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A Solution Guide On Malwarebytes Stuck On Checking For Updates Error

Updates are a very important part of an OS and also for the respective applications. They help in the proper development of the OS as well as the applications. However, in some moments, they sufferer from different types of errors while updating. Most of the time, update errors are connected with the software section of the OS and/or the application. However, they also occur due to some hardware malfunction. Being an antivirus, Malwarebytes is also a prey to the update errors, which get on the nerves of the users, leaving them both vulnerable and miserable.

Yet all of them are quite easy to solve with the help of proper information.

In this article, we have gathered some common application update errors and their possible solutions. These things will be quite helpful to those users who don’t have information on these types of errors.

On today’s topic, we will look into the Malwarebytes Stuck On Checking For Updates Error and try to fix in simplest manner.

Now, without wasting any time, let’s dive into it.

Best Ways to Troubleshoot Malwarebytes Stuck on Checking for Updates Error

There are many possible entities who can trigger this error on your Malwarebytes application. But, before you start applying the advanced solution on the Malwarebytes application, verify and fix the common cause of this error.

Verification of the Common Causes

In an OS there are many small and common things that cause this update error in Malwarebytes application. But most of the uses overlook those areas and move on to the next level solutions. This action of users gives birth to various types of errors in the Malwarebytes application. That’s why we will begin our error cause search and elimination task from the common sector.

Now, let’s have a look at them.

Check your Internet Connection for the Malwarebytes Stuck On Checking For Updates Error

The first common thing that you should check is your Internet Connection and its stability. In a normal case scenario, if the user’s Internet Connection stops working the Malwarebytes application will also pause its update process. This creates an illusion of Malwarebytes Stuck On Checking For Updates Error. This causes a lot of panic in the users’ mind and he/she take un-recommended action on the application.

That’s why you should check the workability of your Internet Connection before you apply any solution. Open-up any website like Google or Yahoo in order to verify about it.

Malwarebytes Update Server is Down

In some situations, the Malwarebytes stuck on checking for Updates error arises due to the Server-down issue. This thing usually appears when any new Malwarebytes update is rolled out and many users are trying to download that update at the same moment  This creates a lot of pressure on the update server which eventually leads to server down issue.

On that time the Malwarebytes application halts the update process and give rise to this Updates Error. Now, you must be thinking, what should you do in that situation.

Well, the right answer to this question is nothing. This is a server issue and only the Malwarebytes Technicians can fix it. Hence you need to wait until they start the server again.

Check the Space of your Hard Disk

The next most common thing that can cause this error on your Malwarebytes application is your Hard Disk. Sometimes the update process stuck out due to lack of storage space. Therefore, if the storage space of your system is fully filled out then it can give rise this update error in your system.

To verify about it check your hard disk space and location of your update files. If any drive partition of your storage space is fully filled out and the Malwarebytes application is trying to save its update file on that drive partition.  Then change the downloading location of update files. However, if your whole hard disk space is used up. Then in order to resume the Malwarebytes updates process, you have to move or delete some files from your system.

Now, if all the things mentioned in the above section is working properly then move on to the advanced solution area.

Crucial Checks

Once you get across the general verifications, you should go a little deeper on the way of your diagnostics of the error. Though, it is quite a tough job to pinpoint their exact location, you should still not back off from the advanced solutions that can make/break your system. But, don’t worry. As here in this article, the solutions that you would find and would be inclined to try, are 100% genuine solutions which has been proved as working. That’s why you need to apply all the possible solutions of this Updates Error and hope that one of them hit the real problematic spot.

Temporarily Disable Windows Firewall And Third Party Antivirus

In some situations, the Windows Firewall blocks the internet connection of your system. This eventually leads to different types of connectivity issues and the Malwarebytes Stuck on Checking for Updates error is one of them.

Now, in order to fix it, you have to temporarily disable the Windows Firewall on your system and to do that follow the steps given below.

  1. First, open up the Control Panel with the help of the WinX menu. Press the Windows key + X to launch it.  On that menu, you will get the Control Panel option. Click on it.
  2. On the Control Panel page, click on the  System and Security option.
  3. Now on the System and Security, you will encounter that  Windows Firewall option. Tap on it and enter into Windows Firewall page.
  4. There you will find the Turn Windows Firewall on or off option on the left side of the page.  Click on that option.
  5. Inside that page, you have to fill the boxes beside  Turn off Windows Firewall option. Then hit the OK button in order to save all the changes.

Once you do that, your Windows Firewall will temporarily stop working and this thing will resume your Malwarebytes update process.

Antivirus Related Causes

Now, if you are using any third-party Antivirus on your system then it is quite possible that it is interfering with your Malwarebytes application and the update process. This thing happens because sometimes Antivirus applications detect other antivirus and anti-malware application as viruses and stop all the process related to it. This detection mistake causes different types of errors on a system and this Malwarebytes update error falls in that category.

Now, to solve this situation you need to place your Malwarebytes application into the exception list of the Antivirus. To know about, visit the official website of your Antivirus developer or you can also search about it in the User Manual Book. This is because every third-party Antivirus possesses its own settings and option layout. That’s why it is very hard to predict the location of a particular of a setting option or feature. Hence you need to do some manual research on it

Damaged Hard Disk

Another vital reason that might be the blacksheep casing this error might point to your Hard Disk. Many Malwarebytes users have found that the update error is primarily appearing on their system due to a faulty hard disk situation. At that moment the Malwarebytes application is unable to save any new updates on the hard disk and this thing generates the Malwarebytes Stuck On Checking For Updates Error.

Now to verify about it, run the Chkdsk Tool on your system.

  1. To do that open up the WinX menu pressing Windows key + X. There you will get the Command Prompt ( Admin ) option. Click on it.
  2. On Command Prompt window, type “chkdsk C: /f /r /x” and hit the Enter Key.

This hit will begin the issue scanning process and you need to wait until it gets completed. If the Chkdsk Tool finds any error or problems on your hard disk then hit the “ Y “ in order to repair that. However, if the Chkdsk Tool doesn’t find anything, then use a trusted third-party hard disk scanning tool for surety purpose.

We hope that our solutions and suggestions are useful to you in this error situation. For more tech-related things keep following our future articles.