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Know What To Do For Microsoft Edge Won’t Open

Microsoft Edge is the Windows 10 system browser that comes in-built with the Operating System. There are several other browsers supported by the Windows device. But, when it is about the fast and efficient browsing, then it is Microsoft Edge that is mostly preferred by the general mass. However,  Microsoft Edge won’t open on the system if the Windows has been updated recently to its latest version.

Consequently, all that you will get to see is a blue screen error on the screen. And a message will display saying that it is taking too much time to launch Microsoft Edge.

Problems You May Come Across When The Microsoft Edge Won’t Open

The Microsoft browser alert may trigger several other issues which can stop you from getting online. Users often face the following cases while trying to browse through Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft Edge Not loading, Opening Or Launching Issues

It is a common issue found in Microsoft Edge. And most users have reported that the Edge won’t work properly on the PC if any of the above-mentioned issues come into effect.

Microsoft Edge Opens And Exists Suddenly

It is another issue that can recur with the Microsoft Edge. In this case, the browser hardly opens and shuts down all of a sudden.

Microsoft Edge Not Processing Accurately

Inability to run the mentioned browser is another drawback that hampers the smooth processing on your Windows 10 device.

Edge Not Opening As Class is Unregistered

At times, you may receive an error notification of the browser right after the Edge crashes. This generally happens if the Microsoft Edge Class is unregistered in your system. It is another variation of the browser issue which is possible to resolve by using any of the solutions from the very below segment.

The Inability Of Maximization

It this case, though Edge seems to be running in the background, and the browser will not be maximized. As a result, it might trouble the user to get the required searches instantly.

Microsoft Edge Browser Keeps On Hanging, Closing or Crashing

In some cases, you may face a sudden crash right after the browser startup. It is quite a big issue since it directly affects the main functioning of the dedicated browser.

Well, these are only some from the long list of the other drawbacks you may deal using Microsoft Edge.

Ways To Fix Microsoft Edge Won’t Open Windows 10

There are some effective replacements of the error which you can try out to troubleshoot the “Edge not working” issue.

Method I: Execute Clean Restart

If you are a third-party software user, then those programs may give rise to programming conflicts. So, to eradicate such short shortcomings, it is better to re-launch Windows with a limited set of programs and drivers.

Simply, sign into the system account as an admin. Then click on the Start button and open the Run prompt. Then type “MSCONFIG” (avoid the quotes during the text input). Tap on System Configuration.

Next, go to Services section and tap on the Hide All Microsoft Services option. Finally, tap on Disable All. Then, visit Start-Up tab and go to Task Manager.

After that, choose each of the options from the drop-down list of Task Manager. Then Disable the chosen action. Now, return back to the System Configuration prompt and tap on Apply and further click on OK. Now reboot the computer.

Method II: Run The Tool Of System File Checker

Press the X and Windows button from the keyboard. Then, tap on the Command prompt as the system admin.

Now enter the command text SFC/SCANNOW in the Run dialog until the verification completes.

Method III: Remove the Default Folder Of User

Go to the following location in the search case, by replacing the system the Username with your PC’s identity:

Then, eliminate the entire default folder of the user along with the launch Edge and all default sub-folders.

Method IV: Power Shell Command Execution

Go to Task Manager from the Windows search bar. Then, choose the recently opened prompt of Task Manager. Next, open File and visit Run New Task. After that, ensure to verify the option of Create Task For Administrative Privileges and click on Powershell.

Further, open the Powershell window to write the command given below in quotes:

After that, hold on for the Powershell section to complete the command. Any red error prompt may pop up on the screen. Simply, ignore those alerts and re-launch Microsoft Edge browser.

Method V: Eliminate Cache And Browser History

The reason behind the irregular running of the Edge browser could be the presence of the history and browsing junk. However, clearing the browser cache and the junk history can also resolve the issue.

Hence, these are some of the effective workarounds which can fix the Microsoft Edge won’t open issues in minutes.