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Resolve Nvidia Driver Error With Affordable Fixes

Nvidia is one of the best names helping millions of users to play high-graphics games or interact with high-resolution videos. That’s why users yearn for the Nvidia drivers on the Operating System. Despite having multiple features, it is not flawless or glitch-free. Many users are struggling with the Nvidia driver error and if you are one of them who is suffering from the same problem, you can go through this article and fix the problem on your own.

Technical Complications With Nvidia Drivers

Apart from the Nvidia driver error, you might also encounter some other driver-related issues. As we are well aware that these problems can really be on the nerves of the users, hence , we have highlighted some of the problems which are mentioned below:

Nvidia Driver Keeps Crashing On Windows 10-

Nvidia drivers keep crashing is a major issue that a number of users often encounter. Here, when you are running a game or any application, in simple words, you’re consuming the graphics memory, you might see a terrifying crash-down.  

Windows 10 Nvidia Driver Black Screen –

The Nvidia driver black screen issue is sometimes coupled with the crashing of the graphics drivers. It is one of the most annoying issues that several users come across.

Nvidia Driver Crash During Installation-

Apart from these problems, many users also come up with a random crash of their graphics drivers during the installation of the same.

Troubleshoot: Nvidia Driver Error

There are multiple ways to deal with Nvidia driver error smoothly. But, here we have enlisted the most prominent ones that can ease out the process.

Solution 1: Run The Troubleshooter

The Hardware & Device troubleshooters commonly check  the problem and ensure that any new hardware or device is properly installed on the system. In that case, running the troubleshooter is quite safe to fix this kind of problems. To do so, simply apply the given steps:

  • At first, go to the Start icon and then select the Control Panel.
  • Now, on the top right corner, simply go to the View By option.
  • Then, tap the drop-down arrow and choose the Large icons.
  • After this process, click on the Troubleshooting and look for the Hardware & Sound option.
  • Next, select the Configure A Device and click on Next to perform the troubleshooter.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instruction to perform the Hardware & Device troubleshooter.

Solution 2: Update The Drivers

Here, we have provided three ways to update the drivers; you can try one of them you want.

  1. From the Device Manager.
  2. From the Windows Update.
  3. From manufacturer’s website.


  • Go to the Start then choose the Device Manager.
  • After that, click on the Display Adapters to expand the category.
  • Then, right-click on the Nvidia card driver and look for the Update Driver Software.
  • Once you find it, just click on it and select the Update Driver button.
  • Once you are done, simply select the Restart button to reload your device.


  • Go to the start and click on the Settings.
  • Then, select the Update & Security button and search for the Windows Update option.
  • Now, click on Check For Updates, of there any available update, it will automatically begin to update in the background.


To update the drivers from the manufacturer’s website, you need to check for the latest Windows 10 drivers and install it. To do so, follow the below instructions:

  • Go to the Start icon and choose the Device Manager.
  • Then, you need to expand the Sound, Video and game controllers option.
  • Now, right-click on the Nvidia card and tap the Update Driver software option.
  • Once you are done, simply click on the Restart button to refresh your device.

Solution 3: Turn Off iGPU In BIOS

Due to your integrated graphics card, you may get the Nvidia driver error Windows 10. Hence, you need to disable it from BIOS. So, you need to boot the system at first then and press the F2 or Del to access BIOS. Now, find the integrated graphics card or iGPU option. Once you find it, simply tap the Disable button and save the new changes. Then, select the restart button in order to refresh the device.

Solution 4: Turn Off Vsync And Choose Maximum Preference In Nvidia Control Panel

Sometimes, changing a few options in the Nvidia Control Panel can resolve the Nvidia driver error Windows 10. To do so, you need to follow the below instructions:

  • At first, open the Nvidia Control Panel and click on the Manage 3D Settings.
  • After that, look for the  Power Settings to Maximum Performance, then click on it and hit the Turn Off Vertical Sync option.
  • Then, click on Apply and save the new changes.
  • Now, we recommend setting your power option to High Performance. To do that, follow the given instructions
  • Press the Windows + S function key simultaneously and type the Power Options.
  • Then, choose the Power Options and click on the High-Performance button.

Solution 5: Disable ATKFUSService

At times, ATKFUSService can create Nvidia driver to crash. Therefore, disable the ATKFUSService can fix the Nvidia driver error. To do that, you need to press the Windows + R keys simultaneously and enter the command “services.msc” in the run box, then hit the Enter button. When the Services window opens, you need to find ATKFUSService, when you find it, double-tap on it. Then, go to the Startup Type section and click on Disabled or Manual option. After that, click on Apply and press the OK button to save the changes.

Solution 6: Uninstall Antivirus Program

In most cases, when you encounter Nvidia driver error all of a sudden, you might need to disable or uninstall the antivirus software. To do so, simply go to the Start option and look for ‘Add Or Remove Programs’. Once you find it, select it and look through the enlisted program installed on the system. Now, choose the program you want to uninstall then, right-click on it and click on the Uninstall button. A confirmation box will pop-up, just click on ‘Yes’ to complete the uninstallation process.

Solution 7: Use MSI Afterburner To Underclock Your Graphic Card

According to users, over time, GPU memory doesn’t match with your RAM and it can cause Nvidia driver error Windows 10. In that case, you can underclock your graphics card by reducing its memory. But before perform this process, keep in mind, it is an advanced process, if you don’t perform it carefully, it can cause permanent damage to your device. So, we don’t recommend this process, if you want you can proceed with this process at your own risk.

Summing Up

Hopefully, going through this article will be helpful for you to fix the Nvidia driver error. This article is completely written on behalf of users and we wish that every part of it prove beneficial for your knowledge and at your workplace. You can share your feedback with us or feel free to provide any suggestion whatever you feel important.

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