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Learn To Start Firefox In Safe Mode With Amazing Hacks

Firefox is a common browser preferred by users across the globe. However, crashing down is a common problem of this browser. It also takes a lot of time to open if an update is available. Firefox starts the updating process without taking permission from users. Now if your Firefox browser starts crashing due to the consumption of a vast memory, then it may be due to an extension. From this article, you will get the simple ways to start Firefox in Safe Mode.

Procedures To Set Firefox Browser In Safe Mode

There are 5 simple ways by which you can be able to start the safe mode in Firefox. Follow the ways below to learn this process.

Way 1: With The Help Of Firefox Menu

First, you need to open the Firefox browser. Then go to the three parallel horizontal lines symbol. After that click on Help from this available menu and then hit on Restart with Add-ons Disabled option. This process will help you to open the Firefox Safe Mode window. Next select on Start under Safe Mode option to start the safe mode in Firefox.

Way 2: By Using Run Dialog Box

To keep your browser in safe mode at first you need to open the Run box. Press the Windows key along with the letter R at the same time to open the Run box in your system. Or you can simply search it from the Windows search box by typing run on the Windows search bar. After opening the Run box, type firefox-safe-mode and then hit on the Enter button. The Firefox Safe Mode window will appear, then click on the Start in Safe Mode to apply it on your browser.

Way 3: By Applying The Shift:

You can also use the Shift button to run your Firefox browser in a safe mode. To do this at first, you need to hold the Shift key and click twice on the Firefox shortcut on the desktop. By doing this the Firefox Safe Mode window will open. Then you have to hit on the Start in Safe Mode option.

Way 4: Run Firefox In Safe Mode Using Command Prompt

At first, open the Run box by holding the Windows key and pressing the letter R from your keyboard. Then in the Run box type cmd and hit on Enter. This process will open the Administrator: Command Prompt window. Then in this window type “start firefox -safe-mode” or you can simply copy from here and paste it on the Command Prompt window. Then tap the Enter button. By applying this procedure, you will see that the Firefox Safe Mode window will get open. After that, you should choose the Start in Safe Mode option.

If this method was not clear enough for you to execute, or it did not work as such. Then you can check out the complete guide for  How To Reinstall Firefox over here.

Way 5: By Using A Code

First of all, locate the Firefox shortcut icon and then right click on it. After that select on Properties from the upcoming menu. Now click on the Shortcut tab and go to the box which is beside the Target. Then add -safe-mode beside the “Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” command. Next, click on Apply. Now you will see that when you click twice on the Firefox shortcut icon, Firefox Safe Mode window pop-up. Then you need to click on Start in Safe Mode.

These are the procedures by which you can be able to apply the Safe Mode in your Firefox browser. You can use any of these methods to turn the Safe Mode on.