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Ubee Router Login: How To Login Into Ubee dvw3201b Router

Ubee Router Login: How To Login Into Ubee dvw3201b Router

Ubee is one of the best tech giants in making the finest quality of modems and routers over a decade. The dvw3201b modem is one of the top-notch quality of the router model generated by Ubee. It is a DOCSIS 3.0 certified router and comes with high-quality RJ45 ethernet ports. Users face several difficulties such as compatibility issues, speed problems, poor login user interface with antennas and ports while using these modems or routers. 

Ubee dvw3201b router users won’t have any complaints with its connectivity. It is also easy to connect to this router with other devices and you can log in to the router easily to change the settings. Whether you are a new Ubee user or going to use a new modem for the first time, this guide can help you to solve any problems related to login. 

Login Procedure for Ubee dvw3201b: A Step-by-Step Procedure

Before going to perform the below steps, you must have the following things: 

  • A system with the Internet. 
  • Make sure that the system is a desktop or laptop where you can open a web browser. 
  • The box of the router to know the default password and username

Step 1: Open a Web Browser

First and foremost, open the login page of the router. To do this, open the browser and then type the IP address of the router in its address bar. In this case, you have to type the IP address ‘’ or ‘’ in the address bar. Hit the Enter key to go to the login page. 

[Note: While doing this, the computer must need to be connected with the Ubee Wi-Fi network.] 

Step 2: Login to Ubee dvw3201b Router

After accessing the login page of the router, you will get the options to type the password and username of the router. If you are using a new router, then you can use the default login credentials for the router:

  • Default Username: user
  • Default Password: user

If you have changed the password and username previously, then you can reset the router to get the default password and username. Simply press the Reset button from the backside of the router and hold it for a minimum of 10-15 seconds using a clip or pin.

Step 3: Change the Default Settings of the Ubee Router

After typing the correct login credentials, it will navigate you to the home screen of the router. Here you will get the option to change the settings of the router like password, username, SSID, or any other settings you want. 

How to Change the Default Password and Login for Ubee dvw3201b?

To change the default password and login for the Ubee dvw3201b router, you should follow the below steps:

  1. First, go to the Menu bar under the login page of the router. Then, click on the ‘Tools’ option from the list. 
  2. Afterward, search for the Password option from the left pane of the next screen. Now, you will see the option to change the default passcode. 

Some Tips While Changing the Passcode: 

Consider the below points while changing the default password: 

  • Confirm that the Password is strong enough and it is a combination of minimum of 15 characters. 
  • The passcode must need to be consist of numeric and alphabetical characters. 
  • Make sure that the passcode you set is not related to your personal details. 
  • The passphrase needs to be easy to remember, but hard to guess for the other users. 

How to Change the SSID of your Ubee dvw3201b Router?

Wi-Fi station name or SSID helps the users to open the Wi-Fi option on the computer. You can change the default SSID so that it becomes hard for hackers to access your router: 

  • In the beginning, open the Ethernet page and then go to the Menu bar. 
  • Next, look for the ‘Wireless’ option located in the left pane of the screen.
  • Afterward, see the Network option located in the left pane of the next screen. 
  • Here you will see the ‘Network Name (SSID)’ option, click on it. 

[Note: Don’t use your private data for the new SSID. Try to make the SSID name that is user-friendly.] 

Some Common Problems and Solutions Related to the Ubee dvw3201b Router:

Users of the Ubee dvw3201b router often face several difficulties while using this device. Here in this section, we are going to provide some of the most common problems and provide some solutions to deal with it:

  • Ubee dvw3201b Password is not working

It is one of the most common problems faced by Ubee users. This problem may occur due to two causes. Either you have forgotten the password that you have changed previously or you are not typing the correct default password. In this case, the best way to solve this problem is to use the default password “user” in the password field. Otherwise, perform a reset of your router. You can use a pin or clip to press the Reset button. Hold it for a minimum of 12-14 seconds to perform the resetting process.

  • Forgot Password for Ubee dvw3201b Router

First, you can check the document or source where you have note down the password while setting it up. Else, you can perform a reset of the router by long-pressing the Reset button and hold it for at least 12-14 seconds.

  • How to Reset the Ubee dvw3201b Router to its Default Settings?

It is quite easy to perform a reset of the dvw3201b router. Just press the Reset button using a pin or clip and hold it for 12-14 seconds.

Hopefully, no longer you will face any difficulties while logging into the Ubee dvw3201b router.