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Brilliant Hacks To Conduct Verizon Router Login: Amazing Hacks

Verizon is a popular router manufacturing company widely preferred by users across the globe. If, you are planning to get one in order to use it for your home or at the workplace, then Verizon is your ultimate choice. However, with any electrical device, you may come across certain technical flaws. Similarly, you may come across issues regarding Verizon router login. By studying this article, you will learn the complete Verizon router login process. Henceforth you don’t have to go anywhere else for help as this article is your one-stop solution.

If you are facing any trouble to login to your Verizon account due to certain malfunctions then, this article can also be of ultimate help. So let us check the process of login to your Verizon router at first.

How To Log Into Verizon Router? Know The Smart Tricks

To start with this process, at first, you need to check some of the basics which are as follows.

  • The router must be connected with your computer with the help of a supportable ethernet cable. It is best to use the genuine cable which is certified by the Verizon company.
  • Without a power source, nothing works. So, verify that the router is connected to a switchboard and as well as the switch is active.

After checking all these basics, you will get your router’s IP address for sure. By using the router’s IP address you can only be able to get enter into the Verizon account. Once you get it, check the stickers on the router body to get the IP address. But if you are not able to get the IP address from the router body then, you need to search it manually. The process of executing this step is as follows:

Trick To Get The Router’s IP Address

After connecting the router with your system, press and hold the Windows key and release it only after tapping the letter R. On doing this, the Run command box window will appear on the left-hand side corner of your screen. Then, if you see any command is already present on the Run box then, use the Backspace key to make it disappear. After that, on this empty Run bar type cmd and hit on the Enter button. After completing the whole process, you will get the Command Prompt window open in front of your screen with a blinking cursor.

Further, on this Command Prompt window type ipconfig and hit on the Enter button. On doing this, you will see that some messages will appear on the black (Command Prompt) screen. Search for the Default Gateway section from this Command Prompt window. The numbers which are present beside the Default Gateway section is the router’s IP address which you are searching for. After noting down this IP address, now you can proceed further with Verizon router login. is an example of an IP address which may match but not for sure.

Go To Verizon Router Login Page

To do this, at first, open a browser in your system. Now, at the address bar of the browser type your browser IP address. You will get the IP address by doing this above process only. After that, hit on the Enter button, this will navigate you to the Verizon router login page.

Fill Up With Proper Details

By completing this above process, now you will be at the Verizon login page. On this page, you will get different sections as username and password. Fill up all these details with the correct information. But if you are a new user then you need to enter the default username and password instead.

The default username name for the Verizon router is “admin” without quotations. The password is written at the bottom or back of your router’s body.

After, entering the correct username and password, click on OK. That’s all is the process to login to your Verizon router account. The correct username and password are in true sense that if you have changed it from the default one.

It is better to change the details after you log in to your Verizon account. This is done to keep the internet connection secure from others. The process for doing this is also explained below.

Change The Verizon Router Login Details

Once, you login to your Verizon router account, you can proceed with the further process of changing the Verizon router login details.

At the left side panel of this Verizon login account, you will find different options, among which select on “Change Login Username/Password”. You will get this option under the Quick Links section. After clicking on this “Change Login Username/Password” option, the link will navigate you to the User Settings window. Here, you will see different sections which are as follows.

  • Full Name
  • User Name (case sensitive)
  • New Password
  • Retype New Password
  • Permissions

It means that you need to fill all the details very carefully, which you can be able to remember well. It is better to take a notebook and write down the username and password which you want to replace with the default ones. After filling up all these sections, now, confirm it. All these are the process you need to go through to change the Verizon router details.

Remember, after you create a new username and password, you will need to provide these details only to log into the Verizon account for the second time. If you are facing any problem to do so then, don’t be afraid, there are viable alternatives as well. For that, you need to Reset the Verizon router to default. Go through the guide carefully.

How To Reset Verizon Router If You Can’t Login?

This is a well-known problem-solving method which is commonly used to repair Verizon router related issues. If you are stuck with any, then, you may need to follow this process. Forgetting the Verizon router login details is also a problem, which can be solved by this method only. So, let us learn the process of how to reset Verizon router.

The process to do this is very simple and are explained in these below lines. Make sure that the router is connected with both the computer device and as well as with a power source. Then, locate the reset button of your router, which is generally present at the back side. Once you locate the reset button, get a thin pin or a paper-clip, by which you can be able to press the button. When the arrangement is done, tap the Reset button using the thin pin. Keep pressing until the power light starts to blink. The minimum time to hold the reset button is 12 seconds, but it also differs according to the router model. Now, wait until every light on the router becomes stable.

Further, once each of the lights on the router becomes stable, then reboot it to complete the Verizon router reset process. After performing this step, hopefully, now you can be able to continue with Verizon router login process.

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