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Uninstall Norton Online Backup | Quick And Easy Step-Wise Guidance

With the help of Norton Online Backup, users can protect their valuable files like pictures, documents, emails by keeping a secure copy on Norton’s server. It is one of the convenient backup tools for safeguarding and securing your data under any circumstances. This includes protecting the files from unexpected loss, physical damage, fire burnouts, or any natural disaster. So, by storing your backup copies on Norton’s online server, you can keep them safe in the long run. However, there can be situations, when you may have to uninstall Norton Online Backup software from your system due to certain issues. Hence, it is essential that you are aware of the conditions, which can force you to uninstall this Norton’s recovery program. Let’s begin this article with some technical information on the steps to remove this backup.

Methods To Uninstall Norton Online Backup

In order to understand how to remove Norton Online Backup, you need to go through the following information. However, before applying the advanced methods, you can try some basic steps to uninstall the program of Norton Online Backup.

Method 1: General Steps to Remove Norton Online Backup

You need to first visit the official website and access your user’s account. So, make sure that you are entering the correct email ID and password for signing into your Norton’s backup site.

Next, find the set of backup data, which you no longer want to store on the Norton Online Backup account. Hence, select the files and hit the tab for ‘File Actions’ beside them. Thereafter, choose the option of ‘Purge Files’ and repeat the same process for each and every file you want to delete.

Then, go to the Folders pane and navigate to the folder names, which are already having a copy with Norton Online Backup. So, simply type the specific file name in the Search box that you want to remove from Norton’s online storage.

In case, normal search result doesn’t display the entire list of backup files, you can use the advanced option. Hence, hit the tab for ‘Show Advanced Search’ and select the data you want to remove from the online backup center of Norton. You have to repeat the above steps to delete these files, which are now accessible using the advanced search. Finally, click on ‘OK’ for confirming this action and hopefully, now you can easily uninstall Norton Online Backup after deleting the data.

Method 2: Quick Tips to Uninstall Norton Online Backup on Windows

Remember, when you uninstall the online backup software of Norton from your PC, it won’t erase the previously created backup on it. Now, in order to remove the program from a Windows-based device, you will have to open the Run dialog window.

To do this, hit the buttons for both ‘Windows’ and ‘R’ at the same time and then wait for the box to appear. In it, you need to write ‘appwiz.cpl’ and then click on the ‘OK’ button.

The new window will display the list of programs installed currently on Windows. So, go through it and locate the file for ‘Norton Online Backup’. Select this tab and then click on the option of ‘Uninstall’ or ‘Remove’, which may vary according to the version of the operating system.

Next, you will have to carefully read the on-screen steps and apply that instruction on your system. Once you finish these steps, try to reboot Windows and check if the Norton Online Backup software is uninstalled.

Method 3: Instructions to Remove Norton Online Backup from Mac

When you no longer want to run the Norton Online Backup service on Mac, try these steps to uninstall it. So, first, click on the Mac menu bar and hit the ‘Go’ button. Then, select the folder for Computer and locate the option of ‘Library’.

Under this feature, choose the folder for ‘Application Support’ and then click on ‘Norton Online Backup’.

As you select this program, double-click on it and select the option of ‘Uninstall Norton Online Backup’.

You will have to sign into your Mac device with the privilege of administrator and enter your admin password for uninstalling Norton Online Backup. Finally, click on the ‘OK’ button and restart the Mac device.

Follow These Instructions To Add/Remove Your PC On/From Norton Online Backup Profile

Sometimes, applying the steps to remove or uninstall Norton Online Backup on Mac, Windows or any other OS is not just enough. Hence, users may also need to check whether they want to keep or delete their account from the Norton Online Backup database. So, let’s take a look at some useful information with step-wise guidelines for adding/removing your PC from Norton Online Backup.

Steps to Add your Computer on Norton Online Backup

The following steps can be useful when you uninstall Norton Online Backup and want to add a new device after reinstalling it.

  1. You need to open the website for Norton Online Backup on your computer and sign in with the help of your email address and passphrase.
  2. Go to the tab for ‘My Devices’ and locate the feature of ‘Add Computer’ next to it. It is recommended that users should read the conditions mentioned on the ‘Terms of Service’ agreement window.
  3. Thereafter, tick the ‘I have read and agree with the Terms of Service’ checkbox and go to the next window. You can also hit the button for ‘Start Download’ if the tab is available on the bottom of the same agreement window.  
  4. After finishing the download process, you have two options to choose from. In the option for Window users, you need to locate the downloaded file ‘NortonOnlineBackup.exe’ and double-click on it. Then, click on ‘Run’ as you notice the dialog box for Security warning.
  5. However, the other option is exclusively for Mac users, who don’t need to click on any separate tab for running the backup program. The installer for Norton Online Backup launches automatically when you download the file on Mac.
  6. Next, go through the instructions on your display to complete the Norton Online Backup setup. Once the installation is finished, launch your default web browser to register your PC on Norton’s database for automatic backup.
  7. As the webpage for ‘Register Computer’ appears on your screen, hit the ‘Continue’ button. Then, log into your Norton user account by providing your email ID and password. Finally, click on ‘Done’ and your PC is now added to the database of Norton Online Backup.

Steps to Remove your Computer from Norton Online Backup

For uninstalling your PC from Norton Online Backup, sign in to your account by following the steps discussed above. Then, go to ‘My Devices’ and hit the tab for ‘Remove Computer’. From the list of PCs and network, choose the device that you want to disconnect and click on ‘Remove’. Finally, hit the ‘OK’ button to confirm this action and it will remove your PC from the Norton Online Backup.

In this article, you came across some of the very useful information regarding Norton Online Backup software. Hopefully, you are now aware of how to uninstall Norton Online Backup by following the methods on different operating systems. If you want more information on this recovery tool, you can take help from a Norton technician. In case, you are having some effective tips on how to remove Norton Online Backup, feel free to discuss them in the comments section.