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What is Kb4023057?

Are you a Windows 10 User and like to update your system to the latest version? Then, you must know when you update your system, a new weird program kb4023057 will be downloaded in your installed program lists. Moreover, you can find its own app on your Windows system and this can be easily accessible via the settings. 

This is a new Windows update that automatically gets downloaded to your system along with other windows update. Most of the users assume this  Kb4023057 as a virus or trojan as it will not be found in the Windows update catalog.

So, if you have noticed this file in your system which is making trouble, then do not worry. This update is basically introduced for the improvement of the quality of the windows updates. If there are any files or resources which interrupt the update process then this update will inform you by addressing those issues.

Basically, this file is an advantage for your system. So, if there are any corrupted files or any issue in the network settings then, Kb4023057 fixes that problem. The best part is that it is updated automatically during the windows update with windows store.

Windows Remediation Service: Perform Windows Update Process without Hassle

Windows Remediation Service: Perform Windows Update Process without HassleWindows remediation service is a strange process that runs in Task Manager. This can be found in different exe. files such as sedsvs.exe, remsh.exe and many more. To run the update process smoothly a Windows setup remediation is utmost necessary. 

KB4023057 is a Windows servicing stack update or Windows remediation service that handle and run Windows update process smoothly.  If you want to know how this update can help your system in several ways then check out these points.

  • This update makes your system awake for a longer time and enables the installation of updates.
  • Due to any registry keys if the update process is getting prevented then this update will clean them up and run the installation process successfully.
  • If you configure your system into sleep mode and want to continue your active hours then this update will respect both.
  • Any corruption in your Windows operating system components, this update will fix that issue.
  • To clean up the disk space and install important files, this update plays a major role.

Should Windows Update kb4023057 be Deleted from Your System?

Though this update has lots of benefits, often users want to remove this file from their system as it can mess up with files in the user directory and network settings. Sometimes Windows tries to install the update again when it is already present in your system.

Not only that it causes errors like 0x80070643 which hampers your system’s performance adversely.

So, if you are also facing the same issue and want to know how to fix this issue then you must uninstall and reinstall this particular update. 

After doing so you can get back your system into normal condition. If you do not know how to uninstall this update then follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app then go to Apps & Features and find the package.
  • Find the packages and click on Uninstall to delete them from the system.
  • Restart your system. 
  • Now open settings then navigate to Windows update and check whether you can find that update again. If you see, install it again and hopefully, you will not find any error now.

Final Words…

If do not find any error and want to remove Kb4023057 from your system then you can easily do it with specific windows builds. As it helps the overall Windows update process, better you keep this update for getting a better result when you update your old windows system to the latest version.