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HP Scanner Not Working: Troubleshoot Scanner Issues with Proven Solutions

The scanning features are readily available with an HP printer and allow you to scan your important documents with ease. In spite of being a preferred brand, still scanning issues are prevalent in your HP printer. The errors occur randomly when you upgrade your present OS or any other version of the software. Sometimes, the scanner won’t get detected by your system or some complex messages might appear while scanning important documents. However, it’s easy to resolve these errors if you follow some effective guidelines. The causes of these issues might vary. Sometimes, it becomes challenging to identify the root cause behind the HP Scanner not working. Hence, in order to clear your doubts, we have come up with this article that will guide you best in resolving complex scanning issues.

Know the Causes why HP Scanner Refuse to Scan Documents:

There are situations where you confront the HP Scanner not working due to a poor internet connection. If the internet connection is not stable or gets interrupted in between, your scanner will fail to perform its job. Moreover, you can’t connect the scanner to your computer and this might cause some software to malfunction. In case, your system is not detected or the scanner is not reachable, then also you can’t scan the documents. If you come up with such an issue, don’t worry. We will help you in getting your glitches fixed in no time. Stay connected to this article and apply the solutions very attentively.

5 Easy Steps to Fix HP Scanner Not Working Issue:

To get back your scanner to its normal working condition, you need to keep certain factors in mind. Go through the methods discussed in detail for HP scanner troubleshooting and give a try!

Method 1: Check the Internet Connection

In order to use your scanner smoothly, make sure the device is turned on at first. Next, check the connection of your device. In case, you are using a USB scanner, cross-verify whether the USB ports and the cables are working in good condition. Additionally, if you use a network scanner, make sure that your computer has a strong internet connection. However, in case you are using VPN in your system, go ahead to disconnect it from your system and start scanning again.

However, if you have followed the above guidelines carefully and still the HP scanner fails to work, no need to worry. Opt for the next method.

Method 2: Turn on Windows Image Acquisition and Related Services

If you are not technologically sound, you might struggle with the term WIA. It is a specific Microsoft model that helps to graphics software to establish strong communication with the imaging hardware that includes scanner and cameras. Hence, you must enable WIA and associated services in your system, in case your scanner refuses to function. Here’s what you need to follow:

  1. At first, press the Windows logo key together with R in order to open the Run box
  2. Next, type Services.msc and then click on OK.
  3. Once you have entered it, scroll down and double click on WIA.
  4. Now, in the pop-up pane, make sure the Startup type is set as Automatic and the Service status is set as Running. Here, if you find that the Service status is already Running, click on the option Stop. Again, click on Start to enable the service.
  5. Lastly, proceed to click on Apply and then on OK to save the changes you have made.

Once you have executed all the steps carefully, restart your system. Now, try to operate your HP scanner this time and check if it works well. However, if the above solutions fail to resolve the issue of HP scanner not working, execute the next solution.

Method 3: Update the Scanner Driver

If you are using an outdated driver or the scanner driver is missing completely, you might land up into troubles with your HP scanner. Hence, make sure to update the scanner driver to its latest version at frequent intervals. There are two ways by which you can carry out the process:

Manual Update: If you prefer to update the driver manually, visit the manufacturer’s site. Search for the latest driver compatible for your device. Once you find the correct one, go ahead to download and install it on your computer. Note, this process requires adequate time and profound skills.

Automatic Update: We recommend you to opt for the manual method but if you lack sufficient time, patience or proper skills, then this is an alternative solution. You can update the scanner driver automatically by using some reliable tools.

Method 4: Fix Hardware Issues

If you discover that HP scanner has stopped working all of a sudden, then it’s quite obvious that there is something wrong with the internal components your scanner. In that case, you have to run a troubleshooter in order to fix the glitch.

At first, go to the Control Panel and open it. Then, view by small or large icons. In the next step, you need to click on Troubleshooting and subsequently on Hardware & Sound. Once you have selected that option, then click on Hardware and Devices. Now, go through the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Hopefully, you will find that the issue is fixed by now. To be absolutely sure, try to operate your scanner once again and check if it’s working. In case, this solution fails, don’t worry. We have cited another effective method for you.

Method 5: Run System File Checker

Are you coming across this term for the first time? Well, System File Checker is an in-built feature in Windows. It helps to scan all the corrupted system files and repair them automatically. It might happen that your HP scanner not working due to some wrongly configured system files. Here, you can try SFC to fix the bugs.


  1. To begin with, type cmd in the search box. Next, click on Command Prompt and select the option Run as Administrator.
  2. Now, in the Command Prompt, go ahead to type the command C:\Windows\system32>sfc/scannow.
  3. Wait for the verification to be 100% complete. This might take some time.
  4. Once it is complete, proceed to type Exit in the Command Prompt and then press Enter to close the window.

Once you have implemented all the steps with due attention, restart your system and check whether your problem is fixed.

Final Recommendations

Often, you get perplexed when you wish to scan some important documents and the HP scanner fails to work. In this guide, we have mentioned some of the easiest ways which you can try on your own. These are proven solutions to fix HP scanner not working issue. Hence, it will surely benefit you to resolve your doubts. In case, you need further clarifications, you can post your comments without any hesitation. We will keep you updated as always!