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Troubleshoot Canon Error 801 With Instant Fixes

Canon printers are an indispensable commodity, that serves the purpose of every type of printing job. However, it is not free from occasional glitches. You might encounter Canon error 801 with your device, without any prior notice. If you are facing this error and want to know how to resolve it, then you can follow this article till the end. This document consists of proper guidance to resolve the glitch with ease. But before going on that part, at first, let’s focus on the causes due to which you can encounter this error.

Causes for Canon Error 801

Due to several causes, you can encounter this kind of errors with your device. For instance-

  • Time out Error- You can encounter this error when your machine stops communicating with the SMTP server.
  • You can also encounter this error when you are trying to reconnect the printer but fails to proceed through an accurate process.
  • In some cases, you can encounter this error, if you are trying to send a file to the destination where you have no administrative permission.
  • Due to address settings, you can also encounter this kind of errors with your device.

After knowing the causes, now, let’s focus on the solutions, to fix the issue on your own.

Fixes for Canon Error Code 801

Here are some easy fixes, using which you will be able to resolve the matter on your own.

  1. In order to resolve the matter on your own, at first, you have to check the functionality of the SMTP server, as well as try to check the status of the network.
  2. Once done you have to check for the address settings. If you found any glitch in the address settings, then try to resolve the matter first.
  3. After that, you have to check whether a file name which you want to send, already exist or not. If not, then try to check whether it has permission to execute the job or not. If you notice that, there no permission, then you have to enable it manually.
  4. Once done restart your device and try to check whether you are able to resolve the matter or not.

After following the above points, you will be able to resolve the matter on your own.


Hopefully, using these steps, you will be able to resolve the Canon error 801 matter on your own. Try to follow each and every step carefully. It is recommended, not to skip any steps. Otherwise, you won’t be able to resolve the matter on your own. If you have any queries or if you are unable to perform the action, then you can leave a comment below.