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UX VS UI: How They Work Together In Web Design

In the field of digital product design, two forms are distinguished: user experience (UX – user eXperience) and user interface (UI – user interface). UX is often understood only as design, a beautiful picture, although in practice this is the “area of ​​responsibility” of the UI. UX is a story about the interaction between a website visitor and the site itself.

Let’s consider how UX differs from UI, and also give examples of UX and UI auditing from the practice of an IT company. If you are looking for detailed information on this subject, then you will find it in this article.

UX / UI basics

The concept of UX / UI primarily means the interaction of the user with the interface. We are faced with this or that interface in a variety of situations – when using mobile applications, bank cards or, for example, chopsticks. The main task of UX is to make the user’s path to solving his problem or achieving a goal as simple as possible, and the process of interacting with the system as efficiently as possible. On web portal design company there is more detailed information.

UX and UI similarities and differences

As an example of a user experience, consider having dinner at a Japanese restaurant. A client comes to a restaurant to satisfy his hunger and enjoy himself, while he can use different “interface elements” – Asian chopsticks or a fork, in accordance with European tradition. The process of achieving this goal is UX, and the stick or fork is the UI. So it is in digital products. The UX helps guide the user towards the goal, and the UI prepares the user’s meeting point and goal. A UX designer specifies how a person will use a product and what actions they will take. The UI designer has determine how the final way how the elements would look like. Of course it’s rather complicated process. It demands individual approach and has to be done according to the expectations of the user. So the main idea here is to apply to the professional help and always get it on time. And that’s the guarantee of liloysl clients who would get exactly what they need.

There are some main trends nowadays. Business awareness of the importance of UX impact on the product results in the fact thst it’s possible to find solution for almost any case. So there are approaches for any situation. Stylish design ends up as high quality product.

UX / UI specialists, interface designers, no longer need to spend time drawing a raised button and looking for well-readable images. The modern user easily understands the conventions. It is no longer necessary to explain that a colored rectangle is a button, and three horizontal stripes are a menu. The complication of design itself as a discipline. The interfaces have become simpler, but the design itself has become more complex and layered. Now sites are complex systems with many different elements: application forms, personal account, subscriptions and online consultants. It is necessary to clearly think over the user’s path on the site so that he does not get lost, quickly finds the necessary sections, and, ideally, performs targeted actions. The emergence of the UX / UI designer profession.

There are many highly specialized experts on the market who have heard about UX, have dealt with websites and other IT products, and add the words UX / UI to their profession. However, in practice, only an experienced UX / UI designer sees all sides of the process and knows how to do both analytics and design well.If you want to check out some of the best in the industry, you can read about them in this medium article.