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TheWatchSeries.to Alternatives Sites In 2020 [Updated]

Are you fond of watching TV shows? Then obviously you must have heard about the online streaming site, TheWatchSeries. You can visit this online site through your laptop and can broadcast online television programs for free. It sounds great! Right? Though it sounds great, there are risks as well. Even this site has several legal aspects that do not seem to be beneficial.

Apart from Thewatchseries, multiple sites are there such as Xmovies, FHMovies, etc. All these sites use a third-party file hosting servers such as OpenLoad, RapidVideo, and others for streaming videos on their sites. Though these sites are known to be free online streaming sites they do not host their videos on their servers. This is because of the fact that they do it illegally. As a result, they get DMCA takedown notice. Even most of the videos are often removed from their site due to this reason. Not only that, the website itself will be removed from their hosting company.

List of the Alternative Sites to TheWatchSeries.to.

If you do not want to use TheWatchseries, other alternatives are there. Here, we will discuss the top 10 best alternatives to ThewatchSeries in detail. 

Top 10 TheWatchSeries Alternatives that you Should Be Aware of:

TheWatchseries broadcast television programs and films for free of cost. But it does not have the authorization to host or show any television programs and film on its site. People still download these programs and stream and watch them by interrupting the various copyright laws which are completely illegal.

Even this site is full of risks. Many advertisement companies deal with this site to show their advertisement. In return, this site gets paid from these advertisement companies. While watching videos you will get these types of advertisements next or above the video. Most of the cases, these pop-up advertisements are not secure and can be dangerous for youth as well for adults.

Though we know all of these risks, we still want to watch shows and videos streaming online for free. Especially when we are tight on budget. Do not worry, you still find various websites to TheWatchSeries which are not only free but also legal. On this page, you can easily find the top ten such alternatives sites. In case you want to learn more stay on this page.

1. Sony Crackle

When Sony Crackle launched in 2006, it completely changed our perception of the streaming service. With the help of the major telecommunications and digital companies, Sony Crackle is launched. Perhaps we are introduced to Sony Crackle as one of the first completely streaming services. 

Here, you can enjoy a variety of films and TV shows (more than 150+). The best part is that it allows you to explore original content that you can find nowhere.

Advertising is the major source from where this site earns its revenue. Even they follow all the legal procedures such as original content and licenses that you can not find in TheWatchSeries. Even compared to TheWatchSeries, this site allows only appropriate ads that are safer and secure.

The former name of Crackle was Grouper and changed its name into Sony Crackle when sony launched it in 2006.

However, you can find significant changes in it in recent years. As people are more welcoming to this site, Sony is also focusing on improving its quality and features so that it becomes more user-friendly and interactive. Sony wants to make this site unique. That is why it introduces its two new original series called The Oth and Office Uprising. Snatch, Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy, StartUp are some of its original content. In case you want to use an alternative for TheWatchseries, Sony Crackle will be the ideal option for you.

2. Yahoo! View

Earlier the name of the Yahoo! View was Yahoo where you could upload your original content. But later it has been modified and stopped the ability to upload the content here. Its main motto was only to collect video material. They only deal with the original suppliers. In 2011, we found this company named Yahoo! Screen which only broadcasted web series. After making a partnership with Hulu in 2016, it introduced itself as Yahoo! View. Now you can easily take its name as the best provider where you can enjoy free streaming shows and movies.

3. PopcornFlix

If you like indie films and shows then, PopcornFlix will be the right option for you. Here, you can get a similar kind of experience that you can get from Sony Crackle. Soon after it was launched in 2011, it has made its significant effect on the users. Here, you can enjoy webisodes, shows as well as varieties of movies. Screen Media Venture, a distribution company is the owner of the PopcornFlix. Even the content that you can see here are mostly produced by them.

Though you can not watch any new Avengers or Fantastic Beasts movies here but you can take the pleasure of watching all the unique and hilarious content than you can find nowhere. It is probably the best service for those who love watching indie programming.

4. Vudu

It is also one of the best free streaming services that you have ever enjoyed. It gets its revenue from Limited commercials. Some of its contents are also shown in live theaters. Earlier Vudu was with Redbox or Netflix. But now it has made its partnership with Walmart and has become one of the top streaming services in the country.

