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Windows 10 Error Code 0xc00000f: Easy Troubleshooting Steps

Windows is one of the most popular OS developed by Microsoft Corporation. However, it is not free from the technical glitches. Among all of them, Windows 10 error code 0xc00000f is one of the common ones you can come across quite often. If you have already faced this issue and want to know how to fix this issue then you can follow this article till the end. It contains several guidelines which can help you further. Before going on that part, at first, let’s focus on the causes behind this issue.

What Causes Windows 10 Error Code 0xc00000f?

  • Malware Attack– If your system encounters a malware attack then you can face this error.
  •  Incomplete installation– Due to an incomplete installation of the Windows OS you can also face this kind of errors as well.
  • Pending Windows Updates-  If you have any pending Windows updates then you can face this error as well.
  •  Windows Registry Error- Due to any corruption in Windows registry you can face this kind of error in your system.
  • Third Party Software- You can also face this error due to a malicious behaviour of your third-party software.
  • PC Drivers – You can also face this issue due to some missing or outdated PC drivers of your system.

Hacks To Troubleshoot Windows 10 error code 0xc00000f?

There are more than one hacks you can try to troubleshoot this issue. Here technicians have provided all of them try to follow the guidelines carefully.

Method 1: Removing Junk Files

Your system can store a lot of junk files while you are using it. It is also can be possible that you are facing this issue due to that junk files of your system. On that note, try to follow the steps given below.

  • Click on “Start.”
  • Then Click on “Run.”
  • Type “cleanmgr” in the box and press ENTER. In this process, your system will start scanning your device junk.
  • Click “OK” to remove junk files. After this process, check the status of the error.

Method 2: Run System File Checker

You can also face this error due to some infected registry entries of your system. On that note, try to run a system file checker to troubleshoot this issue quickly. To perform the action at first navigate to the command prompt from the start option and follow the steps carefully.

  1. Tap on “Start.”
  2. Tap on “Run.”
  3. Type “command” in the case and press ENTER.
  4. Type “sfc/scannow” in the resultant charge incite window.
  5. After this process, the malicious registry entries will be removed and you will be able to overcome this issue.

If the error persists then try some other methods given below.

Method 3: Remove Unnecessary Peripheral Device

You can also overcome this issue by removing unnecessary external devices connected with it. You have to remove all CD, USB, and DVD from the ports. After this process, restart your device and try to check the status of the error code. If it persists, then try some other methods given below.

Method 4: Update A Fresh Version Of Windows

It can be possible that you are facing this issue due to a corrupted installation of Windows. On that note, try to install a fresh version of Windows using the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the Start option.
  2. In the search panel type ” Windows Update”.
  3. Click on the result option and click “OK” to perform a Windows update.

After this process, the bug will be surely resolved.