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Troubleshoot Printer Offline Error: Get Ideal Solutions In your Fingertips

A Printer is an important device for converting soft copies information into hard copy. It comes with unbeatable features which makes it the user’s first preference. It is also excellent in performance and brilliant in design. Despite being that, it shows some technical flaws which may ruin your day. Printer Offline Error is one such glitch which users often face while working with it. It is a very common issue found in every brand of printers. If you are one of them, then this article will help you to get rid of the issue.

Possible Reasons For Printer Offline Error

Printer offline error may be a software or hardware issue. It occurs due to several reasons which are discussed below.

Power or Cabling Issue:

Sometimes there is a connection problem occurred between the printer and the mains supply. Also, the cables connected between the printer and the device may have faults in it due to which the device find the printer in an offline state.

Network Issue:

If you are using a wireless printer, then network issues may occur due to change in the network settings. Sometimes the printer may not able to detect the router’s IP. Also.when more than one device is connected to the system, then the system fails to detect the printer’s IP due to IP confliction.

Outdated Drivers:

Printers completely depend on good drivers to function properly. If the system has outdated drivers then it won’t print the information. Also, if the system has any malicious software which makes your system corrupted along with the drivers, then also the printer does not respond to the system and your system finds the printer device is in off state.

Change In The Windows Settings:

While updating the Windows operating system, there may be a change in the Windows settings without notifying you due to which printers remains offline even after connected to the device.

Printer Spooler Service:

Sometimes due to some issues printer spooler service is off. Then also you may encounter the printer offline error.

How To Bring An Offline Printer Online: Easy Steps To Fix

We illustrate you some methods which will help you to fix the printer offline error in no time.

Method 1: Update Printer Drivers

Update Printer DriversAt first, you need to right click on the Windows Start button which will open a menu. Choose Device Manager from the list. After that, Select printer from the list. Now make a right click on the printer option and then select Update Driver Software option. You will get two options Automatic or Manual. Select anyone depending on whether you have a driver on the system or not. And then click on the Allow option which will start the updating process and after the completion of updating process drivers automatically gets installed.

Method 2: Customize The Settings

Customize The SettingsFirstly navigate the cursor to the Windows icon and click on it which will open the Start menu and then select Control Panel option from there. After that, choose Devices and Printers. Now make a right click on the printer and select the port tabs. Ensure that the correct port is selected, such as if you are using USB, then USB port should be selected and if you are using a network port, then the network port should be selected. After that, right click on the printer option and then choose the ‘See What’s Printing’ option. Now choose ‘Printer’ from the menu in the new window and make sure that there is no check mark next to ‘Use printer offline option’. After that, return back to control panel option and choose Network and Sharing Center. And then choose Advanced Sharing settings. At last, click on Network discovery and after that enable File and printer sharing options.

Method 3: Check Printer Connection

You can start the method by turning off the printer and then restart it. After that, ensure that the printer is connected properly.
Case 1: If the printer is connected through the USB cable, then check the cable is properly connected or not and also check that whether it is connected through USB port or not.
Case 2: If you are using a wireless printer, check your system connected to a proper printer’s IP or not.

Method 4: Enable Printer Spooler Service

If the printer spooler service is off, then enable it. Also, check the printer’s ink cartridges.   

All the above methods are experts approved. If you apply them properly, without skipping any steps, then surely you will able to fix the printer offline error. But after applying the above solutions, if the error still persists, then seek help from the industry’s best tech experts.