Both scheduled television and on-demand content are available on Vudu. You can even check their website to find out the free content. Whether you want to rent or purchase the content or download them, you are free to do so as per your wish. However, you can rent the latest blockbusters for a certain period of time, but later you can enjoy the free streaming.

5. Archive.Org 

We all know Archive.org as an Internet Archive. This online digital library does not work as a nonprofit organization. It began its journey in the year 1996. Its primary motto was to spread out universal access to all knowledge.

If you are a keen learner and want to know about various things then, go to its official website and explore. Here you can find more than 330 billion web pages, 20 million books, 4.5 million audio files and many more. In case you check their official statistics of 2014, you would know about their huge data storage capacity(50 PetaBytes).

It uses various sources to accumulate their data. Web-crawler is of their first meaning from where it collects its data. Even it allows you to upload your content for public access to their servers as well as to make a free account.

Archieve.org is best-known for hosting legal files. However, you will not be able to enjoy any latest HD or Blue Ray movies here. But you can enjoy entertaining videos for a longer period of time.

6. YouTube

YouTube is a popular name and almost all of us have heard about it. Soon after it released in 2005, it became immensely popular and it is because of its popularity that Google purchased YouTube in the year 2006. Both companies and individuals can upload their content on YouTube. Here, you can enjoy not only funny videos but also your favorite movies at a free of cost. 

YouTube users who have enough subscribers on their channel can enjoy live streaming services. It is probably one of the best alternatives to Therwatcheseries.to as it provides high-quality web series as well as original video content that you can stream online.

With its sophisticated mechanism, YouTube can restrain all the illegal activities. But sometimes you might get the illegal links of videos on YouTube. So, be aware of this fact that if you want to watch any movies or web series of a particular brand, make sure you get them on their official YouTube page. In case you find them somewhere else it means these are illegal and might have taken without permission.

7. Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films is the website where you can find varieties of documentaries. There is a bit difference between documentaries and standard shows. Perhaps everyone will not like it but through documentaries, you can easily obtain more viewers on your page. This is the primary reason that many creators are focusing on creating more documentaries and publishing them on YouTube. All these content are 100 percent legal that you can enjoy freely without wasting a single penny. You can even enjoy both new and old content here. However, you might face difficulties finding old ones as well.

8. Vimeo

Most of the content creators prefer to use Vimeo as it has several advantages. This video-sharing platform was found before YouTube and known for providing high-quality service. Not only that, it is known as the first video sharing platform where you can easily publish your HD content. Though here you can not find any big-name studios, you can get high-quality indie content. In case you want webisodes, indie series, documentaries then, Vimeo is the ideal place to find out.

9. Amazon Prime Trial

Amazon Prime, here you can enjoy all the latest shows, movies as well as all unique contents that you will not find anywhere. However, it does not offer a free service. It allows you to pay in two ways. One is the annual payment and another is for a monthly basis. ,it allows you to enjoy its trial version for thirty days. In case you want to enjoy any particular show or movie then, you can enjoy that within thirty days along with high-quality service.

In another way, you can easily enjoy this free trial version if you create another account by following separate payment methods. You can get the free trials of Amazon Prime by creating a Paypal account, a debit card and, a credit card. The best part is that you do not need to pay a single penny for that. Once you become a subscriber then, you will be allowed to pay a low monthly fee and can enjoy your favourite show and movie.

Using Amazon Prime has several advantages. It allows you to use all the additional features that come up with Prime membership. Then, you will get free-2day shipping for various items, free books for Kindle library and a free Twitch Prime membership along with numerous digital gaming goodies.

10. Netflix Trial

Netflix is the king of all streaming services. In case you mention the top streaming services, Netflix comes first at the top of the list. Like Amazon Prime, Netflix also gives you free trial services. But after the trial version is over, you have to pay on a monthly basis. However, you can also enjoy only one trial version, not more than that. Fortunately, during this time you can also take pleasure of watching all the popular movies and shows 

Enjoy Free Streaming Services but Legally

Hopefully, this page has given you enough information about various types of streaming services that you can enjoy for free. The added advantage is that you can easily watch them legally without any worries. In case you want to avoid illegal sites like Therwatcheseries, then, you can use other free streaming services to enjoy your favourite shows that are mentioned above.