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Easy Hacks For Mouse Lag Windows 10

If you have shortly updated your Windows version to Windows 10 on your PC and getting an alert related to the unusual functioning of the mouse input, then you are not alone. This issue is prevalent in all of the versions of Windows 10 where you may end up with a sluggish mouse cursor while you are working. Most of the Windows users often report about the mouse lag Windows 10 problem.

However, this article will assist you with the step-by-step approach and clear your doubts regarding the error.

Efficient Solutions To Fix Mouse Lag Windows 10

There are four solutions which can apply to see if the Windows 10 mouse freezes. Simply, initiate the first method and work your way down the list until you are assured of a proper and compatible fix for your device.

Solution I: Install The Mouse Driver Further

Install The Mouse Driver FurtherBefore starting, test the mouse using on another computer apart from your device to check if the stuttering or freezing issue is still subsisting with the mouse or not. If the mouse is working just fine on the other system, then it is confirmed that the fault lies in the mouse itself.

Here is how to fix it:

Tap on to the Windows logo key and X  at a time on the Keyboard. Hit the down arrow till you mark the Device Manager section. Then press on Enter to continue.

After that, press on Tab and scroll down to the list until you highlight Mouse and Other Pointing Systems. Then, tap on the left arrow to maximize the options tab. Press the down arrow key to highlight your mouse name, then Enter.

Next, hold on to Tab and Ctrl key simultaneously to get into Driver section. Tap on Tab till you mark Uninstall Device. Then hit Enter to proceed. The system will display a prompt instructing to reboot the PC. So, tap on Enter for an instant start-up or select Tab to restart the device later.

In case you don’t opt for the option of an instant restart of the device, then go to Toolbars and tap on Device Manager to scan for all the hardware modifications of the system. Then, verify if the mouse is still slow on your PC or not. If so, then tap on F5 from the keyboard and initiate the system scan. Note that the system will install all the necessary drivers for the mouse on its own.

Further, check if mouse lag Windows 10 is fixed or not. If not, then help yourself with the next procedure.

Verify Network Settings Fior Local Area

Verify Network Settings Fior Local AreaDeactivating the LAN and opting for the wireless card to connect to the Internet can help fix the sluttering issue of the Windows 10 mouse. Here is how you can do it:

Hit the  Windows logo key and R from the keyboard at the same time. Then enter the command Control and hit Enter to continue. After that, tap on Tab, then Enter. After that, hit the left arrow button to opt for the Small icons. Then, hit Enter.

Next, hit on Tab from the keyboard till you mark the option of Network and Sharing Center. Then, hit on Tab to further highlight the section of Change adapter setup. Press Enter to continue to the Tab again. After that, highlight the LAN card and hit the left arrow key to choose it. Finally, tap Enter.

Tap on the Tab and mark the item Disable, then hit Enter. After that, go to the  Network Connection window by highlighting the Ethernet item. Then, tap on Enter to activate the network connectivity. Now, inspect if you are successful in fixing mouse stuttering issue or not.

With these, you can expect a fast recovery of the system mouse without much trouble.