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Easy And Effective Techniques To Fix Netgear Router Keeps Dropping Error

Purchasing a router is not the ultimate step. It is essential to always keep a note whether your router is performing the way it should. Netgear routers are known for its unique features which offer amazing browsing experience. But at times, this routers also develop errors which are quite annoying. One of the most common problems that users encounter include Netgear router keeps dropping thereby affecting your internet connection. Nothing can be more annoying when your internet connection goes off while performing an important task. Therefore, it is essential to identify the exact reason for this error and rectify it as soon as possible. As delaying might cause a severe error which might cause permanent damage to your device.

Probable Reasons That Causes Netgear Router Keeps Dropping Error:

You might often encounter situations where your router might not be able to access the wifi signal. This problem might occur for a number of reasons. Often due to location, your wifi might  get disconnected or if your router doesn’t support the existing band then this problem occurs. Even when an unauthorized device tries to access your wifi, it affects your internet connection. In some cases, hardware problems are also responsible for this error to occur. Therefore, thoroughly scrutinize the problem at first to find the exact cause and try to rectify it with the given solutions.

Easy Methods To Resolve NetGear router keeps dropping wifi Error:

If you are unable to fix Netgear router keeps dropping error, then take help from this article. Here we are going to discuss all the probable solutions that will help to resolve the problem without any hassle.

Solution 1:

At first, turn off the wireless function and connect your computer to the router directly with an Ethernet cable.
Reboot the computer and check for an internet connection.
If you notice that still there is no internet connection, now reboot the router and any modems which in use.
If your computer directly connected to the modem instead of the router, you can also repeat this scenario.

Solution 2:

If the above steps do not work, you can use a different channel to access wifi. Due to signal congestion in the existing channel can cause the dropping issue. Also, try to uninstall the incompatible software if there is any,= and then install the software which is compatible with your device. Now, change the location of your router and check whether your internet connection is working or not. If not, then try to upgrade your router’s firmware and your computer’s operating system. After the upgradation process is completed, reboot your computer. Additionally, you can check the wireless settings as this can also cause an error. If you find the settings, try to disable it and select an appropriate wifi range for your router.

The above solutions will help you to resolve the connection problem on the go. However, if you are still facing any trouble or confusion while doing the steps Or if you face other issues like this, for example, the Netgear Error 651 then you can have solutions for that as well. You can get that from the website.