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Steam not opening windows 10: Ways To Solve

Steam is one of the largest game distribution platforms in the world, It helps users to purchase and play games in a very easy and reliable manner. However, off late few Windows users are complaining about it. Users often report that steam not opening Windows 10 or launch Steam in their PC. All though Steam is fully optimized for Windows in it latest version, some users still facing problems. If you are one of them then here are some methods to make it work again.

The First troubleshoot

  1. Restart Your PC

Before doing any kind of manual setup first Reboot your PC and try to start the ” Steam ” again. It is necessary because sometimes windows and steam driver needs a reboot after update to install the drivers completely. Maybe this could be the cause that Steam is not opening on your Windows 10.

2.Restart Stream

If  Steam still refuses to launch even after the reboot, then try to verify that is your steam runs on background. If yes then close it try to restart it.

For this first, open the ” Task Manager” by pressing  ” Control + Alt + Delete” then try to find ” Steam. exe” files and close them by Clicking ” End Process”

If your steam still refuses to open then here are some manual procedure to make it work again

The Manual Troubleshoot


Using the command ” flusconfig” you can remove all the unwanted ” Caches ” and problematic settings from Steam. However, this command doesn’t interfere with your Steam or game data at all there you precious date is totally safe.

To make it work first you need to close the steam from the background using the ” Taskbar” then open the “Command Prompt”  by clicking ” Windows Key and R” simultaneously and then type ” CMD” in the search box which appears in front of you. Now, in the “Command Prompt” type”  steam://flusconfig” and then hit ” Enter”. Then wait for few minutes and reboot your PC. Now go the ” Steam folder” and try to open “Steam” from there. ( Don’t try to open it from anywhere else).

 2.Compatibility Mode

It is a relatively a rare issue but often users come across this complexity. Due to some system malfunctioning or gaming bugs sometimes steam refuse to startup. It may sound like a big problem but it is not. It can be easily fixed by simple manual tweaking.

To do that first open the search box by pressing ” Windows key and R” and then type” C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam’ and then hit ” Enter”. It will take you to the Steam directory where you need to find and open the ” Steam App” folder. In that folder, you will find another folder ” Common” in which you will get all the game you have installed in your device. Now select the game which is malfunctioning and right click on it. After that, a menu will pop up in front of you. Click the ” Properties” option from there. In the properties, you will find the ” Compatibility Tab”  and from there you will get the option saying” Run this game in compatibility mode, In the end, you need to select the version of your Windows and your work is done. Now after completing the process try to launch steam again, It should work this time.

3. Clientregistry. Blob File

Most of the time we don’t recommend normal users to work on the registry file section of the Windows. Therefore if your not a professional PC user then don’t try it on your own. Rather seek professional assistance.

Now let’s get into the issue. If your Steam won’t launch and only you are encountering spitting error whenever you try to launch,then the damaged registry file might be the cause of this issue.

To fix this problem first close the ” Steam” completely using the ” Task manager” and also close all the files which are related to it. Now open the search box by pressing ” Windows Key and R” and then type “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam” in it and press “Enter”. It will take you to the “Steam folder”, where you need to find “ClientRegistry.blob”and rename it to ” ClientRegistry.blob. Now try to restart the ” Steam Client”, if it works then fine otherwise go back to the steam directory again and find ” Steamerrorreporter.exe” and run the application. This will launch the ” Steam” and everything will be fine.


Sometimes the ” Cache” can be the reason for all of your steam launch issue. It creates a loop of error whenever you try to launch your ‘Steam Client”. To solve this locate the “Steam directory” as mentioned in the previous sections. Now in the directory try to find the folder ” AppCache”. Copy that folder and paste it on the desktop. Now all you need to do is select the ” Steam Client” and right click on it. Then click on” Run as administrator.” This process will automatically recover all the missing files and you Steam will start to work.

5.The Time Zone

There is a chance that the entire issue occured due to the wrong ” Time Zone” which may happen during any Windows update. In order to fix it, go to ” Date and Time” setting and sync it with  ” Internet Time”.

  1. Reinstall Steam.

If all the methods mentioned above didn’t work then the last option is installing the Steam once again but before that close all the steam process and cut the ” SteamApps” folder and move it elsewhere. Now re-install the ” Steam” move this folder to the “new Steam Directory”. This way all of your games and their data will be saved.


The most important thing that you should always keep in your mind while doing this work is ” Don’t open any other program during the whole process”. Are you still facing doubts to try your hands on? If you are not tech-savvy, do seek further assistance anytime. If you are facing any other problems related to Steam you can post your comments below.