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Understanding AppleCare Plus for the New MacBook Pro 2021

The latest MacBook offers you a range of great features and advanced functionality. It offers you great value for its high price. Now, your new MacBook might face damages and other problems owing to various circumstances. In such cases, you’d want to avoid going for expensive repairs. So, Apple offers you a way to protect your device in such situations.

With the AppleCare warranty coverage, you can get free repairs for various hardware parts within a certain period. Also, it covers quite a wide range of components of your MacBook. However, like many other MacBook users, you might have some confusion regarding AppleCare. So, keep reading for all the essential information regarding AppleCare that you might need.

How Does AppleCare Plus for MacBook Work?

AppleCare Plus offers you two warranty coverage plans to choose from for your Mac. Both of them protect your MacBook from accidental damage. So, you can approach Apple for repairs in case you’ve damaged your device unintentionally.

Now, the duration for which you can do that depends on the plan you’ve bought. Also, you’re supposed to get $30 off, if you pay for AppleCare Plus upfront. However, you won’t find this information anywhere on Apple’s website.

So, AppleCare Plus doesn’t cover certain cases of damage or problems with your Macbook. In such cases, you need not necessarily get an expensive repair. A reputable company that provides MacBook repair Dubai can handle the repairing task competently for you.

Wondering about the AppleCare plans you can avail for your MacBook Pro 2021? In that case, here are the plans you can buy right now:

1. Annual AppleCare Plus for Mac

Many users might be confused about how this plan works. In case you’re wondering the same, we can simplify it for you. This plan is available for a price of $99 currently and is valid for one year. So, what happens after that duration is over? In case you’re wondering, you can simply renew this plan. Also, you can opt not to renew it, in case you don’t want to.

Now, what does this plan include? In case you’re wondering, it offers you 24/7 customer support. Apart from that, you also get Apple-certified repairs in case of accidental damage. However, you can’t avail more than two cases of accidental damages in a  year.

So, what happens if you unintentionally damage your MacBook for the third time within 12 months? In such cases, you might want to hire a competent MacBook repair Dubai for an affordable solution. Also, you must ensure optimal protection for your MacBook to prevent such situations. 

2. 3-Year AppleCare for Mac

Want to get Apple-certified repairs for a longer time? Then, you can opt for the 3-year AppleCare available currently. It offers you all that you get in the annual plan. So, the main difference between the two plans lies in their validity. Apart from that, you’d also find a difference in their renewability as well.

Once the 3-year plan ends, you can opt for switching to an annual plan. And, for that, you’d have to pay the standard annual AppleCare price. The 3-year plan offers you 24/7 customer support as well. Apart from that, it covers two incidents of accidental damage per year.

So, you can see the 3-year plan as an extension of the annual one. And, a reliable MacBook repair Dubai can usually provide you with pocket-friendly repairs after that period.

How long can your MacBook stay in AppleCare?

As we’ve seen, AppleCare can help you out in citations of accidental damage. But, how long will it take? From what it seems, there is quite a lot of confusion regarding this matter. Now, you can be sure that your MacBook can’t remain under Apple care forever. But, it’s not clear for how long you can avail certified repairs for accidental damages.

Now, as you probably know, most components of your MacBook require a replacement, if they’re damaged. And, replacement parts are available only for a limited time. Also, not all of them are available in the market for the same period. For example, Apple claims they can replace your MacBook’s battery for 10 years. But, other parts, such as the screen and motherboard, aren’t usually available for that long.

In some places, you can get replacement parts for your MacBook for up to 7 years. So, your device can remain under AppleCare for that long. And, it’ll stop being so once the parts become unavailable. Thus, there’s no clear answer as to how long you can benefit from AppleCare. But, you can always expect to find replacement parts by hiring a certified MacBook repair Dubai.

Which Parts Does AppleCare Cover in Your Mac?

AppleCare covers various crucial hardware components of your MacBook. Apart from that, it also covers the accessories that you bought with it, which includes your power adapter among other important accessories. The display is also covered along with your Mac? Then, AppleCare will cover that as well in cases of accidental damages.

The RAM plays a crucial role in your computer’s functioning. Now, it might face damages under various circumstances. In such cases, you can get an Apple-certified RM replacement under AppleCare. If you’re using a MacBook Air, AppleCare also covers the AirPort. And, it offers certified repairs for your USB SuperDrive, in case you’re using a MacBook Pro.

Apart from that, it also covers other crucial components of your Mac device. Moreover, you can put your iPhone and iPad under AppleCare as well.

Is AppleCare Worth Your Money?

Many Apple device users might wonder whether they should invest in AppleCare. After all, it has some pros as well as cons. So, you might want to consider them carefully, before you decide on this matter. As is clear from the aforementioned information, you can’t benefit from AppleCare in all situations. But, it can help you reduce the cost of repair significantly in cases of accidental damage. And given the highly professional customer service of Apple, they can provide what they’re offering. Otherwise, you must hire a reliable MacBook repair Dubai.