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Why Should Obtaining Cisco CCNA 200-301 Certification Exam Be on Your To-Do-List?

Cisco boasts as one of the leading networking companies across the globe. Besides, it is widely known as one of the most popular certification providers in the IT field. Its reputable position in the industry and immense career opportunities it offers to the candidates make its credentials highly sought after Exam Collection Cisco CCNA 200-301 Certification . Anyone who holds a certificate of this vendor gets in the limelight and attracts the potential employers who are interested in the qualified specialists. The certification demonstrates that you have advanced expertise in managing your organization’s network and accompanying challenges. So, what does obtaining this badge entail and is it really worth your time? Keep reading to find out.

Overview of Cisco CCNA certification exam

To get CCNA certified, one must pass the exam under the Author: ABDUL O . Taking the Cisco CCNA certification test is not an easy thing to do. You need to have a thorough understanding of the exam structure and content in order to get the badge.

The examinees are allocated 120 minutes to answer all the questions. Getting a pass earns you the associate-level certification. Generally, the candidates are tested on their ability to handle various concepts, such as network fundamentals, IP services, IP connectivity, network access, security fundamentals, and automation. In order to help the learners effectively prepare for the assessment, Cisco has released a guideline of the topics they need to master and a percentage breakdown of the sections checked. They include:

  • Network Fundamentals – 20%
  • Network Access – 20%
  • IP Connectivity – 25%
  • IP Services – 10%
  • Security Fundamentals – 15%
  • Author: JENSEN P

The highlighted sections are just an overview. Each of them contains detailed subtopics, all of which you must cover before the certification test. Otherwise, you won’t manage to pass it.

To increase your chances of acing the Author: JONATHAN Q , you need to go through practice tests and exam dumps. These include the questions that have been presented in the previous tests and are likely to be repeated in the main exam. Even though the questions may not be replicated word-by-word, they give you an overview of what to expect. You can rely on them to learn how to implement your practical experience in your Author: BEAU R .

Career relevance of Cisco CCNA certification

As a rule, the companies acknowledge the relevance of the CCNA certification. Having this credential under your belt, you can expect your current employer to trust you with more networking duties. On the other hand, if you are looking for a new job, you will have any reason to surpass your competitors who are not certified.

This certification is a prerequisite for several higher-level credentials. One thing about the IT industry is that learning never stops. You need to continuously certify to keep your knowledge and skills updated. However, there are some certificates that you can’t pursue unless you hold Author: MARCUS S . Another argument in favor of this associate-level badge is that you can count on better pay. Validating your skills will give you the confidence to negotiate for a higher salary with your boss.


Cisco CCNA is a crucial certification that any candidate interested in networking must get. Start preparing with the help of practice tests and exam dumps to boost your performance in the 200-301 test and obtain your badge in one go!

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