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Get Nvidia Control Panel Missing Problem Resolved With A Single Click

Nvidia is a chip manufacturer company which specializes in manufacturing Geoforce, Titan, and Quadro line of graphics cards. Apart from that, Nvidia creates a lot of home streaming device under the shield brand. This allows streaming of computer games from a device over the local network to the shield device.

The Nvidia Control Panel is a program or a tool. This has been designed by Nvidia to customize different display driver settings in Nvidia card. By using this panel you can adjust the desktop color setting, desktop size, and position. You can also change the monitor resolution and rotate the display. Sometimes you may find Nvidia control panel missing in the Windows or on the desktop context menu. This might be very irritating.

Follow the steps below in order to get the Nvidia Control panel in your Windows Operating System.

Unhide Nvidia Control Panel

During the upgradation of your Windows Operating System or if you change the graphics setting accidentally, your Nvidia control panel might get hidden. So in that case you need you open the Windows Control Panel and choose the options shown in the desktop context menu. In order to do that, you need to follow the steps below:

  • You should press the Windows logo key and the R key together at the same time. You will get to see a run box appearing on the screen where you can type in.
  • Make that panel empty and then write control and press the enter button through the keyboard. A Control Panel window will pop up on the screen.
  • In the Control Panel, under view option, you should select large icons option.
  • Now you have to select the Nvidia Control Panel option.
  • In Nvidia Control Panel you should click on the desktop and then find Add Desktop Context Menu.
  • Right click on that option and then check it once in the desktop context menu.

Update The Graphics Driver

You should update the graphics driver if you don’t get to see the Nvidia Control Panel even in Windows control panel. In case you are using the wrong graphics driver, Nvidia Control Panel might disappear. Sometimes your graphics driver also get outdated. So you need to update the graphics driver in order to fix this issue. To update the graphics driver you need to follow the steps  below:

  • You should press the Windows key and the X key together. This will open the X+ M menu. From the menu, you should click on Device Manager.
  • Search for Display adapters in Device Manager. You need to expand that in order to find Nvidia graphics card driver. Right click on the driver and then click on the update driver option.
  • You will find a new window on your screen. You will get to see an option like Search automatically for updated driver software option. Hit on that option. This will start finding the driver update and install that if available. In case there is no update, you will get the notification when the update will be available.

In case there is a need of Reinstallation you can reinstall it. To do that follow the steps below:

  • You should press the Windows key and the X key together from your keyboard. This will open the X+M menu. From the menu, click on Device Manager.
  • You should expand the Display adapter option from the list of drivers in Device Manager. Now you should right click on the Nvidia Graphic card driver and then you need to uninstall it.
  • Once you uninstall that you need to download the driver from the official website of Nvidia. There you need to select Product Type, Product Series and product options from the menu and the drop down as per your computer configuration. Once the download gets over you need to install that on your system.
  • After that, you need to restart the computer system and try to find if the Nvidia control panel is available in the desktop context menu and system tray.

Restart Nvidia Service

This is the easy and usual method to restart the services. In case Nvidia service gets corrupted you should restart them in order to fix this issue.

  • You should press the Windows logo key and the R key together at the same time. You will get to see a run box appearing on the screen where you can type in.
  • Type services.msc in the dialog box and the list of the services will open.
  • Navigate to the service tab in the Task Manager. After that, you need to open the services at the bottom of the window.

Once you have opened the services you need to follow the steps as follows:

  • You need to click on the name column to sort the services. The services will be arranged in alphabetical order.
  • Now right click on service after that you click on Properties.
  • Go to the startup option and set it as Automatic. You should click on the stop button to stop the services. You need to wait for a little while. After that, you need to give a confirmation by clicking on Start option.
  • Now check from your end if the problem is still there or not.

Launch Nvidia Control Panel And Get Back Missing Nvidia Control Panel

You can also try to manually launch the Nvidia Control Panel to fix this issue. In order to do that you need to follow the steps below:

  • You should open My Computer folder. Select the C drive folder and then find the program files. You should find the Nvidia Corporation folder from the Program File folder. In Nvidia Corporation folder you need to open the Control Panel Clint. Under this folder, you have to search for nvcplui.
  • After that, you need to right-click on the nvcplui file. You should hit on the ‘Run as Administrator’ option.

Hope this article will definitely serve the purpose if you find Nvidia control panel missing. We have explained all the effective solutions through which you can easily resolve the issue. But if you need any explanation or you have any doubt in your mind, you can post your comments and keep a watch on our next post.


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