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Everything You Need To Know About Akamai NetSession Client

When you try to download large software and application, then you get to see the impact of this Akamai NetSession Client. Akamai NetSession Client is also known as Akamai NetSession Interface. Sometimes, this application comes already installed on your system. Even the system can download this application to improve the speed of data, reliability on the internet.

Whenever users get to know such an application, they become cautious. Even though we got some questions about the  Akamai NetSession Client. ‘Should I remove it?’, many of you asked. 

Basically, NetSession Clients are such kind of software that helps you to surf on the internet with a fast and reliable connection. It’s neither malware nor a threat to your system. That’s why we thought to prepare an article to eradicate all worries about the Akamai NetSession Client.

How can you Locate this Akamai NetSession Client?

So by now, you are aware of this Akamai NetSession Client and how it comes to the system but do you know where you can find this NetSession Interface? Well, you can manage the settings on the console of Akamai NetSession Client. To do that, you just have to follow the instructions listed below.

  • Windows users need to expand the Control Panel. There you can easily find the Akamai NetSession Client icon. Click on the icon to expand the console.
  • Mac users have to launch the System Preferences interface. Then proceed to the ‘Other’ option and you can locate the Akamai NetSession Client on your macOS.

Is Akamai NetSession Client a Virus?

The good news is that no, it is not. Akamai NetSession Client or Interface is not a virus. Even, it is not malware, spyware or adware. It does nothing to harm your privacy when you are surfing on the internet. Akamai NetSession Client never gathers your information from your system and transmits them over the internet. It never harms your computer. What it does is that it only improves the data-speed, reliability of the download streams.

Can it Provide you Content Without your Request over the Internet?

No, it can’t. Even it can’t download or stream anything without your request. The content providers can permit you to sign up for background content. You can get notifications from a specific channel if you have signed up for the channel and nothing else.

How Does Akamai NetSession Client Affect your Computer?

Akamai NetSession Client runs as a background service on your computer. It uses the minimum amount of resources on your computer. Even it engages the least amount of uploading bandwidth while uploading something. 

Sometimes, you can find that the upload and download speeds get drained. You may suspect this Akamai NetSession Client for this. But it never does so. The computer can use a high amount of uploading bandwidth while uploading some files and you get your computer uploading slower.

Some users had a query. They found that without their permission of uploading the Akamai NetSession Client keeps uploading. This can happen due to your download and streaming. 

When you are streaming over the internet or requesting download from a media provider, it is very common. The NetSession is uploading the request to the media provider.

What Should You Do While Facing any Trouble?

If you are dealing with problems due to Akamai NetSession Client, then you should go through this section. Follow the below instructions to get rid of the problem. 

  1. You have to open Akamai NetSession Interface on your system using the methods above.
  2. Go to the Support tab in the console of Akamai NetSession Client. Then, opt for the Troubleshooting Report. This feature is already available on the console of Akamai NetSession Client.

It should resolve the trouble on your system. If it doesn’t then you can contact the Akamai NetSession Client customer care support executives.

How to Stop Akamai NetSession Client, Temporarily?

If you are facing troubles with Akamai NetSession Client and haven’t found the above discussed solutions helpful to stop it, temporarily, then all you need to do is to follow the steps given below.

  1. You have to launch the Control Panel in the Windows environment. If you have macOS, then you have to go to the System Preferences interface.
  2. Head towards the Preference tab.
  3. Opt for the stop button under Services.

Check if it stops the NetSession interface. You can resume the NetSession interface again just by this method. This time, you need to click on the Start button instead of the Stop button. 

How to Uninstall Akamai NetSession Client?

You can uninstall the NetSesion easily but remember that NetSession is necessary for uploading purposes. If it doesn’t bother you that much, then we suggest you not to uninstall the Akamai NetSession Client

Keep in mind that you will automatically delete the cache files of Akamai NetSession Client when you uninstall it. You can keep those files aside to prevent any data loss. Otherwise, you can use different techniques on the basis of different operating systems.

For Windows:

You can easily uninstall the application on the Windows environment. Just follow the below steps to perform an uninstallation process of Akamai NetSession Client.

  1. Expand the Control Panel of your system. 
  2. Head towards the section of ‘Add or remove programs’.
  3. Opt for the Akamai NetSession Interface. Choose the change or Remove option. 
  4. Confirm the prompt message with your choice. Here it is ‘yes’ as you want to uninstall the application.

Alternative Way:

If this doesn’t work on your Windows system, then we have an alternative way to help you out. Check the alternative uninstalling process below.

  1. Open Command Prompt using the Start menu. You can search for ‘cmd’ and then click on the results. It will launch the Command Prompt.
  2. Type the following path in the Command Prompt to retrieve the cache folder of Akamai NetSession Client. “C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Akamai”.
  3. Next, type the following command: “admintool.exe uninstall-force”. 
  4. Press Enter to accomplish the uninstall.

Check if the application is not present under the Control Panel.

For macOS:

macOS users can use the following technique to get rid of the issue of Akamai NetSession Client by uninstalling it. You have to perform the steps one by one to get a non-hazardous uninstallation of Akamai NetSession Client on macOS.

  1. Go to the Application interface. Then you have to double-click on the Utilities folder. Open the Terminal by double-clicking.
  2. Follow the path: ~Applications/Akamai.
  3. Then you have to type the command in the Terminal: “./admintool uninstall -force”.
  4. Hit the Return key to finish the task.

Check if the steps are able to uninstall the application from your macOS environment. 

Alternative Way:

Like the Windows environment, we have arranged an alternative method. If the previous method couldn’t uninstall the application from the device, then consider the following steps.

  1. Follow the same process from the previous technique. Repeat steps 1 to 4 and then, follow the below additional steps.
  2. You have to type each and every from the below commands. Press Return each time when you finish typing each command.

“launctl unload~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.akamai.client.plist”.




After you have run all the commands on your macOS, then restart your system. Check if the steps have uninstalled the Akamai NetSession Client application. 

Well, hopefully, you have probably found what Akamai NetSession Client is. You get the answer that it is nothing like malware, spyware, adware or virus. 

It’s just an application that deals with the improvement of data speed, reliability and all related to uploading content to media providers. Thus, you need not necessarily remove it as it does no harm to your data and your computer.

Like any other NetSession interface, Akamai NetSession Client behaves the same. It doesn’t affect your computer with excessive resource usage. Your computer is safe with Akamai NetSession Client

Let us know in the comment section if this article was helpful to eradicate all the doubts with Akamai NetSession Client.