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Tech Stocks Titled “Top Buy” in 2020

The growth of stock markets is rapidly increasing nowadays. It has the power and beneficiaries of certain gains in Technical market supremacy. People generally look for betting on a certain stock only when its fundamental qualities are on the verge of rising. In addition to that, a greater entry point, in the history of trading activities, is also important. 

It is not at all surprising that technology has become a part of our daily life. From development in computers and mobile devices, technology is evolving day by day, making people’s life more convenient. Investors are now investing in Tech Stocks to gain more profit. 

Benefits of Tech Stocks

If you want to invest in a stock based on technology, then, of course, you will first look at the profit margin. In addition to that, you will also get a minimum of 25% profit on YTD. Steady and rapid growth with the face of adversity. Furthermore, you will also get a “Top Buy” rating from the network of the Artificial Intelligence network as well. 

Top Tech Stocks of 2020

Before investing, you must get to the details of tech stocks. After getting a brief idea, it will be helpful for you to understand where and how to invest. 

SaaS (Software as a Service)

It is one of the rapidly growing technology industries in their own rights. But somehow, due to the pandemic situation, their growth slowed down a little bit, as employees are now working from home. Investing in this tech stock can give you a high-profit margin on your principal investment.

  • The Citrix Systems

It is a multinational software company that is famous for desktop virtualization. In addition to that, it also takes part in the specialization of cloud computing technologies. Surprisingly, the company has one of the dominant positions with a 98% usage rate across the fortune of 500 other companies. 

This tech stock has now grown 0.21% of its stock at the end of yesterday. The amount of their per-share volume is $150.38. The total stock amount is near about 1.3 million. Since the month of March 2019, their stock is increasing rapidly with progressive profits. The average of the daily stock price is $143.66 and $145.59 respectively. The situp amount of Citrix is to some extent 35% YTD. 

  • Adobe Inc (ADBE)

Adobe Inc is also a multinational software company that mainly focuses on creative penchant and multimedia software. Its popular flash player is one of the most mandatory items for playing videos and flash games on your computer. 

Adobe is steadily continuing its steady advancements in tech market shares. On Monday, it closed up to 2.2% of its shares pricing $452.59 each. Gradually, it’s stock has now grown profit of 35% YTD. 

Streaming and Network Technologies

There is no doubt that the stocks of streaming and network technologies are also growing rapidly. Due to the pandemic situation, more than a hundred people, associated with this industry, are now jobless. As a result, there is a massive break in the stock market. 

  • AKAM (Akamai Technologies Inc)

Akamai Technologies is one of the most famous CDN (Content Delivery Network). It is specialized in cloud services as well as cybersecurity. In addition to that, they are one of the most well-known CDNs controlling 15% to 30% of internet traffic. 

In the previous month, Akamai technologies had superb growth in its stock market share. With the average price of $105.58 per share, the tech company has near about 28.5% of its share growth per year. But now, its stock market is on the verge of discontinuation. As reports say, on Monday, it closed its stock exchange with a total volume of 2.9 million shares. 

  • Netflix Inc (NFLX)

Netflix has got a fantastic opportunity to boost its market shares in this pandemic situation. People are under lockdown and working at home. So, in their leisure time, watching shows on Netflix is the only option. 

Recently, its stock market share jumped to 3.55% in a single day. This aggressive advancement led to a major increase in profits in recent days. The average 10 days stock price of Netflix was $466.01. While the 22-day average was $447.21.