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What Is Roku And How Does It Work?

Gone are the days when we had to wait for our favorite Netflix shows to release in the form of DVD for a binge-watch. In this era of internet and technology, you can stream your favorite online series on your television in just a few clicks. Wondering how? Well, Roku is the answer for you.

Well, below we have mentioned a comprehensive guide for this absolutely amazing streaming device Roku and its working principle in detail so that you can understand its features and other aspects perfectly.

What is Roku?

Created by a renowned American Company called Inc. Roku Partner, Roku (originally called Roku Players) is a streaming media player that streams your favorite videos, music, and TV series from the Internet to your TV.

Roku will help you watch all your favorite series from different media service providers like Amazon Video, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Vudu, etc without spending any extra money for a cable package.

Besides, Roku is a prominent digital media player that can provide you access to an extensive chain of digital content within affordable prices. It is easy to use and consolidates versatility within itself.

You must be all enthusiastic to know more about it in detail. Follow the next section of this article to know more about its features.

Common Features of Roku (All Versions):

Roku has this absolutely wonderful mobile application that is available on both Google Play Store and iTunes. With this application, you can perceive all its features on your mobile phone as well. Apart from that, you can enjoy some of the most prominent features of Roku that are listed below.

Voice Search Functionality

With the launch of remote in Roku Premiere+ and Ultra, you can search for your favorite movies and shows by its voice search feature

However, while pronouncing, you have to be more precise about what exactly you want to watch. Make sure to take the accurate and complete name of the TV show or movies you are hunting for. 

My Feed

Roku My feed is this exceptional feature that will inform you if any new episode is available for your favorite show. This will keep you updated with the shows you are following and you would not have to search for the new episodes every day in different applications.

Cross-Platform Search

Besides, Roku has made searching for your favorite movies and shows easier. With this cross-platform feature, if you search for a particular title or artist’s name, it will research different applications and will let you know the name of applications in which the show is available.

Also, it will ask you if you have a subscription to this application or want to rent it. Currently, Roku supports around 20 applications.

Additional Features of the New Roku OS 9.2 (Latest Update):

In October 2019, Roku was updated to a newer version called Roku OS 9.2.  With the current update, it got some additional features that made it more suitable for use. Here are some of the new features that you can enjoy with its new update.

  • It introduced Sleep timer, a feature by which the TV will be turned off at the provided time.
  • Now you can use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to regulate more than one Roku TV or device.
  • There have been various instances where we remember the dialogue from a movie but not the movie itself. Well, with Roku’s new feature you would not have to suffer anymore. Type the quotes you remember from the movie and Roku will find it for you.
  • You can also acquire 4K by just typing or voice searching the term “4K”.

How Does Roku Work?

To connect your Roku device to Television, all you have to do is attach an HDMI port to it. Now select Roku as the source just as you do while connecting DVD players with your TV. 

After doing so, provide all the Wifi Details for a successful internet connection and then create a Roku account.

However, it is important to keep in mind that Roku does not save programs within itself but provides you access to the application that consists of the particular TV show or movie that you are searching for. It is just a medium to stream your favorite show from the original application.

Summing Up

Roku is one of the most well-known streaming media players that has been extremely useful to stream different TV shows, movies, games, music, etc on your TV.

We hope that this article provided you enough information regarding Roku and it’s working principle.