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How to upgrade your PC on a budget

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You may need to upgrade your PC or laptop for many reasons: to use for education, to play more powerful video games, to work better and more efficient, or just to pack it with new stuff because many of the current components are outdated. Even though we always recommend consulting a technician, when you are in college and on a tight budget, this option may not work. Besides, as a student, you have other sources where your money goes like having to pay for essays online or college loan, etc. However, even with a limited budget, you can still upgrade your PC to have it work better, faster, and more efficiently. In this guide, we will cover the top inexpensive components that can change your experience completely.

Top efficient ways to update your computer 

When you start thinking, «I can’t do my homework online, my PC sucks,» it’s time to invest money into its upgrade. The key points you should keep in mind are the price and performance, and your perfect match is its combination. It’s easy to spend $1000, but it would be at least foolish: instead, you can take a challenge and try to get the best out of this still staying on a small budget. We decided to facilitate this task a bit and prepared a list of components that can be successfully used for upgrading your PC and will not cost you a fortune. Here is what you can consider:

Solid-state drive

Some people believe that there is no cheap SSD, but this option does exist. For example, the model Intel X-25V where V means value, gives you 40 GB of extra space and TRIM support. Of course, it doesn’t have fast speed, but it offers a substantial speed boost, which is also good. Even though $125 is a lot for this, in this case, it becomes reasonable;

Video card

This is one of the most important elements allowing you to enjoy the games with great graphics. You can consider any of Radeon models; one of the most cost-effective may become HD 5850 for around $300 and Nvidia GTX, which is a bit more expensive. The first one is a better choice as it provides excellent performance and will be working well for years before you will have to replace it. Besides, it is just 9,5 inches long, so it will perfectly fit anywhere;


Our recommendation for a tight budget is View Sonic display (and namely, model VP 2365 wb. It offers four USB ports (no HDMI), 8-bit color depth, and it costs just $300. Even though it is ranked as a professional monitor, the max resolution it has is 1920×1080 which is perfect for watching movies and editing pictures;

Wi-Fi router

Even though on PC, you use a cable to connect to the Internet, a Wi-Fi router is a convenient thing for other gadgets like laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. A good choice will be Belkin Play Router that runs from 2.4 to 5 GHz at the same time and has a USB port to connect to other devices. Its price is less than $100, while it is self-healing and able to automatically resolve any issues appearing in the network. The company offers a variety of apps from Memory Safe to Music Mover in case you are not satisfied with its work in general;

CPU Cooler

Talking about the budget upgrade, we should mention Master Hyper 212 Plus that will cost you minimum cash ($30) but will bring a lot of benefits in return. It has direct-contact heat pipes that allow it to provide brilliant performance and it can be installed on any socket;


Choosing the amount of RAM for your PC, you need to base your decision on the apps you are using. It also depends on your CPU: if it`s DDR3, then the memory amount should be at least 4GB ($100) while Intel requires a minimum of 6GB ($160). Choose quality and thus such reliable companies as Kingston, Patriot, Corsair, and OCZ;

Power Supply Unit

For some reason, nobody cares about the power supply, and this is a mistake. We recommend Corsair company and its model 750 TX for your tight budget, which gives you five years warranty and high efficiency that will keep your PC running even on hot like hell summer days. It has SLI certification, and you will get it for just $99.

Besides these basic upgrades that every PC needs, you can complement it with a nice mouse, keyboard, speakers, and headphones to your taste and budget.


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