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Troubleshoot Norton System Restore Problem With Simple Methods

Those who are using Norton Internet Security for the first time, they can’t understand why the System Restore can fail because of its certain protection features. Unless you fix this problem, you can’t prevent the unauthorized changes taking place in the system due to this Norton’s product. So, when the issue occurs, users can get an error notification regarding incomplete restoration issue. It also generates the message ‘Your computer can’t be restored’ as you try to hit the tab for ‘System Restore’ on Windows. However, you can temporarily disable the Norton Security program on your PC while performing the System Restore. But, you need to apply some effective troubleshooting solutions in order to resolve the restoration problem while using Norton. So, if you are looking for some solid information on Norton System Restore, this article can provide the relevant details.

Why Norton System Restore Error Occurs?

Under general circumstances, Windows or any other OS make use of the feature of ‘System Restore’ for restoration after unexpected errors. The error includes installation of any wrong or corrupted software, applying an outdated update or critical virus or malware attacks. So, basically, with the help of system restoring application, you can create various restore points for your computer. However, some security programs including Norton’s products, can conflict with the system’s operation and block the feature of ‘System Restore’. If your device is also showing a similar problem, you need to know the underlying causes of this Norton System Restore error.  So, let’s have a look at them.

  • One major reason behind this error can be an incomplete installation of Norton Security software or Windows OS. Often, missing installation files can make the program for ‘System Restore’ to stop working. So, you need to verify whether your PC is having a genuine version of Windows and the Norton product installed in it.
  • Somehow, if the feature of Norton Product Tamper Protection is enabled on your computer, it can cause an issue with System Restore. As the purpose behind tamper protection is to prevent unauthorized uninstallation of Norton on your PC including the restore function.
  • Many users can experience this Norton issue right after switching to Windows 10 from older OS version. Sometimes, the error can be present even before doing this upgrade due to registry problems with Norton Security program.
  • Sometimes, a problematic USB backup drive can be the main culprit, which can fail the process of system restore.

Essential Fixes to Resolve Problems with Norton System Restore

One of the most effective solutions to fix this restoration error is to remove the security software and reinstall Norton. But, before knowing how to reinstall Norton after System Restore, you can try out some technical fixes. So, let’s discuss a few methods that can help you to resolve Norton System Restore problems.

Method 1: Boot your Computer in Safe Mode

Although Windows will make use of limited drivers and files in the Safe Mode, it is a good option for restoring the system. To try this solution on Windows 10, click on the Windows Start menu and go to ‘Settings’. As the new windows open, locate the icon for ‘Update & Security’ and click on it.

Then, below this feature, you will see the option of ‘Recovery’ on the left pane. From the expanded view on the right side, go to the section of ‘Advanced startup’. Under this heading, you will see a button for ‘Restart now’. So, click on it and then open the screen for ‘Choose an option’, where you need to choose ‘Troubleshoot’.

Thereafter, you will have to hit the tab for ‘Advanced options’ and go to the section of ‘Startup Settings’. Now, click on the ‘Restart’ button and wait for the system to restart.

On the restart window, you will find multiple options to continue with the startup process. So, you need to press either F4 or 4 key on the keyboard in order to restart Windows 10 in Safe Mode. After successfully restarting your PC in Safe Mode, you can try to launch System Restore and check whether Norton generates this error.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Perform System Restore on your Windows 10

You will have to apply the following steps when Windows 10 is operating in Safe Mode.

First, click on the ‘Start’ menu on Windows 10 and write ‘System Restore’ in the Search field box. It may show the best match as ‘Create a restore point’. So, click on this option from the Control Panel app and wait for the ‘System Properties’ window to appear.

Next, hit the tab for ‘System Protection’ and click on the ‘System Restore’ button. As it displays a new window on the screen, select the ‘Next’ button and choose a restore point. You can select the option when there was no issue with Norton System Restore.

After selecting the restore point on Windows, wait for the system to carry out the restoration process. Once, it displays a new window with the ‘Next’ button, you can click on it. Then, complete the procedure for System Restore by hitting the tab ‘Finish’.


