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Easy Tweaks To Speed Up Firefox In An Instant!

When it comes to the fastest internet browsers in today’s genre, Mozilla Firefox deserves a special mention. It is presently one of the top and fastest internet browsers preferred by users across the globe. If you are using Firefox for a long time, you may have come across a situation where Firefox was sluggish. Like any other web browser, it may take time to start or to load web pages. It might also take the time to switch between multiple tabs as well. There can be multiple reasons behind the sluggish performance of Mozilla Firefox. That is the moment when you want to speed up Firefox to improve your browsing experience.

In case, your Firefox runs slow or freezes more than you would care for, there are multiple ways by which you can speed up the performance of your browser. Go through the guide in detail to know the easiest hacks to keep your Firefox fast and efficient. However, some of the tweaks might boost up your web browsing experience irrespective of your operating system and other configurations.

What’s So Catchy About Mozilla?

For years, Mozilla web browser has been delivering the ultimate speed and browsing experience to users. Starting from its initial version, Mozilla browser has undergone a radical change, surpassing its previous functions in order to perform faster than ever. In the present scenario, Firefox Quantum has finally hit a shot and overtook Chrome in speed, if not in popularity.

However, over time, Firefox can slow down due to multiple factors. It may be due to overloaded browser history, problems with add-on etc. Not to worry. You can enhance the performance of Mozilla by refreshing the browser settings, deleting search history, minimizing memory usage and many more. Nearly all web browsers have similar speeds when it comes to internet browsing. Hence, speed impacts the performance and how you use the program. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Firefox user or switching from Chrome to Firefox, this article will guide you to speed it up effectively.

What Can Lead Firefox To Respond Slow?

When your browser is slow or takes too much time to load web pages, then you may have a terrific experience of surfing the internet. There can be multiple factors causing this issue. Check out the following reasons that may be responsible for slowing down the speed of your browser.

  • If you miss out on updating your browser to the latest version, it may create critical problems and may your browser too slow to respond.
  • There are chances where Firefox can consume too much of the CPU memory.
  • The Windows version you are using may be outdated.
  • A malware or a virus infection may affect the speed of your system, causing Firefox too slow to respond.
  • Often, Firefox hangs or freezes and fails to respond.
  • Outdated or faulty drivers might slow down the performance of your browser.
  • Firefox fails to start.
  • Automatic loading of unwanted contents might cause Firefox to respond slow.

Easy Hacks If Firefox Slows Down

Isn’t that great to have a fast internet connection when your browser is not performing at its best? This article will guide you rightly to track and fix the problem with ease. It is desirable to use the latest and upgraded version of Firefox. This automatically boosts up the speed and the performance of your browser.

In this respect, Mozilla is a compatible web browser and is supported by all operating systems. Firefox’s cache is specially designed to enhance your web browsing experience by storing certain files instantly rather than fetching them here and there. However, if the cache gets overloaded, it can start causing problems and affect the performance eventually.

Go For A New Firefox Update

Firefox is coming up with loaded features with each passing day. To resolve your quest, the latest version is much faster and contains inbuilt fixes to solve any critical problems that can slow down your browser performance. You need to Update Firefox to the latest version and learn easy hacks to derive the best out of your browser.

Enable HTTP Cache
Firefox comes up with a new HTTP cache that can be enabled without any hindrance. This helps to reduce UI glitches and other browser crashes.

Refresh Your Browser
Firefox comes in handy with a useful feature that basically performs an automatic tune-up while installing Firefox. However, you will be able to execute this once you understand the process completely. At first, it will keep your browsing history, passwords, cookies etc. Additionally, it will delete extensions and themes, website permissions, download history, plugin settings etc.,

Enable Safe Mode
Firefox has an exclusive feature called Safe Mode that disables certain extensions and themes in order to detect the extension causing problems. Since Firefox deals with extensions, you will definitely come across certain error codes that can cause a lot of troubles.

Other alternative Fixes you can try

Try to Minimize Memory Usage
Firefox incorporates quite a few hacks in order to minimize memory usage. Type ‘about memory’ in the address bar and this will allow you to check your memory usage. At first, you will be directed towards a button under ‘Free Memory’. You will find the option ‘Minimize Memory Usage’. Click on that. In the next step, proceed to free up the memory to make the Firefox run faster. This option is best suitable when you open multiple tabs in Firefox and have recently closed a lot of them.

Enable The Option of Pipelining
If you use Firefox frequently, you may have come across this particular hack on multiple blogs. The pipeline allows Firefox to access multiple connections to a server which in turn facilitates to load web pages much faster than before.

Hopefully, your Firefox is running as per your expectations if you have followed the steps mentioned above. However, we will suggest you not to use add-on as they only change the settings. It is not at all necessary to add more add-ons in order to speed up Firefox. You can definitely try your hands on the above solutions and let us know your feedback. If you have your own tip to boost up Firefox performance, post them in the comments section. Enjoy!