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How to Log into a Verizon FiOS Router [Step by Step Guide]

If you want to access high-speed and reliable internet connection, then Verizon router might be your optimum choice. Verizon FiOS routers use 100% optical fibers that ensure that you do not need a modem. If you have purchased a Verizon router and don’t know how to login to Verizon router, then this guide will surely help you.

Please go through the sub-sections cited below for a proper login and setup using your Verizon FiOS router. 

Steps for Verizon Router Login:

Before you proceed to the steps for the Verizon FiOS router login process, you must check out the requirements for the setup. Please have a glance at the list of the requirements in case you don’t miss anything important.


  • A Verizon router, obviously.
  • Stable internet connection. You may use the Ethernet as well as the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Any web browser of your choice.

So, these are the basic requirements for the login procedure to the Verizon router. Now, let’s proceed to the steps that are necessary for your access to the Verizon router.

Step 1: Connect your Verizon Router to the Internet Services

If you want to access the setup page of the Verizon router, you have to connect the Verizon FiOS router to a stable internet connection. You can use an Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi connection.

If you don’t have the password for the Wi-Fi connection, then you can surely switch to the Ethernet connection. This doesn’t require any kind of password. Just use an Ethernet cable to use the Ethernet connection.

Step 2: Use the Web Browser 

You need to open any web browser of your choice. Next, you have to provide the IP address of the Verizon router that you are using.

If you don’t know the IP address of the Verizon router, provide as the IP address of the router. Type the above-mentioned IP address on the address bar of the web browser.

If this IP address doesn’t work for your Verizon router, then you can fetch the IP address from the official website of Verizon. Mention the module of your Verizon router on the official website and get the IP address for your Verizon router.

Type down the IP address on the address bar of the browser, similarly. Next, hit the Enter key from the keyboard.

Step 3: Provide the Login Credentials for your Verizon Router

When you have entered the IP address as mentioned above, you can notice a login page. There you have to mention the username and the password for the router.

The default username of the Verizon FiOS routers is ‘admin’. You can notice the password for the router as printed at the back or bottom of the Verizon router. Provide the username and password to their respective fields. Next, you have to click on the button of Sign In.

Now, you have successfully logged in to the Verizon FiOS router with the help of these simple steps. 

In addition to the login procedure, we have prepared a FAQ section regarding the Verizon FiOS router. If you are a newbie with the Verizon router, then undoubtedly it will help you.

FAQs Related to Log in to Verizon Router:

Go through the basic FAQs regarding your Verizon router.

What to Do If I Forget the Verizon Router Password?

Firstly, don’t panic. If you have been using the default password of the Verizon router, then you can still find the password on the back or bottom of your Verizon router. 

If you had set a new password of your own, then you have to reset the password for your Verizon router. We have mentioned the process in another FAQ. Please, move on to that FAQ.

How Can I Reset my Verizon Router’s Password? 

You can notice a Reset button at the back of your Verizon router. The Reset button is indicated by a red circle around it.

Locate the Reset button. Then you have to press and hold the Reset button for a while. You can use a pen for the purpose.

You have to press and hold the button until all the LEDs on the router flashes and then turn off. The LEDs must have turned on again. Now, you have to try to log in to the Verizon router by using the default password.

If it doesn’t work, then you have to repeat the whole process again.

How to Change the Password of the Verizon Router?

When you enter the setup page of the Verizon FiOS router, you can notice a link to change the password. Click on that link and provide a new password for the router. It will be better if you write down the recent set password somewhere.

Hopefully, you find the guide on how to login to Verizon router helpful. Keep your Verizon router’s password updated from time to time.