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Troubleshooting Steps For Xbox One Won’t Connect To Xbox Live

Several gamers have faced this issue that Xbox One won’t connect to Xbox Live. In order to utilize the most of the Xbox One, it requires to connect with Xbox Live. Xbox Live is the only one that allows you to share the screenshots and video clips with your contacts. So without a proper connection with the server, it’s not possible to purchase or launch a digital game.

There can be multiple reasons causing the connection error between the Xbox One and Xbox Live. A poor internet connection can make the trouble for the Xbox One to connect with the service successfully. Similarly, issues from Microsoft’s end can also restrict the Xbox One and Xbox Live from syncing.

How to Deal With Xbox One Won’t Connect To Xbox Live Error

Thankfully, the problem can be resolved with the right technical know-how. The next segment gives you a brief description on how you can resolve connection errors between the Xbox One and Xbox Live.

Perform A Hard Reset With Xbox One And The Modem

Most of the time, a hard reset can resolve various Xbox problems. Therefore, try the same with your Xbox and modem to fix the connection error. You never know which one can turn out to be the savior at times of trouble.

Hard Reset Xbox One

  • Hard Reset Xbox OnePress and hold the Xbox logo from the console and wait for a few seconds till the console shuts down completely.
  • Now press the same button and power on the console again after waiting for a while.

Hard Reset The Modem

  • Take a paper clip and hold the reset button for around 20 seconds from the back of the modem until the power light starts blinking.
  • Release the button and let the power light get steady on its own.

After completing both the methods successfully, check if your Xbox One is connecting to Xbox Live.

Configure Xbox Live

Configure Xbox LiveIn case the IP settings and the DNS settings are wrongly configured on Xbox Live, try configuring them once again to fix the connection glitch. And in order to do that, follow the necessary steps from below:

  • Choose the Settings icon from the left side of Xbox Live and select All settings.
  • Tap on Network and click on Network settings.
  • Click on Advanced settings.
  • Set the IP settings to Automatic.
  • Go back to Advanced settings and set the DNS settings Automatic.

Now try connecting the Xbox One with the Xbox Live and check if the problem is still reflecting.

Check Xbox Live Services

Check Xbox Live ServicesThe Xbox Live services can also be responsible for the Xbox Live connection problem. These are the steps that you need to follow to change the necessary settings relating to Xbox Live service.

  • Press Windows logo key and R together and open the Run box.
  • Type in services.msc in the field and choose OK.
  • Navigate to the open services window and right-click on Xbox Live Networking Service. Then choose Properties.
  • Set the Startup of the General pane to Automatic and select Apply and OK to save the changes.
  • Now right-click on Xbox Live Networking Service another time and choose Start. In case the Start option doesn’t work, select Restart.

Do the same thing on Xbox Live Auth Manager and Xbox Live Game Save. Usually, you can find them near the Xbox Live Networking Service.

Update Xbox One Controller And Network Adapter Driver

Update Xbox One Controller And Network Adapter DriverIf you are using the outdated drivers for the Xbox One controller and network adapter, there can easily be problems. Therefore, if the above steps are not able to fix the Xbox one won’t connect to Live issue, update the drivers to fix it.

Simply, go ahead and download the latest drivers from the official website and install them. After the drivers are updated to the latest versions, restart the computer let the new drivers come into action.

The above solutions can definitely resolve the connection issue between your Xbox One and Xbox Live. If not, you can look for any hardware related glitch of the devices and get them repaired or replaced s soon as possible.