Bluetooth. Also, uninstalling the Bluetooth drivers from the Device Manager is necessary. After completing all these tasks Restart your device. Then reinstall the driver and all related programs to fix the issue. This might solve the Bluetooth turn on and turn off options are the missing problem.

Quick Ways To Solve The Windows 10 Bluetooth Missing Issue:

Now we are going to discuss some quick solution to solve the Windows 10 Bluetooth Missing Problem. Go through the article to resolve it.

Check Bluetooth  Status

To check the status of running bBluetoothservice, press the Windows and R buttons together. This will start the Run box on your device’s screen. Now you have to type in ‘services.msc’ in the run box and hit Enter. After that, right-click on the Bluetooth Support Service / Bluetooth Driver Management System option or you can select any other Bluetooth service related option. Next, right-click on the service and select Properties. Then set the startup type as Automatic and click on Apply then OK.

Now press the Windows logo key + I key together from your keyboard. Then there will appear the Settings window. And check if the problem is solved or not.

Readable Bluetooth Driver Software:

Press the Windows Logo Key + X key from the keyboard and open the quick access menu. And select Device Manager. Then right-click on the Bluetooth driver and select Disable device. Then, choose Yes to confirm your task. After completing the required procedure, you need to right-click on the driver and choose the Enable device option. Now press the Windows logo key + I key from the keyboard. Then there will appear the Settings window panel. Now you have to check that the Bluetooth option is there or not.

Reinstall Bluetooth Device:

The ultimate solution to get rid of from this trouble is to reinstall your Bluetooth device. The outdated version of Bluetooth can be the reason for such problems. Uninstall the Bluetooth device and reinstall the updated version this might solve the issue. The steps for reinstalling the Bluetooth device are followed by.

  • Press the Windows logo key  + X key from the keyboard and open the quick-access menu.
  • Then select Device manager.
  • Then right-click on Bluetooth and select Uninstall. When done removing the software, install the downloaded driver on your device.
  • Press the Windows logo key + I key together from the keyboard. After that, the Settings window will appear on your screen. Now you need to check if the Bluetooth option appears or not.

These were all about to resolve the issue with  Windows 10 Bluetooth Missing Problem. Follow thses simple steps to resolve them to issue. Hope this article will help you to get rid of this trouble.