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Solved Windows 10 File Explorer Won’t Open With Some Effective Tricks

File Explorer is a GUI (graphical user interface) component. It is available in Windows 7, 8, and as well as in Windows 10. It allows the users to manage and edit the information or the files that are stored in a computer. The file explorer’s predecessor has a similar look and function as the Windows Explorer. However,  it has been improved with more tools, enhancing the functionality. But recently, users are facing some issues regarding the file explorer. You can easily solve your issues with the Windows 10 File Explorer won’t open by following the guidance.

The File Explorer can be used to operate the hard drive and execute the contents of the folders and subfolders, users use to organize the records on their hard drive. In case, when the problem arises, the system seems like that it is loading something, but the screen flickers black and reloads all the components on the screen before the window is open.

Generally, based on this error, we cannot testify for any specific reason. In minor cases, the problem rise due to the wrong display setting, outdated drivers or systems. And in the major cases, any other activated third party can block your systems; also due to the bugs and virus, you can feel the issue on your computer device.

Read out the entire paragraph and you will definitely find the suitable fixes regarding your issue.

Methods Of Solving The Windows 10 File Explorer Won’t Open

There are many ways to resolve the issue. The most possible and effective solutions are noted below.

Trick 1. By Changing The Display Settings

This is the most primary trick you may follow to solve the error.

First of all, go to the Start button in your device.

Then, navigate to the Settings option and then, go select System.

Now, change the size of the type of the text on the Display panel to 100%, 200%, or 125%. But remember one thing that does not set it in 175% because 175% is reported as a cause of the error.

After changing the size, check to see in case the error get solved or not.

Trick 2. By Removing The Possible Faulty Programs

Sometimes the antivirus programs can be the cause of this error. If the first trick does not work then go for this one.

At first, navigate to the Start key and choose the option Setting.Then, select Apps. You can see the list of programs you have on your device.Now, select the programs which you want to remove. Choose the Uninstall icon. You can see that you can’t delete certain programs that are inbuilt. Then, check the error still appears or not.

Trick 3. Restart The Task Manager

In the Task Manager, you can access all the running application, and you can also stop and start any system processes. Let’s follow the instruction.

On your keyboard press the Ctrl key, Shift key and Esc key together or right click on the Taskbar and select the Task Manager, to open the Task Manager window. On the tab, find the Windows Explorer or File Explorer, under the Name column. Now right click on the File Explorer option and select End task. Then, close all the windows and restart your computer. Again, go to the Task Manager window and click on the File option, which is located in the top left corner and select the Run new task option. Now, an option “Create a new task box” will open on your screen, type explorer.exe in the search box and tab on the Ok option.

Trick 4. Clear History Cache And Form A New Path

To follow this method, first, you need to navigate to the File Explorer tab which is located on the taskbar. Select the option Unpin From Taskbar. Now, press and hold the Window key and X simultaneously on your keyboard. Choose File explorer. Then, select Quick Access link by right-clicking on it and the Options tab will open. Select Clear icon under the Privacy section. And by this process, you can clear the File Explorer history. After that, again do a right-click on the blank space and select the option New and then Shortcut. Then, type the address C:\Windows\explorer.exe in the blank box and tap on Next. Next, rename the file as your choice and click on Finish. Finally, you will able to create a shortcut and select Pin to taskbar.

Trick 5. By Disabling The Windows Search

In case the all above-mentioned tricks will not help you then follow this one. It will surely help you to solve the error. Simply, go to the Windows search option and then type cmd.exe, it will show you a list of similar title. Now, locate the Command Prompt option and right click on it. Select the Run as administrator option from the new list. Click on the Yes option, which is located in the User Account Control tab.

Now Command Prompt window will open on your screen. Type net.exe stop “Windows search” in the Command Prompt window and press the Enter key.

Follow the next steps to stop the Windows search permanently.

Hold the Windows Icon key and the R key together, on your keyboard. It will help you to open the Run dialog box. Now type services.msc on the open bar and click on the Ok, to continue the process. Find out the Windows search option from the Services list and double-click on it. You can see Properties window will open on your screen. On the Windows Search Properties window, click on the Startup type list to select the option Disabled. After completing the process click on the Apply option conform to the changes and click on the Ok option to save all the new changes.

Additionals Tips To Remember

Hope by these processes you will completely fix the issue. But you should also keep some additional tips in mind while performing these methods.

Ensure Windows is up-to-date: In case, if you are using an older version of Windows then you may not able to solve the error by the above solutions. So, be concern that you are using the latest Windows version.

A good internet connection: Make sure that you have a good internet connection. Sometimes a poor connection can hamper to resolve the issue.

Run Windows In Clean Boot: Occasionally, the third party software can contrast with the Windows Store. Thus, you will not able to download any application from the Windows app store. So, you need a clean boot to fix the glitches.