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Windows 10 Not Detecting The Second Monitor: How To Recover

Many clients will, in general, utilize at least two screens on their PC to get more workspace and enhance their efficiency. However, it often it is discovered that there are a couple of issues with Windows 10 and second monitor issue one of them

The Easiest Solution To Fix The Second Monitor Not Detecting Problem:

In case you’re experiencing any difficulty to work with the second screen, there are a few things you can do, including equipment investigation, physically recognizing the screen, and refreshing illustrations card drivers.

In this Windows 10 direct, we will talk you through a few stages to investigate and settle your second screen when your PC isn’t naturally distinguishing it.

Before continuing with the solutions, ensure that your Windows 10 has all the most recent Windows update installed and the second screen hardware working properly.

Solution 1: Update Software Driver.

  • Go to Windows key + X key and after that, pick Device Manager.
  • Find the Device Manager Window. You will see a yellow exclamation sign against it, right-tap on it and select Roll back to rollback the driver.
  • If the yellow sign does not show, then right-click on it and select Uninstall. After that Restart the system.
  • Open Device Manager again and select Scan For Hardware Changes to install the driver.

Solution 2: Manually Detect Monitor Settings.

If your operating system fails to identify the other screen, click on the Start button. Open Run window and then type ‘desk.cpl’ in the Run box and press Enter. It will open Display Settings. Normally, the second screen should be recognized automatically, if not, then you can try it manually.

To do it:
i) Click on the Start button, and open Settings app.

ii) Go to System and find the Multiple Displays column, tap on Detect. This catch enables the OS to identify different monitors or displays. You can likewise interface with a wireless display here.

Solution 3: Hardware Troubleshooting.

  • To connect the second monitor, change the HDMI cable. By any chance, it if works, then it’s clear that previous cable was faulty.
  • Try to use the second monitor on a different system. It will help to differentiate whether the issue with the screen or the primary system.

Solution 4: Change The Project Mode.

Sometimes the second screen can’t be identified because of the wrong set project. You can change the project mode easily. You have to follow two steps to change the project mode.

  • Press Windows key and P.
  • If you want to show a similar on your screen on your two screens, then select Duplicate. If you want more workspace then select Extend.

Solution 5: Update Display Driver.

Since this is a driver issue, you have to update the display. Simply, go to the manufacturer’s site and search for the graphics card and download it. Otherwise, go to Device Manager. Then search for Display Adapter, right click on it and choose Update Driver. It will update the display. After updating, restart your system to save the change.

Solution 6: Uninstall The Driver And Use The Default.

If Windows 10 can’t recognize the second screen, possibly you should utilize the default driver. To change the default driver you should follow the following steps:

Go to the Device Manager and search for Display Driver. Right click on it, and choose Uninstall option. After that, check to Delete The Driver Software For This Device and click Uninstall. After the uninstall procedure is finished restart your PC and you’ll have your default driver installed.

Solution 7: Install Windows Update.

If the above solutions do not work then you can try it. Sometimes Windows 10 naturally downloads the updates in the backside, and you skip to install it. However, you can check the update manually. To do this:

Go to the Setting option. Then, select to Update & Security. After that, check for the updates. Now, go for Windows check for update. If any update available then download and install it. After installing the important updates, the issue ought to be fixed totally.

Hopefully, one of the solutions settle your concern, and you would able to manage your desktop to the second screen.