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Solved Xbox One Controller Not Connecting Issue: Ultimate Guide

What to do if one day you find that your Xbox One Controller Not Connecting and you don’t know how to fix it?  If you find yourself in such a situation, then no need to worry, you are not alone. Several users come across the same issue. Fortunately, there is a number of effective ways to solve this error. Just go through this article, it will help you to fix this error quickly.

Here in this guide, we have provided some of the most accurate tried and tested methods that can help you to resolve this issue promptly.

Xbox One Controller Not Working – Solve It In Simple Ways

As mentioned above, there are several methods that you can use to deal with the Xbox One Connecting issue. But, to ease up the process, we have enlisted the most simple, yet effective troubleshooting process. Now, have a look below:

Solution 1: Move Your Xbox One Controller Closer To The Console

A wireless controller may keep disconnecting because here the connection is affected by other wireless devices or it may be out of the range. Therefore, you can try to move your Xbox controller closer to the console and even you can remove the machine that is conflicting the connection. Besides, assure that the Xbox controller in use with you is on the front of the console.

Solution 2: To Fix Xbox One Controller Not Working, Use A USB Cable

If you find that the Xbox One controller not connecting issue, then you can use a USB cable to fix this error. With the help of a USB cable, you can easily change your wireless controller to a wired one. This process also can remove the issue with the Xbox controller if it does not function properly on your PC.

Solution 3: Try To Reconnect Your Xbox Controller

Reconnecting the Xbox controller is another good option to fix the Xbox One Controller Not Responding issue.

If you are running a wireless controller, then you need to hold the wireless connect option, until the Xbox button on your controller blinks. After that, press the button until the Xbox button on your controller stays on. Finally, you can try to reconnect your Xbox controller.

If you are running a wired controller then primarily, unplug the cable and before plugging it back again. After this process, if the problem still remains, then you should try another cable to fix this error.

Solution 4: Replace The Batteries

At times, your Xbox one controller can also be disconnected due to the weak batteries in it. Several users have complained that the controller won’t connect to console. In such time, you need to check the battery indicator on to confirm that your Xbox One controller has enough power. In case, it doesn’t have enough power then, you can recharge the battery pack. Alternatively, you can also replace the batteries.

Solution 5: Power Cycle Your Console

A power cycle can refresh your console completely, which can fix the connection issues on your console. To power cycle your console, follow the given instructions:

1st step- At first, on the front of your console, simply press the Xbox button for about 20 seconds to turn it off.

2nd step– There, on the console simply hold the Xbox option to turn it on.

3rd step– Now, you should try your controller and see if it joins to the console.

Solution 6: Update Your Xbox One Controller Firmware

If you have got an outdated Xbox One controller firmware you can be highly susceptible to this error. In that case, you need to update it in order to resolve the issue. To update your Xbox firmware follow the directions:

1st step-  Between the faulty controller and your console, simply connect a USB cable.

2nd step- After that, simply sign in to Xbox Live.

3rd step- Then, you can select the Menu option on your controller.

4th step– Now, just click on the Settings button.

5th step- Next, click on the Problem Controller.

6th step– Then, you need to select the Update option.

7th step– After that, hit the Continue button.

8th step– In case, if you find that your system asks you ‘No updates needed’, then you can confirm that your controller firmware is up to date. Otherwise, you need to click on the UPdate option and wait for a while to complete the process.

Solution 7: Try A Different Controller

If none of the methods works, then you need to try a different controller. Alternatively, your console needs to be serviced.

Additional Tips:

Basically, this issue can also occur, if the controller drivers are not installed properly. It is also not helped by the Windows Update driver detection problems. Furthermore, the controller offers another fix, which is a manual one.

Note- To update drivers manually, you will need the admin password you resolve this error.

Another Manual Fix:

At first, plug in the controller. If the automatic driver installation fails, then go through the next step. There, go to the Device Manager and the locate the controller. This fin under Xbox Peripherals (Legacy) in Windows 7 and 8.x systems. Now, click on the Drive tab and then hit the Update Driver button. Finally, click on Ok to continue the process.

After following these methods, you can surely fix this issue. Hope, this content is helpful for you to fix the error. This article is totally written on behalf of the users and we wish that every part of this is beneficial for your knowledge and at your workplace. If you like articles like these you can share your feedback with us or feel free to provide any suggestions you feel important.