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Fixed: Vizio Remote not Working issue (Step-Wise Guide)

If you see that the Vizio remote batteries are power drained, then you can experience the Vizio Remote not Working issue. Also, blocked TV sensors, dirty power sources, stuck remote memory can be considered as other valid reasons for this issue.

Sometimes due to the mismatch connection between the television and remote, you might have to deal with the problem.

No matter what might be the reason is, here we have discussed some brilliant hacks that you can try to quickly overcome the situation.

Vizio Remote not Working? Here are the Fixes

Before jumping to the solution section, at first, you have to ensure that the remote is emitting IR. The test can be done with a normal camera. However, you can even use a digital camera. Then, follow the below directions.

  • Power off the camera and after that through the screen of the camera,  you should view the remote control unit.
  •  Next, you have to point the end of the Vizio remote control towards the camera.
  • Furthermore, you need to press and hold down any button of the camera. Now, you will see light is flashing from the IR. You will see the IR at the end of the remote.
  • After that, you should inspect each and every button of the button including the Power button. Also, ensure that the Volume button is working properly.

In case, you notice that the remote buttons are not working properly or it gets damaged, then replaces the remote with a new one. However, if you see some of the buttons do not work, then the contacts might be dirty. In such a case, take the remote to the repair shop. Otherwise, buy a new one.

However, if all the remote buttons work properly, then don’t waste a single time and proceed to the troubleshooting section.

 Solution 1: Power Cycle the Vizio Remote

In order to make sure that all the temporary configuration is completly reset, Power cycling is required.  It is a very easy solution and you should apply it. 

In order to apply this solution, at first, you should take out the remote’s batteries. You will see the batteries within a slot which is either at the backside of the remote or on the bottom.

Next, you should press as well as hold the power button of the remote for a while.  You will see the Power button at the top of the remote surface. Hold the Power button for 10 to 15 seconds and then release it.  It will drain the remaining power from the Vizio remote.

Thereafter, you must press each of the individual buttons of the remote for at least one time. If the batteries are damaged, it is highly recommended to replace them. However, in case, the remote batteries are brand new, then simply insert them in the remote.

Solution 2: Power Cycle the Television

In case, the above remedy does not work for you, then you might have to power cycle of your TV. To implement the task, first, you should unplug the TV from the power supply. 

On top of the TV, you will see the Power button. Press and hold down it for near about 30 to 45 seconds. Doing so, all the remaining power will be drained out. This will also clear some other odd issues.

 Aging waits for 2 minutes. Thereafter, plug in the TV into the power supply.  Wait for some moments and turn on the TV. 

Next, see if this solution works for you or not. Unfortunately if not, move to the next resolving technique.

Solution 3: Reset the Remote’s Memory

To reset the remote’s memory, in the beginning, you have to press and hold down the Set or Setup option. This button is located at the top left corner of the surface of the remote.

When the LED lights blink twice, release the Set button. Generally, the LED lights are present near the top of the remote control. Next, enter the rest code of the remote. Basically the reset code of the Vizio remote is 977 or 981. 

Else, you can see the remote manual in order to find out the reset code. Again wait until the LED lights flash twice. When it flashes, it means that the remote has successfully removed its memory.

Also, if the remote has a firmware issue, then this can also be solved after performing the task. Furthermore, pair the TV with the remote. While doing so, you might gets confused as there are two places where you can switch the remote. 

One is at the bottom and another one is at the top. You are advised to use the bottom one.

When the pairing procedure is completed, see whether the issue has been gone or not.

Solution 4: Inspect the IR Sensor

Millions of users have complained that the Vizio remote stops working as the IR sensor on the television are blocked and unable to get the IR signal. You will see the IR sensor at the bottom right or left of the television.

Then, you have to shift anything which is in front of the TV. Apart from this, search for any visible smudge on the sensor. You are also advised to wipe the front of the remote sensor with Alcohol.

Once done, then point out the remote towards the television and then press the Power button. Keep in mind, the IR sensor can cover up to 10 feet coverage. Hence you are suggested to bring the remote near to the television.

Now, check the status of the error. Still unlucky? here is another solution to your rescue.

Solution 5: Check the Power Source

In case, the television is plugged in a dirty power socket, as a result, the remote might stop working.  In this condition, you should unplug the television from the power source.

After that, you have to plug in the television to a working power source. Next, check if the remote works properly or not.

Solution 6: Bound the Electronic Interface

According to some users if the radiation from the electronic device is interfacing with the remote IR signal, then the error might irritate you. 

In these circumstances, you are suggested to go to the field of view of the remote sensor’s window. Then, search for any other electronic device. Or the lights that are turned on.

Furthermore, switch the device to a different location. Now, over the IR sensor, place plain brown masking tape or a blue painter’s tape.  The printer tape now allows the remote signal to directly connect to the television.

Hope after this the issue will not occur any more.