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Why Does Monterey macOS Keep Freezing?

Millions of excited people worldwide are waiting until the official release of the newest software from Apple – this is the operating system Monterey. Nowadays, this system is available in beta testing because it’s still full of various bugs and other unexpected problems with its performance. They say the official release is expected this fall, but a certain date is not set yet.

The new beta-tested macOS Monterey is available with new cool features that are created to increase productivity and make your work on the Mac device more comfortable and easier. At the current moment, the software isn’t finished so it has plenty of bugs and performance problems that affect a user’s work. The most impatient users can download and install the beta version, but they have to understand what they’re getting. Those people who usually use the beta version can report any problems to developers to fix them successfully.

Which are the Problems with macOS Monterey?

Let’s discover when the macOS Monterey is freezing. This problem is the most common thing for those users who test the beta version. Moreover, there are a number of other issues with the macOS Monterey you may experience. You can find all the known issues on Apple’s website. Apart from this, many other issues with performance and bugs were reported by beta testers who have installed the system on their Mac devices. There are many problems, including:

  • Installation and download issues
  • Problems with FaceTime
  • Issues with Wi-Fi connection
  • Crashes and lags of operating system
  • Various problems with running first and third-party apps

Mind Feedback

Of course, Apple keeps fixing these problems, but some of these issues can pass through the testing process and even stay in the final release. If you are a person who wants to install this system on your Mac, it’s better to keep an eye on other people’s feedback. You can easily find a lot of feedback from users online who report about the most common problems with macOS Monterey.

Mind FeedbackThere is a lot of feedback on the Apple official website and various forums you can find on the Internet. We recommend looking for this information on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Every person can find and read about these issues to decide if it is worth installing. Some issues must be fixed by Apple, and others can be fixed by testers on their own. Some users who have older Mac devices should read feedback carefully before they jump to the newest version.

Downgrade Your Mac If Something Is Wrong

If your device keeps freezing all the time when you try to run the new system, it’s possible to downgrade back to the last software you have used on the Mac. You can downgrade anytime during the beta testing period if you keep experiencing some major problems you cannot fix. Needless to say, the downgrading process takes time, but if something is wrong with the beta version of macOS Monterey on your computer, you can return to your older system easily.

Needless to say, beta testing of new software can be quite unexpected. If your computer keeps staying frozen after installing a new version of macOS Monterey or you experience any other major issues, it’s better to downgrade back to your last version to wait for the official release. Remember that an operating system is just software you can easily install and uninstall from your device, so even some bad issues cannot do anything to harm your Mac. The decision is only yours!