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Resolve Easily USB Device Did Not Recognize Windows 10 Error

When you plug in a USB device in the computer you might get an error message stating the USB driver which you plugged in is unrecognized. Moreover, if you are a Windows 10 users, then you are not alone to encounter this error. The USB device did not recognize Windows 10 mainly due to faulty, corrupt or outdated drivers or if the settings are changed. Therefore, to fix the error instantly, go through the methods given below.

Accurate Measures To USB Device Not Recognized Windows 10


To resolve the USB drive not showing up Windows 10 error, go through the easy problem-solving solutions which are mentioned below:

Solution 1: Restart The System


The primary step that you can try to fix the Windows 10 USB not recognized is by rebooting the computer system.. Often restarting the system removes all the bugs that you were encountering with the system. First, you need to plug in the USB device and then wait for a few minutes. Now, reboot the system. Plug the device back in and then check if the error resolves.

Solution 2: Try Another Computer


If upon rebooting, the USB not showing up Windows 10 error does not fix. You can also try to connect the device on a different computer and then check if you are still struggling with the glitch. If you, still get the error, you need to repair it or replace with a new one.

Solution 3: Plug-Out Other USB Devices


If you are using too many USB devices at the same time, it may create a conflict causing other devices not to work. Hence, to avoid such problems, you can disconnect other USB devices that are attached to your computer. After removing them, reboot the system and then check if the error persists.

Solution 4: Change the Power Management Settings


Another useful technique which you can follow is by changing the Power Management settings. To achieve the process, go through the steps as given below:

– From the keyboard, first, you need to press on the Windows key and R together simultaneously. It will invoke the Run dialog box.
– When the dialog box appears, you need to type the ‘devmgmt.msc’, command and then press on the Enter key.
– Now, you need to expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers option and also right-click on the USB Root Hub option. Then, you need to click Properties.
– Finally, you need to go to the Power Management tab and uncheck the Allow the computer to turn off this device option. Turning off will help to save power. Now click on the Ok option.

However, if you have more USB Root Hubs, repeat this process for a few more times but make sure to hit on OK after each performance. Now, plug the USB device back. You should make sure to check the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option. If the option is turned off, you might encounter the same error.

Solution 5: Update USB Port Driver


To remove the USB drive not showing up Windows 10 error, you can update the USB port driver. You can update it both manually and automatically. Upgrading the driver will remove all the problems and further help you to work smoothly with the device. You might encounter this issue if you are using a faulty, corrupt, missing or outdated driver. To update the driver, perform the following steps:

Manually Updating Driver

You can upgrade the driver manually by visiting the manufacturer’s website. When the site opens, you need to locate the latest and the correct version of the driver and then install it. Finally, reboot the computer and check if the error persists. While downloading you need to make sure the driver you are downloading is compatible with the device.

Automatic Update

You can also update the driver automatically. Go through the steps to update the driver automatically and resolve the USB not showing up Windows 10 error:

– First, you need to run a full scan on the computer. Scanning will help you to detect the problems with the driver.
– Now, when the window appears, you will receive two option: Update and Update All.
– If you click on the Update option, you need to install the latest downloaded driver manually.
– However, if you select the Update All option, both the download and the installation of the driver will be automatic.
– Download the latest and the correct driver, so that, it is compatible with the device. When the process ends, reboot the system. Check if the error which you were encountering persists or not.

Solution 6: Change The Power Supply Settings

You can also try to change the Power Supply settings and then check if the USB device did not recognize Windows 10 error resolves. Look at the steps given below:

– Open Control Panel and then you need to select the Power options. You will get this option under Hardware and Sound.
– Now, you need to select the Choose what the power button and then on the Change settings that are currently unavailable options.
– Now, uncheck the Turn on fast startup option. Then press on the Save changes option to save all the changes that you recently made.
– Reboot your system and then plug in the USB device to check if it works.
– If the USB device still does not work, follow the next method.


Solution 7: Change The USB Selective Suspend Settings


If none of the methods mentioned above work for you changes the USB selective suspend settings option. Follow the steps mentioned below:

– Click on Starts and then open Control Panel.
– Select the Power options and then on the Change plan settings.
-Then you need to click on the Change advanced power settings and also expand the USB settings, and the USB selective suspend settings.


Now, disable both the On battery and Plugged in settings and then click on Apply and OK as well. It will make the necessary changes.