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Volume Icon Missing Windows 10: A Quick Fix You Can Apply

If you want some quick change with the sound system on your computer, then you can use the Volume icon on the Taskbar. Using the Taskbar tool is one of the simplest methods to adjust the Volume system.

Unfortunately, a lot of users complained that while they are trying to apply this method,  they found that Volume icon missing Windows 10 and as a result, they are unable to adjust their sound system on their Pc.

Well, this is disturbing, isn’t it? But, the recovery process is not so much complicated. Getting the Volume icon back on your Taskbar focus on this article. If you read this article with full concentration, then you can easily get rid of from this issue.

Volume Icon Missing From Taskbar Windows 10: How To Get It Back?

To get back your Volume icon in Taskbar on your computer you should go for the undermentioned methods.

Method 1- Ensure That The  Volume Icon Is Enabled

If you see that the Volume icon is missing from your Windows 10 Operating System. Then the first things you need to do is to check if the Volume icon is enabled or not. For testing follow the below-listed points.

  • At first, go to the Homepage and click on the Start menu icon. Now, in the search field type “Settings”, after that, the Settings page will open on your screen. Or, you can use your Keyboard. If you simultaneously press the Windows + I keys on your keyboard,  then you can directly reach to the Settings page.
  • Once the Settings page will show on your screen then click on the System option
  • Within System, you have to go to the ‘Notifications and Actions’ tabs and tap on that button. Now, several lists are available on your screen. From there scroll down till you see the Volume icon and after that check, if the Volume icon is On or Off. If you find that the audio icon Off then makes it On and after that restart your machine and check if the Volume icon is now present on your Taskbar.

In case, if the audio icon is still missing then, try the next method.

Method 2-  Increase The Text Size

If the Volume icon is missing from your Windows 10 OS,  then you can fix this problem by increasing the text size. You can increase the text size up to 125%. To increase the text size follow the below steps,

  • At first, right click on your Desktop and after that, select the Display Settings
  • When the Display window is open on your screen then move the slider to the right and increase the text size up to 125 %. Once you have done then again move the slider left and arranged the text size to 100 %. If this method is not working for you, then go to the next process.

Method 3-  First Log out Then Log in To Windows 10

Many users claim that one of the simplest ways to bring back the Volume icon is to first  Log out and then again Log in to your Windows 10 OS. To apply this method go to the Start menu and then click on your profile and after that select on the ‘ Sign Out’ option. Once you have Sign Out then again go to your Windows 10 login page and enter the username and the password, after that, click on the login option.

After that go to the Taskbar and see if the Volume icon is there or not.

If also this time you are unlucky then go to the next solution.

Method 4-  Restart Explorer

By restarting the Explorer you can also get rid of from this trouble. Many Windows 10 users noticed that after restarting the Explorer the volume icon is shows on their computer. To do this method follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc together to open the Task manager
  • When the Task manager opens then go to the Details tab
  • After that Locate the  explorer.exe process and after that right click it.
  • Then, select the End Task from the available menu.
  • Now, press the Windows  + R key together and when the Run window open type ‘explorer’ in the given field and then, hit the Enter button

The restarting process begins and after the process is completed then you will see Volume icon on your computer.

Method 5-  Update The Audio Drivers

If you are not updating your Audio drivers for a very long time,  then the Volume icon may disappear from your computer. So in that cases directly visit the manufacturer’s website and find your Audio drivers. After that, choose the best-recommended drivers for you. Then, click on that and follow the on-screen instruction one by one and click on the Ok button.

You will see now that the update process starts. After the updating is completed then, restart your machine. Now, you should see the Volume icon on your system.

Hope, if this type of Volume icon missing Windows 10   issue further occurs on your Windows 10 Operating System,  then you can troubleshoot this problem by your own within a very little time.