When you choose System Restore and apply the above steps, it will not modify your personal files. But, the system will no longer have those updates, software, and updates, which you have installed after the restore point. So, if you were facing restoration problem with Norton products, you can uninstall the security program. However, you can reinstall Norton after System Restore is performed successfully on your PC.

Method 2: Run a Clean Boot on Windows

If there are any software conflict on Windows due to which Norton is blocking System Restore, try this fix. Here, you can apply the following steps to clean boot Windows 10 and resolve Norton issues.

In order to perform a clean boot, type ‘msconfig’ in the search field box and hit the ‘Enter’ key. Then, wait for the ‘System Configuration’ window to appear on the screen.

Now, click on the tab for ‘Services’ below ‘System Configuration’ and select all the services running on Windows. Make sure, this includes the Norton products and also tick the checkbox for ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’.

So, after selecting all the services, click on the ‘Disable all’ button. Thereafter, hit the tab for ‘Startup’  and select the link for ‘Open Task Manager’. Finally, click on the ‘OK’ button to save these settings and then reboot Windows 10. Then, try to perform System Restore on your PC and see if it is conflicting with Norton Security software.

Method 3: Scan the System for Malware

If there are severe malicious files in the system, Norton may not allow running the System Restore successfully. Hence, you can use the System File Checker built-in with Windows and scan the entire PC. This tool is effective in scanning all the protected system files on your computer. Also, it can fix the incorrect programs and replace them with the correct and updated ones. So, before you reinstall Norton after System Restore, you can remove all infected files causing restoration problem.

To apply this fix, hit the ‘Start’ button on Windows and open the search field box. Then, write ‘CMD’ in the box and it will display ‘Command Prompt’ as its best match.

So, select this Desktop app and right-click on ‘Command Prompt’. Then, choose the option of ‘Run as administrator’ and type ‘sfc/scannow’ in the command window.

After pressing the ‘Enter’ button, wait for Windows to scan the system for malicious issues. Then, fix or remove Norton files that are responsible for blocking System Restore feature on Windows.

Method 4: Use the Troubleshooting Tool or System Repair Software

You can try this solution only when automatic repair tools fail to resolve issues causing Norton System Restore error. So, you can use a System Repair software or genuine installation media for troubleshooting Windows issues.

Then, boot your device and wait for the display to turn black along with some grey texts on it. When it shows the notification ‘Press any key to boot from CD or DVD’, you need to press any random key to continue.

Thereafter, set the correct keyboard type and time on your PC. Also, click on the tab for ‘Repair your computer’ and follow on-screen instructions to resolve Norton System Restore problem. Otherwise, you can open Command Prompt window and type

‘Bootrec /fixmbr’, ‘Bootrec /fixboot’, ‘Bootrec /scanos’, and ‘Bootrec /rebuildbcd’ one by one. However, make sure to press the ‘Enter’ key after each command (or put in place of commas).

Steps to Reinstall Norton Software after Performing System Restore

Before understanding how to reinstall Norton after System Restore, you must know how to uninstall the software. So, to remove Norton Security from Windows, go to ‘Control Panel’ and then click on ‘Programs and Features’. Then, click on ‘Uninstall or remove a program’ and check the list of programs installed on your PC. So, locate the program or icon of ‘Norton Security’ and right-click on it. Then, select the option of ‘Uninstall/change’ and follow the instructions to remove the Norton program from Windows.

Once, the uninstallation process is over, you can open a reliable web browser on your computer. Then, type the URL link in order to access your Norton profile by clicking on the ‘Sign in’ button. It may require you to type your email ID and password to log into your Norton account.

After signing into your profile, enter the product key for your Norton software and download the installer. Find the executing file from the ‘Download’ section and double-click on it. Then, follow the on-screen instructions displayed on the Norton Setup/Installation Wizard to install it on your PC.

In this article, you came across a few causes of experiencing Norton System Restore problem. It also discussed some of the best methods to remove issues with Norton Security and proceed with the ‘System Restore’ process. If you think this article was helpful enough, then drop a comment in the feedback section below.