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Unclogging Epson Printer Heads: A Comprehensive Guide

Epson printers have an in-built and permanent printhead that allows the printer to render high-quality printing experience. However, there will come a day when a few nozzles will be blocked which is fair enough, after prolonged use, for every Epson user. This issue happens due to the low ink alerts that dry the nozzles inside. So, if your Epson printer nozzles become dry and you are wondering how can you get a solution for unclogging Epson printer heads, then this article is can prove to be highly beneficial. In this content, we will explain the basic reasons for this issue and the solutions to unclog the Epson printer heads as early as possible.

Probable Causes for Clogging Epson Printer Heads

If your Epson printer heads are clogged, then there might be several prime causes behind this issue. Basically, this happens when the nozzles get blocked by either air or due to drying up of the ink. Sometimes, if you don’t change the ink cartridge for a long time even after getting a low ink warning message, then this will undoubtedly trigger this issue. Several users don’t use their printer for a long time which results in the printer heads clogging issue. However, you can easily troubleshoot this annoying issue by performing some of the effective methods that we will explore in the next section.

Possible Methods for Unclogging Epson Printer Heads

We have prepared some of the potential steps for unclogging Epson printer heads within a flicker of time. You must try all of these methods until the printer heads nozzles are unclogged.

Step 1: Perform a Printhead Cleaning Cycle

The first step you should go through to unclog the Epson printhead is to perform a Cleaning Cycle process to clear out the nozzles. Following are some of the steps below to get started:

  1. At first, before you do anything with your Epson printer, make sure that there is no error code showing on the printer’s LCD screen.
  2. Now, press the Home button on the Epson printer and navigate to Setup option.
  3. Select the Maintenance and then, select the ‘Printhead Nozzle Check’ to produce a page with four colored grids.
  4. Select Done, if there is no gap present on the printed page. And, if there are any gaps or some lines are faint, then select ‘Clean the Printhead’ option.
  5. Now, select Continue, to complete the cleaning cycle process.

Step 2: Clean the Sponges inside the Printhead

Following are some of the steps below to clean the sponges.

  1. At first, turn Off the Epson printer and remove the top cover of the device gently.
  2. Now, you can see the printhead assembly which will appear on the left side, when the printer is not printing. Push the printhead assembly to the right side and move it forward and then, down to release it.
  3. When you recognize the sponges inside the printhead, use a plastic syringe to soak the sponges with distilled water or use the Windex solution.
  4. Now, remove the assembly behind above the sponges and let the distilled water get soaked for at least 15 minutes.
  5. At last, set the printer in its accurate position and try to print at least 10-15 pages until the prints are come out clean.

Step 3: Clean the Ink Port with Distilled Water

Sometimes, the ink ports get clogged because of several reasons that we have mentioned in the above section. Hence, you need to clean the ink ports with distilled water to get your Epson printer back as in its earlier working state. Following are some steps below to perform this process:

  1. At first, open the top of the printer and eliminate the ink cartridge smoothly from the printhead carriage. And then, you will notice cone-shaped indents that carry the ink from the cartridge to the printhead of the printer.
  2. Put a few droplets of distilled water or a printhead cleanser into the ink port. And, watch for the bottom of the ink port for color trash.
  3. Now, replace the ink cartridge and set a new ink cartridge on the Epson printer.
  4. Take a paper towel or a tissue-paper and wipe the printhead. If there any solution or water dripped from the printhead.
  5. At last, try to print at least 8-10 pages until the pages come out with good results and clear printings.

Step 4: Clean the Printhead with Paper Towels

The final step to unclog the Epson printer’s printhead is to clean the printhead with a paper towel. Following are some steps below to do so.

  1. At first, turn off the Epson printer and cut an individual sheet of paper towel. Fold it about one-half inch wide to wipe the printhead.
  2. Now, remove the top of the Epson printer gently and observe for a rubber breaker that carries the paper within the supply system.
  3. Secure the paper towel to the roller with tape and apply a few drops of distilled water or you can use the printhead cleaner. Move the printhead assembly over the paper towel.
  4. Now, keep the printhead aside and leave for at least 15 minutes to let the dried ink to dissolve.
  5. Now, you can see a group of black ink on the paper sheet which is actually a mixture of all the shades. Repeat the same process with a fresh paper napkin several times until you see the different colors from each ink port.
  6. Place the top cover of the Epson printer and set the printer back on.
  7. Now, try printing at least 8-10 pages until the pages come out with good results and clear printings.

Bottom Lines

These steps if implemented properly, then it can render a flawless unclogging process for the Epson printer heads. You must go through all the steps as directed to accomplish the unclogging Epson printer heads task. In case, you are unable to remove the clog, then you can seek expert guidance. Lastly, we recommend you to submit a comment below and share your experience.